00:00:07Hello, and welcome back. Everybody to the fight gravity show. I’ve been

00:00:13often away for a few weeks.

00:00:16Been kind of busy taking care of other matters. So I apologize for the amount of time I’ve taken between this one and the last one.

00:00:28Anyway, I’m here now and let’s kind of get going.

00:00:33So it’s it’s just me again.

00:00:37I’ve had a few issues coordinating schedules with other people.

00:00:41It’s kind of just that time of year, a lot of people, I know it’s getting close to Summer and it’s really, really busy people at WISE, and families in this that, and the other thing. So, here I am talking to you again.

00:00:59and a few things I want to talk about today,

00:01:03So first is commitment and consistency.

00:01:09In order for you to do anything or accomplish anything, especially on your health and fitness goals, you got to be consistent, you have to be committed.

00:01:19That’s just the fact.

00:01:22You’re not going to if you work out like once a week.

00:01:29It is better than none.

00:01:31If once a week is all you can do, okay?

00:01:36Check yourself. What are your expectations? If you’re thinking you’re going to get great results?

00:01:43Going just once a week, probably not.

00:01:49Twice a week is going to be better.

00:01:51He’ll be able to at least hit like full body twice a week.

00:01:56Rest, two days in between.

00:01:59It’s a lot better than once a week. Are you still going to meet your goals? I mean, maybe you’ll be able to maintain. It’s a lot easier to maintain, but to really disrupt the balance that we have the, you know, that homeostasis, we really got to

00:02:17Got to work harder than that.

00:02:20Three times a week.

00:02:23Three times a week, very doable. He hit full body three times a week. Give yourself 24 to 48 hours to rest in between, you know, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,

00:02:40that paired with positive changes to your eating habits and lifestyle.

00:02:48You going to be good.

00:02:51And the other piece of this, the consistency the commitment and the eating habits.

00:02:57and that has a lot to do with like your self concept, but maybe before we go there,

00:03:05Like commitment.

00:03:07What’s stopping you from committing?

00:03:10The lack of commitment, that’s like sabotage to talk a little bit more.

00:03:20so when, when you decide not to,

00:03:24Not work out.

00:03:26not even to walk to be lazy to not even go upstairs to

00:03:36Eat bad food. What are you telling yourself?

00:03:42What you tell yourself matters?

00:03:46I can sit here and I could create like a system were essentially micro outside can micromanaging. You, it’s like, hey here. Here you go. Do this.

00:04:00Don’t think.

00:04:04I mean, it works. Other people do that other people create systems, and you follow it.

00:04:11if you don’t change your mindset, if you don’t change your beliefs confidence, what you’re saying to yourself,

00:04:18you follow the plan, then you get off the plan and

00:04:22You fall back into old habits and be back, where you started?

00:04:30Currently where I’m at. Hit training is huge. People love to hit training, they get sweaty, they get tired, they feel good because after 40 50 minutes there, like I call the doctor just like that. They feel like they’re getting results. Will take an instant gratification.

00:04:53Well, I mean I like it training. I do I want to do some, I’m not going to do it everyday, it doesn’t really fit Michaels. I don’t need to lose weight, even if I do need to lose weight.

00:05:06You don’t have to do his training, you can, it’s not necessarily the best, nothing’s really the best.

00:05:14This is the best for burning fat. Is the best. Anyone says, like one thing is the best.

00:05:21You know what? Pull out your bullshit flag, nothing’s really the best.

00:05:27Like, what are your goals? Someone says, like, saying, press is the best for strengthening your legs.

00:05:36I mean, but what is best?

00:05:51What are your goals?

00:05:54So someone tells you something is the best smile. Thanks. Yeah that’s that’s great advice. I’ll look more into that and try to be positive to it if they’re just kind of like telling what you should do.

00:06:09You know, you don’t need to do anything.

00:06:13And I’m not telling you should or shouldn’t do anything.

00:06:17I’ll do my best to provide choices.

