00:00:08 Hello and welcome back. Everybody to the fight gravity Show episode 11.

00:00:15so, when I started this, I never had any intention of making this political

00:00:23but I kind of have to talk about something political because recently, I was permanently banned from YouTube,

00:00:34they didn’t give me a reason why they just basically said violating Community standards,

00:00:43It would be nice if they gave a specific reason.

00:00:47So I have to email them.

00:00:49And see why they Banned Me.

00:00:53For what reason is this? I have no idea.

00:00:58This is episode 11.

00:01:00and it’s been me talking, a few people, I know talking to give you strategies

00:01:08To help you make better decisions.

00:01:11To move to exercise to exercise, consistently to give you tips and tricks that can help your mindset, that can help you mentally and emotionally on your journey.

00:01:25Towards Better Health.


00:01:29Eat better to make better choices every day and be the best version of you and giving kind of like a variety of a holistic approach to this.

00:01:40this is kind of what I’ve been doing, so,

00:01:43A little bit of surprise.

00:01:45When I receive notification.

00:01:49That YouTube had permanently banned. Me actually thought was kind of funny.

00:01:54YouTube, My YouTube’s not really big.

00:02:01when I’ve seen other stories of YouTubers being like permanently banned,

00:02:10These people have large audiences, and they say stuff, that’s very controversial, personally, I don’t believe I’ve ever said anything. That’s controversial.

00:02:23yeah, I have to contact them and find out why, although honestly, if I was YouTube I would have said specifically from the beginning if I was going to permanently ban you and not even give you any warnings,

00:02:42I’m not like I’m not upset, I just kind of find it funny with how with how small I am.

00:02:54In a large audience on YouTube and for all of you listening to the podcast, I am super grateful. It’s so awesome. Again, I don’t have a big audience yet and that’s okay. I just started this this year and it takes time some of the best of the best podcasts out there. Their first year were

00:03:19But here I am. I have been deemed unworthy by the YouTube overlords and I have been banned.

00:03:29Be mindful of your words and deeds so YouTube Overlord. So the YouTube overlords are not watching

00:03:40As far as the tech overlords I don’t know it’s kind of nuts that big tech companies. Have this power to take away our freedom of speech.

00:03:54To take away our constitutional, right? Because they might disagree with what we say.

00:04:02I don’t care if you disagree with me, I don’t.

00:04:08You disagree. Okay, fine.


00:04:13To what extent you disagree and why you disagree will determine kind of how much time we spend together. Like, if our disagreement results in such that you’re drinking a lot, I’m triggered a lot over both and it becomes kind of like a toxic mess.

00:04:31Then we kind of want to hang around each other, but if it’s like, okay, I kind of disagree, but we have open dialogue. It’s, it’s good. Like a friend of mine.

00:04:46We like I say we generally agree on stuff.

00:04:51but will like like disagree on, just like small details and we could spend like

00:04:59I swear sometimes in our disagree like such as such such fine details, it’s hilarious. Actually me and my friend Bruno.

00:05:12And he was on.

00:05:16The second or third episode of the fight gravity show. So go back and listen, all the episodes are available on my podcast in Google cast and Stitcher and Spotify and hard paradise and pod serve. Fmwcc gravity. So you go back to previous episode, you can listen to that Bruno, he’s been, he’s been like a brother to me here in China and

00:05:43Well, I disagree on like a tiny point. We generally actually agree on probably like, at least 90% of stuff, but will I just go back and forth on a tiny detail and it’s great, you know, and we hear different perspectives and it it’s a great it it’s a great piece tool to love to learn from to sit and in disagreement with someone

00:06:11And just kind of learn from that.

00:06:13So I can I can sit in disagreement with someone.

00:06:18And especially if they can go give me reasons.

00:06:22I, I can’t really tolerate it when they don’t give me reasons when they’re like, oh, I’m right. Because it’s it’s it’s better because it’s good.

00:06:34This is actually happened to me. I’ve had conversations with adults,

00:06:40And they’re telling me I’m wrong because their reason is good.

