The Basics

These three programs are designed for people who are new to body weight exercises and have not been very active for an extended period of time.  These programs go along with the modules below.  So when the program says squat variation, make sure you have checked out the squat module and are using a variation that best fits your abilities.

L Sit Module

L Sits are a great way to train your core.  You will also get some work for your triceps, forearms, and chest.  I have found not only myself, but other people as well, tend to adapt quite quickly to this exercise.  With that said, life is a journey, not a...

Push Up Module

Push Ups are quite versatile.  Once again, there are many ways to make this exercise fun and challenging as you build your chest, triceps, and anterior deltoid!  In order to be able to do one handed push ups, and other advanced varations, you need to have a solid...

Pull Up Module

Learning to pull your own bodyweight is a great way to build strength.  It also has carryover into other exercises and atheletic performance.  This is a beginning module designed to provide you with the tools necessary to consistently do regular pull ups.  For many...

Squat Module

Having strong legs is an important foundation to your physical health and strength.  It is crucial for atheltic performance for a wide range of sports, and it important for general mobility and movement as we age! Learning to use your body to strengthen your legs is...

Let the World Be your Gym

Anytime, Anywhere


Training your legs is very important.  Having a strong base will be great for longevity and other athletic activities.  Put another way, other health experts and nutritionists will say insulin resisitance starts in your legs.  Just another reason to train your legs!

The ulitmate goal is to do one legged squats as well as other fun and challenging exercises for your legs


Push ups are a great way to build strength in your chest, triceps, and the front of your shoulders.  There are many variations to keep you challenged and growing on your way to doing a one handed push up.


Pull Ups are a great way to strengthen the back.  Pull ups and horizontal rows have many different variations to make it easy or hard depending on your level.  Working these movements will strengthen your lats, upperback, and rear deltoid.  You will also get some bicep development.

Learn to get your first pull up and beyond.  There are so many ways to strengthen your back by pulling on a bar.  People are stronger when they work together, so get started today and let us help you be the best version of you.


Having a strong core is very important as you learn and master different body weight movements.  Okay, so many of you might want a six pack.  Consider the fact that abs are built in the kitchen.  With that aside, training is important too.  I would advise you to focus on moving and training consistently, and eat real healthy food.  Nutrition, exercise, rest, detox, and self care will help you to live a healthy life and maintain a healthy body fat percentage.  I cannot guarantee a six pack, but if you optimize these aspects of your life, you will feel awesome.

Strong Mind

Thoughts are powerful, so be careful what you think.  Thoughts can help you and hurt you.  So as you learn to integrate calisthenics into your life, I would encourage you to make it a mindful practice.  Visualize your workouts and goals.  Develop positive phrases that will motivate you and give you energy.  Use your training as a way to let go of negative thoughts and feelings, and become hyper aware of how your body moves and feels as you learn to control it through space.  The body is controlled by the mind:  strong mind, strong body!

Are you ready?

lets Fight Gravity


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