00:06:23So yeah, that happens people. And I believe when people come and tell us how you should do this, you should do that. Should should should should should should, should. I believe there’s a good intentions. I believe. They’re trying to help.

00:06:38Doesn’t really help.

00:06:41Cuz a lot of times when this happens, the other person is not listening to us.


00:06:53Smile wave. Thank you. Yeah, I’ll look into it. I’m grateful. I’m grateful for your advice.

00:07:03A move on train topic.

00:07:06But yeah, best

00:07:09Anyway, commitment.

00:07:12You got to commit.

00:07:14And you, you have to commit not. Because you’re going to lose weight, not? Because you’re going to build muscle. Not. Not even because of your gold belief in yourself.

00:07:25That’s why you can ride and I guess that’s kind of like the catch-22.

00:07:30when you can accept yourself for who you are,

00:07:34And that’s when the profound changes happen.

00:07:38You eat healthy because you love yourself, not, I love myself after I lose this much weight.

00:07:46I love myself after.

00:07:49Five, six pack. I love myself after I can bend, whatever.

00:08:00You got to work on that.

00:08:04I also say this, I didn’t have this concept of like, self-love and confidence.

00:08:11when when I started my fitness journey,

00:08:14I actually had a lot of, like, like self-hatred.

00:08:19for really long time, and

00:08:23It would take a long time for me to explain that. It’s like, like why story? That’s why I’m writing a book. That’s why I’m writing a mindset book and I talk about, you know, why I had like self-hatred,

00:08:38so stay tuned or if you want to know more, leave a comment page on talk talk more about this but

00:08:47Yeah, so I’m talking about this like confidence and self Love Stuff.

00:08:51If you could learn like from my mistakes, it would be like get that get that help dig deep inside where you can.

00:09:01Have a better, like, idea of a better feeling for yourself, more confidence that you’d like love yourself. This doesn’t mean this isn’t like a call to like fat acceptance though.

00:09:16Because it’s not a healthy state to be like, Fifty to a hundred pounds, overweight, that’s a problem.

00:09:23You don’t have to Hate Yourself.

00:09:26If you’re a hundred pounds, overweight, you don’t, you can love yourself and still a knowledge reality.

00:09:34So if you’re a hundred pounds overweight, I love myself. I have a problem.

00:09:40Because I love myself, I’m going to take steps to solve my problem.

00:09:45I want to exercise more. I want to make better choices. I’m going to eat healthier. I’m not going to drink soda or fruit juice. I want to try to improve my sleep.

00:09:59This is how how lasting change happens.

00:10:04You can get the results that you want.

00:10:07like without making this mindset, you can

00:10:12You can go and click Through The Ether. That is the internet and there is a lot of great coaches. There are. There’s a lot of okay coaches and there’s a lot of bad coaches.

00:10:29And whether there are bad okay or good. If all the plan consistently, you’re you’re going to get results. How what those results look like, are going to depend.

00:10:43On a lot of different factors.

00:10:47But what they’re not going to do is not going to change the feeling inside that you’re not enough, it’s not going to change. If you’re really looking in the mirror and you’re really hating yourself and your feeling disgust,

00:11:00And all that sort of stuff. It’s it’s not.

00:11:08But like how like how do you change that? And that’s, I mean that that’s our thing cuz I struggled struggled for a long time.

00:11:22and I feel like maybe part of it is

00:11:26like sometimes when we have this concept,

00:11:33Like we blame ourselves instead of circumstances. So something happened in our past and and like old take it really, really, personally, in all of the, we, we tend to be more critical of ourselves and others. And when something kind of negative happens, like we can like amplify that be super even more critical than the people teasing and bullying, whatever the negative event is an eight like cement like deep. And what some people would say, the subconscious that


00:12:08I’m unworthy, I’m on my worthless, I suck whatever that you tell yourself.

00:12:17like you, internalizes, I must be

00:12:21Kind of tracing your.