00:06:49You thinking adults would have a better reason.

00:06:53You think?

00:06:56In case you don’t know me, I caught three four, and five year olds for five years.

00:07:02And that kind of reason you’re going to get from them.

00:07:05Sometimes even like six and seven-year-olds, they might say that. It’s okay, they’re there their kids. And they’re just like

00:07:21The reason is better because it’s good when I call it’s okay, it’s good. It’s a good reason why? Because

00:07:30And then they just say the same thing and say it’s good seeing the same thing again and seeing this good.

00:07:40And you might be like, oh well that doesn’t happen a lot if you did kind of happens a lot.

00:07:53But this is why.


00:07:58The vastness of YouTube.

00:08:01This is why I also like Steven Crowder.

00:08:05Change my mind. He takes a something kind of controversial and he goes to public spheres and college campuses and stuff. And he says something, you know, he said something about gun control or abortion or or women’s rights, whatever, whatever it is.

00:08:22And he’s just like he States his position. Change my mind, he States his fax change. My mind, you don’t have to agree with him. Sometimes he he, he triggers like radical leftist.

00:08:38And it kind of exposes the, I like a reasoning. But sometimes they’re so contrary point.

00:08:50And I don’t say this to diminish or inflate one side or the other. So this is not me like taking the stance for

00:09:00The right? And contrary to the left.

00:09:06I feel very much a Centrist. I used to be a lot more liberal.

00:09:11I don’t want to go into reasons why I am also not a big fan of the Republican Party.

00:09:19I don’t necessarily hate them. You know. I also don’t hate the Democrat. They don’t hate either party. It’s just both party. Does they don’t really excite me? I’m not like

00:09:34it’s, it’s like

00:09:42I also don’t like labels, so I don’t want to give a label. I want to do my best to take it like things like issue-by-issue and focus on Solutions and not like platform or ideology.

00:10:02But yeah, I’m kind of a Centrist IMO Crowder fan. So some radical leftist will see me names and they’re going to try to identify myself and it’s like all that, that that’s great.

00:10:21you know, so go ahead and and

00:10:24And go ahead place. A label on me. All you want. I’m not going to place a label on me.

00:10:31I do want to do my best to kind of listened to both sides.

00:10:36I, and

00:10:39American society has become more and more tribal.

00:10:43You’re with me or against me.

00:10:48becoming very, very dramatic, you know and it’s like

00:10:55and I feel like Democrats in the in the last I’d become more and more radicalized and it’s like,

00:11:06You must a doctor virtues, and swear fealty.

00:11:13Okay. That’s like a bit of an exaggeration, but I kind of like was it feels like. And if you look at the stories of people who have,

00:11:22Dropped out from the left.

00:11:26You kind of see this overwhelming theme?

00:11:29I feel like there’s more and more people trying to be in the center.

00:11:39but anyway, I’m kind of digressing a lot back to YouTube overlords okay, YouTube overlords just kind of censoring people and

00:11:51Finding them and not giving a reason, not even giving a warning. I wasn’t given a warning. So I thought there was kind of this like three strikes Rule and they give you, if you put a like a foot out of line, they kind of like

00:12:05Like hey, you know?

00:12:09That’s not okay. You did this tatted up today? This is violation. This is why morning, but that didn’t happen.

00:12:21Oh well.

00:12:25you know, I never thought like some big tech company would


00:12:37You know, suffers the right word, I guess. I do like sever my freedom of speech really want to make it dramatic here.

00:12:44Maybe not sever, they would just deny.

00:12:48Deny my freedom of speech is an American citizen.

00:12:55I I have the freedom of speech.

00:13:00I mean, who are you? Who are you to stop it?

00:13:04Who are you to sit here and look at what people say and eat you know there’s that there’s some ridiculous stuff on YouTube. There is there’s like freakin and there’s other YouTubers that talk about that content. There is sexually explicit content that is available for people under 18 and nothing’s being done about it.

