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In a Nutshell

Wellness is a lifestyle that requires several different pieces for success.  Movement is an important part of life, which is why I love to teach people a variety of calisthenics, body weight movements, and other strategies to help you incorporate movement everyday.  I also offer nutritional consulting because every time we eat, it is an opportunity to nourish our entire body with goodness.  Growing strong mentally, emotionally, and physically requires a holistic approach, which is why I also enjoy teaching people about essential oils.  Essential oils can help you manage all of the systems in your body, so we help you dial in on your priorities.  Get started today and optimize your life!

Personal Training

Build your foundation.  Get the one on one attention you need.  Increase the awareness of how your joints move and feel while building your mind muscle connection.  I will work with you, set you up for success, and create the systems you need to be fit for life!


All Diets and systems work, but the question is what works for you?  Join me as we explore different styles of eating,  I will help you to be your own scientist so you can eat in ways that nourish your entire body.  You deserve to wake up every day and feel amazing!  If you don’t, well lets fix it.  A good lifestyle should do just that!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are amazing and will change your life.  Whatever you are struggling with, we will find the oils that fit you best!  When I started using essential oils, the results I got with sleep, anxiety, and digestion were unbelievable.  Are you ready yet to Own Your Life…?


When I first met John, we discussed many topics and shared a passion for natural health and wellness.  We also shared a passion for fitness and bodyweight exercises, or Calisthenics.  Though my knowledge was limited at the time, John’s guidance has helped me reach new heights with my body, which allowed me to consistently do muscle ups and handstands with constant reminders to engage my core while paying attention to the full range of motion.  Don’t forget recovery as well!  These teachings have helped me manage my fitness from home and literally go anywhere without ever needing a gym. 

Thanks John for you guidance and expertise.  It’s always a pleasure working out with you. 


Health and Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Aromatherapist

John is my go to fitness and nutrition educator. I use the word teacher here because John teaches rather than informs. His wisdom has changed my diet, how I choose food at the grocery store, and how I approach fitness. Before meeting John, I used to exercise in a gym with bad form, constantly putting strain on my lower back. John has taught me techniques and strategies to avoid lower back pain with body weight exercises. I now workout at least 4-6 times a week with almost no pain in my back. 
Thank you John  for everything you have done for me and my family.



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