00:12:24oh, and experiences to, to this event and

00:12:31I’m looking at it and we’re framing it. And this is what happened. This is what I told myself. What I told myself wasn’t true. What I told myself was a reaction at that time.

00:12:44And what you told yourself, this dislike, this negative feeling going back to this event. It help you in some way at that time.

00:12:56And so we really need to like okay, that helped me then but this doesn’t help me anymore.


00:13:07Like what was what what when you can look up on that again. Like what did I learn from this experience? What kind of learn from this experience?

00:13:17Yeah, and moving. Moving forward. You’re a different person that experience doesn’t Define you. It’s in the past. You probably heard this like a million billion times.

00:13:28I’ve been kind of like going through this and going through finding your own process that you could look just like let this go and knowing that.

00:13:38It was dead sitting in the past, but I like, what? What doesn’t help and people are just like people lose patience with you and they’re just like,

00:13:53Like like, yeah, I even get that as someone who’s like struggled to let go of stuff.

00:14:00so people who are looking to lose weight and have these like negative feelings of themselves and I had

00:14:10Again, a lot of negative attitudes about myself for a long time and so, this whole negative feedback loops that are going on in your head. I I, I really do get it.

00:14:26Men like getting to the root of it and dissecting it.

00:14:30This is how you like, you get profound change. This is how when you follow that plan, whatever that plan is. I can I could write a plan for you. I know people who could write a plan for you. I could refer you to people

00:14:50you know, it’s

00:14:53if you’re not into bodyweight stuff, there’s there’s like some really, really good guys. I can give you some recommendations that will write and I’m like an amazing plan for you that bring like a lot of value.

00:15:07when so whatever, like you choose to do, if you get this mindset work while you’re doing it,

00:15:16then you’re

00:15:181 2 3 4 5 6 month. 1 year transformation. It’s not just a one year transformation at lifetime transformation.

00:15:30so when were, when you’re dissecting these elements in your own head

00:15:36And you’re really like man. Where did this come from? Why do I believe this? How did this help me? When this happened? What can I actually learn from this?

00:15:48yeah, and

00:15:50find peace with what happened.

00:15:55And when you can talk about something that happened in the past like very nonchalantly, very casual and very just like hell yeah. You know, this kind of shity thing happened but the big deal, you know, and it was at the time, it was terrible but I learned of all the love of Allah.

00:16:13That’s when you know, that’s when, you know, if I could let it go.

00:16:18Hey, you can talk about that.

00:16:21And it’s just like, oh yeah, I was silly not a big deal.

00:16:31and this is, this is how

00:16:34How you the tell me? This is how people make good choices. This is how people are successful. This is how people maintain a healthy way. This is how people get healthier and stay healthier and get stronger.

00:16:51And sustain, not just for a short. Of time.

00:16:56For the beach and then just let it be.

00:17:04That, that’s how that’s that. Like,

00:17:08That’s that Cornerstone.


00:17:13We’re like turning internalized, hatred into love.

00:17:17And that’s how you commit. That’s how you be consistent. The commitment and the consistency that goes down to the feelings and beliefs about yourself.

00:17:31So you dissect the feelings and beliefs about yourself a sect, the confidence and the lack thereof.

00:17:37And going into that. Get help from a friend.

00:17:41Write stuff down.

00:17:43Read books. There’s a million bajillion books about this stuff.

00:17:50I considered neuro-linguistic programming.

00:17:55Dave Schneider has a lot of content.

00:17:59You could try to find CBT.

00:18:03I’m one influencer, I I love to watch all his content like, Tom bilyeu.

00:18:09Absolutely love this channel, has helped me so much.

00:18:13And one of the things.

00:18:17that they like talk about was like, what it’s I think it’s like betterhelp.com

00:18:21So then that could get you in contact with other other mental health professionals. I’m not sponsored At All by them. Okay, so I’m just throwing that out as a reference

00:18:35And that’s just like one idea that might or might not be for you, you’re an adult.

00:18:41You make, you make your decisions. That’s that’s just one that might not be for you. Great.