00:13:34Play. I mean and I’m not saying like anyone should or shouldn’t, this is not a call to action I mean, but there’s some not okay stuff out there and there’s just some flat out like crazy stuff. I can do YouTubers, use talkin about people are putting on like these binaural beats for like muscle building and and listen to this music and you get jacked.

00:14:02Play really?

00:14:07Really you just like listening to music and you’re going to be like like freaking shredded like Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, right? Cuz that’s totally how it happens. That’s how people do it. They just listen to binaural beats and you know I like

00:14:27and I, I like, I like the the chakra music and

00:14:32And in The Vibes in the frequencies and this is where I sound like like a super hippie my quota. My favorite child is Jason Stephenson, and he has this, like, like, sleeping meditations and, and chakra balancing, and, and stuff and I love it.

00:14:53I can’t give you any scientific evidence.

00:14:57if it actually works or not,

00:15:01I haven’t even looked at any science to see if it works or not, so I could be inducing a placebo, I have no idea.

00:15:08I don’t, I don’t know.

00:15:11Feels great.

00:15:14I feel super relaxed and calm.

00:15:18And I just kind of go with my gut. I’ll just look at him like that. Seems nice, but won’t click and I’ll listen to it. That’s my reason.

00:15:28I try to be intentional about a lot of things and sometimes I just need to just make a choice and I think about it.

00:15:37So yeah.

00:15:43I really like his channel. I think it’s great. That helps me, it’s relaxing.

00:15:50and you might not like it, you might think it’s

00:15:53Tomfoolery or what a reference. I don’t know where that came from. You might think it’s like, ridiculous, unfounded and I am not saying you should do it.

00:16:08I like it whatever don’t listen to binaural beats and shocker music or don’t listen to it, believe it? Or don’t I’m not. That’s fine. You’re in the belly, make a choice has great.

00:16:21There’s just so much ridiculous. There. There is. And there’s a lot. Okay. And there’s a lot of

00:16:36Is it? It’s really just

00:16:39I’m kind of taken aback.

00:16:45That they would just.

00:16:50And like I shouldn’t even, I shouldn’t even have to email them.

00:16:55I shouldn’t have to ask them, why they banned me. They shouldn’t they just tell me.

00:17:01but it, it’s like

00:17:04Like your band. I Can’t Tell You Why.

00:17:13I mean sometimes that prospective employers will do this, they won’t, they won’t hire you. They won’t tell you why.

00:17:21You know, maybe try to contact them. They might not even respond to email. And sometimes there just like, we can’t tell you. I hit it. It’s it, it’s a secret. Has that ever happened to you?

00:17:32That’s happened to me in the past.

00:17:35They didn’t hire me, okay, great. I was asking for feedback. Hey, why didn’t you hire me? I would, I would love and be open and welcoming to your feedback. I’ve, I’ve done that many times and many times it just like we can’t tell you.

00:17:52Really, you can’t you get, you can’t tell me. I don’t have the job. I’m not going to be there.

00:18:02You you couldn’t even tell me you go. Okay?

00:18:06You’re like all we are cuz we think it weird.

00:18:11Okay. Like whatever it is your resumes, not competitive your under-qualified, you’re overqualified say something.

00:18:19If you’re listening to this and you’re like an HR Manager or you’re in a position of leadership and you’re responsible for hiring people.

00:18:30I mean, if you can like make the time to give someone like like a simple reason. Sorry we can’t hire you because of that. I know it’s hard to upscale.

00:18:40I know cuz you like companies with like hundreds of thousands of employees and they’re going to 1000 upon thousands and thousands of applicants and they can’t necessarily. I mean if

00:18:56I mean, somebody out there create a system.

00:19:00Some people get that feedback. I’m sorry. We cannot hire you because

00:19:07cuz if you make it systematic, it’s it’s effortless.

00:19:11And I like in the interview you could like literally check a box.

00:19:18And this is the reason why not check.

