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Wake up everyday, feel amazing, seize the day, and make your dreams a reality!  It is time to Own Your Life with Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Detox, and Self Care!

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  • You will get all our products at 25% below the whole price.  If you decide to open your account with the first order kits, you will not only be ready to jump start your wellness, but you will also get the products below wholesale!
  • We have an amazingly generous Loyalty Rewards Program.  It is completely optional, so it may or may not before you.  I am going to tell you now that it is freaking awesome.  I accumulate points and I get free product every month!
  • Our team has a ton of resources to support your wellness journey.  We have a groups on major social media platforms, a beginner course online for free, email series, books, free wellness consultation, in addition to a plethora of content available on  Remember, were you to help you make healthy living simple.
  • We work with three types of people:  Users, Sharers, and Builders.  Most people just use the product.  That is one thing I love about doing the business.  Our number one objective is to show people how we can help them improve their life.  For those who want it, we have an amazing business opportunity.  It may or may not be for you.  More and more people these days are looking for opportunities to do meaningful work that is different from the normal 9-5 grind.  We can help you build a business while living a meaningful life filled with purpose and abundance.
  • The opportunity to share and build will always be there.  Around 85% of account holders just use the product and that’s great because they are being proactive about their health and wellness.
  • If you were like me, looking for change, purpose, and abundance, then this is the opportunity for you.
  • So head to  Please make sure to fill out the contact form. After you open your account, make sure to email me so we can schedule your free wellness consultation.


The Wellness Consultation

  • We will help you focus on your top health priorities and go over strategies to see what will fit you best according to your goals and preferences.
  • The Doterra Wellness Pyramid:  Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Detox, Self Care, and Proactive Medical Care.  Being mindful of these categories is crucial to your overall wellness.  We will briefly go over these and dial in what you need the most help on.
  • I will also go over the products you ordered and give some examples how you can use those in your everyday life and what situations might they be best used for.
  • Designing a life that you absolutely love is something everyone should have, but not everyone is committed to.  I get to wake up every day with vibrant health building my dreams.  If you are ready to make this committment to yourself, then head to  Open your account and email me to schedule your wellness consultation.




What vision do you have for your life?  What are your dreams?  What tools do you need to make them a reality?  How do you foster the necessary mindset?  What is the why that guides your actions and behavior?  I will help you paint the vision for the life you desire.  Thoughts are powerful, so let them be your ally, not your enemy. 


Wellness is a byproduct of abundance.  It is important to align yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  With so many varied beliefs and philosophies, I will not touch on spiritual matters.  There are lots of tools we can use to help you improve your mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  Remember, essential oils help all three of these aspects.  This is why we have many resources to support you in addition to your wellness consultation.


Be an example to follow, be solutions focused, be a leader.  Learn how you can get in touch with your inner leader.  Learn how to lead yourself and others with authenticity and integrity.  I will share the wisdom of our most successful leaders to equip you with the tools, support, and motivation to get yourself moving into action.  I love being my own boss, setting my own schedule, and doing work that is very meaningful to me.  When you love what you do, you get to wake up everyday and make a difference.  Leverage your strengths, maximize your time, and build your empire.


Humankind has utilized the power of community for as long as it has existed, and that is no different here.  People thrive when they are a part of community, which is why I am very proud to be a part of the community we have.  The level of support we have is unparalleled.  The resources available to assist you mentally, emotionally, and physically is nothing less than amazing.  And to be able to discuss these ideas and build friendships as a part of a team that spans 47 countries is truly unique.  We are a global community that is working together to help ourselves and others.  Make new friends, inspire and be inspired, and grow with us.


Check me out on facebook, instagram, and youtube.  Stay connected with videos and other content, or just send a message my way and have an awesome day.