DoTerra  Essential Oils!



Wake up everyday, feel amazing, seize the day, and make your dreams a reality!  It is time to Own Your Life with Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Detox, and Self Care

What are essential oils?  Essential Oils are plant extracts with many different compounds.  Check out this short video for more info.

Doterra’s committment to quality is unlike any other company.  Did you know we currently test each batch more than 50 times to ensure quality?  You can go to to see the GC/MS results of each bottle as well as more details about how we partner with growers from around the world.  Watch this short video to see why Doterra essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

So why should you choose Doterra?  Did you know we have 98% sole sourcing with growers of these plants in their native environments?  We partner with these growers because they are experts at taking care of these plants.  We also support these growers by giving back like building bridges, putting in water systems, disaster relief, and a school for girls in Somalia.  This is just a sample of the global impact Doterra is having!

The Co Impact Sourcing model is having such a profound impact.  This is why Doterra is a part of the solution.  They do not simply talk about making an impact.  Doterra has, and is taking action that is having a positive effect and improving communities across the globe.


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