00:19:23and if a person has an assistant,

00:19:27Cuz a lot of people have assistance email, I’m sorry, you didn’t get hired because boom.


00:19:40Active freedom of speech.

00:19:44I do believe in freedom of speech.

00:19:47I don’t have to agree with what someone says.

00:19:51I believe you can say that you most ridiculous things in the world.

00:19:57And it’s okay.

00:20:00I’m eating also. I think the other part of freedom of speech is he at? I have a filter.

00:20:06Yes, to critically think about what people say.

00:20:09so, someone says, it’s like,

00:20:13Rockstar the best thing ever.

00:20:16It’s going to help you with everything.

00:20:21I mean that sounds kind of crazy.

00:20:24And I’m going to be open to the idea, but I’m also going to be skeptical.

00:20:29Of course, there is there’s limits to being open and skeptical at the same time, it’s like so if you eat dirt, then all your problems will go away.

00:20:39You know, I’m I’m pretty sure.

00:20:43That eating dirt is a terrible idea.

00:20:49I mean, but if someone wanted to say,

00:20:54Start a YouTube channel about eating dirt.

00:20:59I don’t care.

00:21:02I don’t.

00:21:05People will take like the freedom of speech argument to extremes and it gave the people take it to like the whole black pronoun, gender trans thing.

00:21:21Like, if I were calling so Jordan Peterson.

00:21:26Right. He’s DNR freedom of speech and

00:21:29he disagreed with the law in Canada, that would regulate people’s freedom of speech. Essentially, if I understand what he has said on previous interviews, he doesn’t mind.

00:21:42Using someone’s chosen pronouns, but he disagrees with the regulation of it.

00:21:47like I don’t I don’t care about pronouns I don’t

00:21:53You know, so if we talk and you’re like a child and my pronouns are bubble bubble bubble.

00:22:03Cuz I just, I don’t care.

00:22:06you are who you are, you know, and

00:22:12You know, so you you be watch, you be you, live your life, live, your life free, find your purpose. Be the best version of yourself and use whatever pronouns that speak to you. I don’t care.

00:22:26I’m not really big on grammar, so I don’t even care if there’s like a historical precedents for the grammatical usage or the lack thereof of the pronoun and Grammar Nazis, go down this whole thing but there actually was a grammatical

00:22:43Precedents for using day that I’m in no dollars.

00:22:54And I don’t, I don’t care.

00:22:57I’ve never liked English.

00:23:00I did well enough.

00:23:03I learned how to write. I can’t explain the rules terribly, well, cuz they’re so inconsistent that it just

00:23:15just bothers me.

00:23:19You know, but but again, with the whole pronoun thing, I don’t care. And now I don’t think there should be a freedom, a speed. I don’t believe there should be a law. That says, if you don’t use someone’s chosen, pronouns is a hate crime.

00:23:33I don’t, I think that’s I think that’s way too much.

00:23:41But I am against violence. I don’t think we need to be violent.

00:23:46I need. So if you disagree with someone and you’re put off by like lgbtq people, I think that’s really sad.

00:23:57I think that’s a really, a moment of self-reflection is why are they triggering you? What is it about them? That’s triggering you, cuz that’s what’s going on. If you get all like for Lake about whatever,

00:24:12Okay, like why is it triggering you?

00:24:18So I understand why there needs to be for the lgbtq thing. Why there needs to be some sort of legislation to protect people. So there’s not violence against them. I that’s that’s really I think that’s reasonable.

00:24:34and it is it’s one thing to disagree with someone o, man, I don’t

00:24:44That doesn’t give you the right to head home and be violent.

00:24:49and it just like,

00:24:54you know, but then we should have laws that micromanage people. Micromanaging civilization is not going to work.

00:25:04It doesn’t work for a small business goal leaders. Don’t micromanage people if you’re in the leadership position c-suite executive,

00:25:14Entrepreneur, whatever. And you’re striving to be a leader, micromanaging people just, it doesn’t work.

00:25:22It doesn’t it’s not effective and having a law that micromanages, people’s freedom of speech is not going to work.

