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Healthy Can Be Simple

Stop the feeling of paralysis by analysis.  Follow me as I guide you through the Doterra lifestyle and how being healthy can be simple.


Natural Solutions

Natural solutions are simply awesome.  We can help support your needs in many ways.  There are so many oils that can help, it can be overwhelming.  Don’t worry, we will help get the oils you need for your top health priorities.


Essential Emotions

That’s right.  Essential Oils can help you manage your emotions.  They can actually cross your blood brain barrier and have a positive impact on your limbic system.  I love teaching this part about essential oils.  So make sure you check out the video.



Doterra Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  We have thorough and systemic procedures in place to bring you a product unlike any other.  Our quality is second to none.  See the video for more info!

The CPTG Testing Process

Healthy Can Be Simple

There is no need to overthink health.  Let my team help you make healthy living simpler with Doterra essential oils.  We are here to help you be your most amazing self.

Natural Solutions

Essential oils are safe, effective, and pennies per dose.  It is now time to dial in on your top three health challenges.  Let us show you what you need to up level your health! 

Essential Emotions

One of the greatest predictors of success is the ability to manage one’s emotions.  If we operate in the space between a stimulus and a response, we can be fully present in the moment without having to react emotionally.  Join me as I share parts of my journey and how essential oils have had such a profound impact on my ability to manage my own emotions. 

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

Our essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade.  Doterra has imposed a standard on itself to bring you the best.  Constantly reflecting on how to bring the best to the market, we current test our product more than 50 times to make sure it is safe for all ages!  That’s right!  It is safe for babies, children, adults, and the elderly.

For the Science People:  Here is a little more in depth information on the properties of essential oils


Check out this link for resources about the science of essential oils.

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