This post might get intense.  It might trigger you, it could be offensive, and it is not for the faint of heart.  You have been warned. 

Most people are fat, sick, over weight, and struggle with negative emotions as well as mental, emotional, and physical problems.  At least half of these people are in such massive denial that they pretend to be alright while justifying their alcohol intake, and their addiction to prescription medications.  To make matters worse, any possibility of natural remedies that have little to no side effects and do not damage the liver and kidneys are “hippie dippie bullshit.”  Do not take advice from these people.  They are fat, sick on multiple levels, and struggling mentally and emotionally.

Lets now transition to unsolicited advice.  Unsolicited advice is bullshit!  People who give unsolicited advice are looking at your situation one dimensionally.  They do not see all of the factors that are influencing your life and struggles.  They think they have a quick answer, and so proceed to exert power and authority over you due to their own self importance.  It has become hilarious when a guy who is more than 50 pounds over weight will give me advice, unsolicited, because he was fucking jacked 20 years ago!  Well, why did he stop?  Why did he give up on himself and make a series of terrible choices over the course of 20 years?  Remember the slight edge?  It is always working!  It is working for you and against you.  See my mindset blog on The Slight Edge and get that book if you do not know it.  Moving on!

So by now maybe you think I am being judgemental and overly critical?  I assure you I am not.  I am speaking from the heart and with the best intentions.  I am being brutally honest about what people do to each other.  Instead of lifting each other up, trying to be more positive, and encouraging others to be the best version of ourselves, people will criticize your looks, your exercise routine and diet even though they might actually be incredibly unhealthy.  So be grateful.  Quietly express gratitude to yourself for this lesson.  Grab your personal power, light it up like a light that can’t go out!  Be positive to this person and say thanks for the suggestion, and tell them you will try it.  Then change topics.  Later, when you are in a calm state, logically evaluate their claim, and compare it against someone you know is well informed and you can trust.  You could also try to research it yourself.  The choice is yours.

When we are our authentic selves, when we are present, and trying to be our best, people will criticize.  Forgive, let go, and move on.  Your struggles with diet are real, so make sure you are getting the help you need to not only up level your diet and exercise, but you are getting the tools to up level mentally and emotionally as well.  When you can have a strong presence then the advice that people give you that is judgemental and narrow minded becomes a simple tool for you to learn, practice critical analysis, research skills, as well as empathy as you ponder what triggered them to try and exert power and authority over you.

I hope you can walk away from this post with the power to stay grounded when people around you are unsympathetic, judgemental, and short sighted.  You struggles with food, nutrition, diet, and weight are real and are not going to disappear right away.  People will honestly try to help even if deep down they have their own issues and are actually not helping.  Do your best to be in that space between the stimulus and response.  Respond thoughtfully, do not react.  Take the information at face value, critically evaluate it, do some research, and cross reference with experts you trust.  If you learn to do this automatically, you will learn a ton about health and fitness and will be an expert in your own right over time!