00:25:31You know, so if you’re lgbtq and someone’s being an asshole, I mean, that, that sucks. That’s terrible.

00:25:40I feel sad that you’re, you’re being treated that way, but we need to surround ourselves with people who Empower us.

00:25:49Do you know? So if someone’s going to be

00:25:53Crazy. If there going to be a fall back, if they’re going to be bigger and other stuff like that, you have no control over how they’re going to treat you.

00:26:03You’re not, you’re going to have no control and that’s okay.

00:26:09Because they are there people that do love and accept you.

00:26:17so you know what, focus on the people that do love and accept you

00:26:23You know, I ain’t like myself. I felt like an outsider most of my life.

00:26:30You know, prior to coming to China.

00:26:34I like, yeah, I’m American. I’m from America. I was born in Northern California. I felt like an outsider my entire life. So, it’ll be here to Pierre and Chinden, and to be an expat.

00:26:52I’ve always kind of been different. I’ve always kind of

00:26:59What dance to my own beat?


00:27:06Do you know I’m Different? No apologies and you know that’s okay.

00:27:10you know, so

00:27:14that’s all right. And there’s just people that aren’t going to like us whether or not we’re lgbtq

00:27:23You know, there’s going to be people that don’t like I said, okay.

00:27:28Yeah. It’s like egg and I know it can be way more complicated than that.

00:27:34You know, so please bear that in mind and I don’t want this all be about like the new ones.

00:27:43surrounding lgbtq issues you know and that’s a loaded phrase and then it’s like each each issue, whatever that is there’s a lot of you know small details

00:27:57I’m just kind of renting.

00:28:02On different stuff now.


00:28:12But yeah, yeah. And you know, with with everything that’s been happening

00:28:18The last thing I think we need to do is to be silencing people.

00:28:23Had division is growing more and more.

00:28:28In in in America, people are fighting, people are getting tribal than and cancel culture and all this stuff and we’re not listening to each other.

00:28:41And that’s unfortunate. We need to agree to disagree.

00:28:48We need to agree to disagree and we need to listen to each other.

00:28:52I think if it more of us that down to try to listen to each other,

00:29:01I’d be willing to bet in general. Most the time we we would agree on what the problem is. We disagree on the solution, but this is one of the reasons why I think there’s like state state rights.

00:29:15You know, so like a bunch of conservative people can be like, okay, this is how we’re going to solve the problem of a bunch of liberal people can get together and we’re going to solve the problem with different way and you can get some moderate people.

00:29:30All in the area. And like, we don’t like either one of you guys. We think you’re crazy and we’re going to stall in our own way.

00:29:40You know, so you get these mirror out of solutions, which could very state to state and County the county and City to City.

00:29:49And that’s the thing. Unfortunately idea states rights has been used I think to perpetuate other terrible things but

00:30:02In the 21st century, I feel like it’s a legitimate device for compromise.

00:30:09So you have a bunch of liberal people and you hate. If you have a liberal majority, there are all agreeing on. Hey, you know it were you, we are content with my taxes.

00:30:21Okay, great.

00:30:26And maybe a bunch of conservative people are in areas like we want low taxes, okay? Great.

00:30:36You get a bunch of liberal people in the area. Hey, Let’s do let’s make rules for the environment, okay?

00:30:44Anybody conservative people to get together, let’s not make rules for the environment.

00:30:52See if we all take a step back and I think it’s simpler than what you’re making it out to be.

00:31:01But if we’re not willing to talk to each other, if not willing to listen to each other and if we continue to play the blame game, then progress isn’t going to happen.

00:31:13I think they’re having issues with the media for a long time.

00:31:19I think the strong.

00:31:21Like conservatives viewership of Fox News is a result of biased news.

00:31:30cuz I think if the news had done their job,

00:31:35then there never would have been on Fox News.

00:31:39Because the news would have been doing their job, reporting facts and Reporting things from an unbiased and point. But that’s not the reality. I mean, the reality is a lot of the major news outlets they report from ferry over bias.

