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I love Calisthenics.  I have tried many ways to grow strong, but bodyweight exercises have worked very well for me.  I will share my successes and failures as I support you on your journey.  With that said, other modalities such as powerlifting,strong man, and bodybuilding are very valid and tested ways to build strength.  If youre really interested in those, I will share some of my takeaways and connect you with other experts and resources.  Other than that, I feel everyone can still build their base with Calisthenics.  If look back at old school strongmen (like before 1960), you will see Calisthenics moves such as pull ups, some sort of push up variation, and handstand exercises as a part of hybrid programs. 


If we can build our muscles beyond the capacity of our joints, then it is clear just a singular focus on hyptertrophy is not enough.  We must be not only mindful  of good form and mechanics, but of maintaining our range of motion as we age.  We are meant to move, which includes different forms of stretching and mobility.  Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Arts have exposed me to different ways of cultivating flexibility.  Cutting out inflammatory foods is also a crucial component to feeling supple and loose, but well talk about that later.  In the mean time, I’m excited to share with you the tips and technqiues that help me stay flexible and loose!


I’m a big fan of finding endurance and sports activities where it is easy for you to be in the present and get into flow state.  I love to walk as a way to just be present and grounded.  The same thing when I ride my bike.  I ride for an extended period of time not to break records or calories, but just to feel and be present.  Hiking can be great too!  Some Yoga experts will say Sun Salutations are great for endurance.  The point here is to find endurance activities that you love to do, fit your schedule, and where you can be in the moment.  

Hand Eye Coordination

I am not a natural born Athelete.  Quite the opposite.  Martial Arts, however, did wonders for my hand eye coordination.  Other than that, the best of the best failed thousands of times.   A big component, then to this dimension, is to find something you love and practice it to mastery.  Obsession can be a good thing when guided by the right goal.  There are a wide variety of activties and sports that will help to develop this.  Martial arts was the activitiy in my journey that really helped to develop my atheltic ability.  

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Integrate fitness and movement into your busy life.  The programs below are designed for beginners.   Programs for experienced and advanced fitness enthusiasts will be coming soon!

The Five Minute Program

If you have struggled to stick to a routine, this is a good place to start.  With only five mintues a day, you will be able to easy integrate the habit of exercise into your life.  You will develop a solid foundation and total body strength.  Increase your awareness and practice being in the moment.  Start your journey here!

The Ten Minute Program

This is the next step.  It is slightly more complex than the five minute program.  Solidfy your foundation in basic movement patterns, increase your awareness from head to toe, and practice being in the moment while you move. 

The Fifteen Minute Program

This is the next program in this series.  This will be a total body program that can be done two to three days a week.  If you trust your ability to recover faster, and have some previous training experience, then you could probably do this four or five times a week.  I like to say the body is a diesel truck:  It goes zero to sixty in ten minutes.  With that said, better to start out at two or three days a week and increase slowly.  If your nutrition is on point, and your a sleeping well and managing stress, then kick it up a notch!


I practice the Wim Hof method.  It has totally changed my life.  I am happy to share my experience in practicing these technqiues.  Make sure you check out his website:

Tabata and Cardio

I love incorporating Tabata workouts into my routine once or twice a week.  I will show you some ways that you could also incorporate this and other cardio strategies so that you can save time, have fun, and get into flow while burning calories


In addition to do incorporating functional movement patterns, stretching will help your overall health and fitness.  I would also encourage you to consider that eliminating foods that cause inflammation will help your flexibility and mobility.  More on that later.  I will share with you some easy technqiues from martial arts, yoga, and other backgrounds to help you incorporate stretching into your day to day life! 

Training For Life

Start your journey today.  Learn how to can be strong mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Cultivating a deep and epic belief in yourself will be the key to your future success.  I can’t wait to help you get your started today!

Train Strong to Remain Strong

Training on a regular basis is crucial to achieving your potential.  We are meant to move.  So get up, start training, and learn what you need to feel your best!


You are what you eat.  Also, you are what the thing you ate, ate.  What…?  If you are eating animal proteins that were fed corn and soy, well that will not bode well for your health.  Grass fed, pasture finished, and humanely raised will be the quality that your body will love. 

Every time you eat is an opportunity for your body to receieve wonderful nutritents to help you feel amazing.  So what are you waiting for?  Learn epic nutrition for an epic life.

Essential Oils

Doterra essential oils are a game changer, so make sure you check out some of the resources I have on them.  We can help you manage all the systems in your body using essential oils.  So let’s focus on your health challenges and support you with safe, natural, and effective solutions. 

I am not very active, is it safe for me to start training?

It is often suggested to check with your general practioner.  Other than that, I have a five minute per day program to help people get started right away.

Do I need to train to failure?

I believe it is important to always challenge yourself while being safe and maintaining good form.  If you are no longer able to maintain the mechanics of the exercise, then it is a good idea to stop your set there. 

Can I get strong without weights?

Yes!  Your body does not know the difference between pulling your body and a weight, it only knows an external stimulus.  With that said, all forms of exercise and training have their time and place.  If you really want to be a bodybuilder, I could recommend some friends of mine that focus solely on that!

I want results fast! Can I get shredded in 60 or 90 days?

I can not make any promises in this regard.  You will get what you put into it.  The harder you work, the better your results.  It is important to have a holistic approach to get the best results possible.  This means training, eating, sleeping, stress, relationships, work, etc…  When one cultivates mental, emotional, and physical health, then you will have a life that is not just about exercise.  I also personally believe these aspects will help your search for greater meaning spiritually.  I will not specifically discuss this topic.  With that said, be consistent, be holistic, and believe!  The life you have dreamed of is waiting for you, so take the first step today.

How often should I train?

Beginning with a total body program two to three days per week is a great start.

What do I need to eat to achieve my goals?

Protein is very important, but it is just one part.  Calories matter, but if your body is not well balanced then the calories that come in are not used well.  Because of that, it is important to detox, balance your gut, and your hormones, in addition to other markers of health.  Focusing on health and real food, not processed food, will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Who are these programs good for?

The programs here are great for everybody.  I can help you whereever you are at.  Young, old, man, woman…  There are so many beautiful and strong women out there that lift weights, do pull ups, dips, and look amazing, so if that’s your case do not worry.  Don’t believe me?  That’s ok, go search google and see all the amazing women out there! 

Are you getting older?  Thats’s ok!  I saw an amazing video years ago of a 66 year old man with Arthritis and nerve damage in his hand who does Calisthenics every day! Your weak links can be your excuse or your reason!

How many sets and repetitions do I do?

Go Here and check out this page.  I answer this question in more detail here.

Keeping Your Workouts Fresh



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