00:31:57Again, this is not new. I’m I’m number three, million, whatever. I swear, at least three million people talked about this before me. So,

00:32:09Like, I’m not going to watch any major News Network.

00:32:13I’m not going to watch Fox News.

00:32:15I’m not going to watch CNN, MSNBC Embassy, CVS.

00:32:23I am not.

00:32:25You. So even though I’m a moderate

00:32:31Because of some of the things that say people how you’re really conservative and……. I don’t like Fox News, I don’t think it’s news.

00:32:41It’s a story and I like seeing and either see you, then isn’t news on either IO online.

00:32:49You can’t, you can find more objective News online.

00:32:53There’s the narrative and then there’s the fact.

00:32:56So yeah, if the American news media had been doing their job for the past, several decades,

00:33:07Then reporting facts would be the norm, not the exception, but that didn’t happen.

00:33:13People can try the agendas to consolidate and solidify their power and this results them in reporting The Narrative creating a narrative, create in the story to report instead of reporting the facts. They’re reporting the story, they’re reporting. What fits with what they believe is, truth confirmation bias.

00:33:37You know, and log, you know, some conservatives got sick of this and bought a bing bada, boom. You you’ve got Fox News.

00:33:48I wouldn’t say it’s fair and balanced but it balances

00:33:54some of the hui-hui on like, CNN and other stuff.

00:33:59So, if you listen to both CNN and Fox News, I think you could get a lot more objective point of view. You could see what the you’d I think you’ll be better able to see what the facts are and then see what story they’re trying to tell.

00:34:17And if you’re still skeptical about that, it’s like whenever I can do story pops up like what story are they really trying to tell her?

00:34:31They’ve got skin in the game. What’s their, what’s their angle? What’s their motive? How do they benefit from telling the story this way?

00:34:43That’s the thing.

00:34:46So, I want to wrap this up.

00:34:49I went all over the place, talking about freedom and politics and kind of stuff like that. Not really talking about health.

00:35:00I don’t really want to talk about politics.

00:35:04but if you like this sort of stuff,

00:35:08if you want to hear me talk more about this,

00:35:12you know, leave a comment.

00:35:15I’ll send you a message, John baccarat fight gravity. Org and I’ll talk more about this stuff.


00:35:27Not really sure how to end this, but I’ll just say, you know, I think I think freedom of speech is important.

00:35:37And I think what we really need in these times.

00:35:43Is the sit-in disagreement.

00:35:46And listen to each other.

00:35:50And I think we did a reminder sells, it’s okay to disagree.

00:35:56It’s okay.

00:35:59Everybody doesn’t have to agree with me. Everybody can disagree with me. Everybody can disagree with them and that person.

00:36:08Why do they believe that?

00:36:14And you might learn. Why? And maybe you think the reason is not valid, and that’s okay. You don’t have to think. The reason is pallid.

00:36:24but the more and more this process happens,

00:36:30And the more progress, we’re going to make.

00:36:33Cuz that’s going to be the normal sitting in disagreement. Oh wow, they disagree with me. I should have learned the reason. Okay. So why do you think that? Why do you think that?


00:36:52then you could just call me say, well,

00:36:55Okay, I think I understand your reasoning more. I still disagree.

00:37:00But I’m really glad I understand your perspective more.

00:37:06Because maybe just maybe the process of trying to understand each other’s perspective, more maybe will lead to a third solution sword. Instead of saying it must be different. It’s like I believe this because that I believe that because that ideas ideas ideas ideas. Hey, there’s there’s a third solution, maybe we both could live with

00:37:38But anyway, thank you for tuning in and thank you for your support and listening to this on whatever platform you’re listening on it.

00:37:50I am.

00:37:54Working on getting the video setup on another platform while I wait for more info from YouTube.

00:38:05So if you have questions and comments again, you can send me a message. John Becker at fight gravity. Org.

00:38:13And yeah, okay thank you and have a great day.