00:18:48Pick something else. Dissect that confidence. Get down. Get down to those beliefs work on those beliefs.

00:18:55Ask yourself these questions, ask yourself, those hard questions. Why do I believe this?

00:19:03Really being aware of what you’re telling yourself.

00:19:09How you’re speaking to yourself. What are you telling yourself?

00:19:14Looking at your own patterns.

00:19:19What parts of the day? Are you, are you more negative? When are you more positive? What triggers you

00:19:26Knowing these things, it is part of your health and fitness journey.

00:19:33So yeah, I take care of things physically, get a well-structured program from an experienced coach doing a variety of compound exercises, lower body pushing and pulling upper body pushing and pulling,

00:19:46I want in on your weaknesses, prioritize your weaknesses.

00:19:51Still work on your strings, work, on work on these intangibles and this is this is how we get sustained, like success.

00:20:03Mentally emotionally physically. Again, I believe when things are in line, mentally, emotionally and physically, and that’s where I personally believe there’s going to be spiritual growth.

00:20:15When you’re checking those boxes.

00:20:19It’s like like you have a pipe?

00:20:24And there’s a bunch of gunk in it. And it’s like,

00:20:29Yeah, I clean the pipe. Clean your pipes.

00:20:32Corset, it’s more complicated. No metaphor is going to be perfect.

00:20:36But I hope you kind of get what I’m saying.

00:20:41So this is been inspired by Mike some people.

00:20:48They expressed frustration.

00:20:52Because they work out like once a week.

00:20:57And they’re not totally happy with the results or sometime. It’s working out just twice a month and it’s just like

00:21:05You know, complaining bubble bubble blah on people.

00:21:09Not being proactive about things and getting complaining.

00:21:20and I was just like,

00:21:23I mean that you got to come in and be consistent. It’s kind of late. It’s literally that simple.

00:21:30It really is.

00:21:35You can.

00:21:38You can maintain, you can maintain your weight like working out 5 minutes a day. If you’re eating well and your nutrition and your other stops and check, you might not be in amazing shape but you can you can maintain

00:21:515 minutes today.

00:21:56I mean, technically like you you couldn’t lose weight, just exercising 5 minutes a day like technically, if you’re in a quart deficit.

00:22:07That might not be optimal mean it’s probably going to be better to again do resistance exercise to strengthen your legs, strengthen your upper body, you know, put on that muscle.

00:22:21And I like, that’s utilize it dr. Gabrielle Lyon muscle is the organ of longevity of her stuff. Highly recommend dr. Gabrielle Lyon

00:22:35Talking about protein talks a lot about protein, prioritizing present. But I just, I really like how she talks about. I really like how she frames it. I really liked Hutchins tiles in on protein synthesis.

00:22:51But yeah, anyway, so I’m going to wrap this up.

00:22:57Be consistent.

00:23:00Commit to yourself.

00:23:02You can’t do that. There’s something wrong with the belief in yourself.

00:23:07And maybe you don’t like hate yourself. Like I hated myself for a long time and maybe it’s just more of like a it’s like a confidence thing. Like high confidence. Kind of like confidence like hatred. A lot of things are on a spectrum. You might be somewhere on there. You might just like your confidence and there might be like, believe might believe Michael never be able to again belief is tied and self-belief is tied with the confidence and you can kind of fall this process. Why don’t I believe in myself? Why don’t I have confidence in my ability to be consistent because he committed? Why don’t I believe I’ll be able to get in good shape. Why don’t I believe I will be able to build muscle. Why don’t I believe?

00:24:02When you’re saying like, I don’t believe what is happening. Like where are you feeling it in the body? What memories are triggered? Who’s triggered? Who were you thinking of

00:24:16You. The following this may be around. Want to write it down again move, you’re not going to want to talk to someone. Maybe you’re going to want to get professional help. Maybe you’re going to want to like read some mindset books, maybe you don’t want to do all of this.

00:24:33You work on this, while doing your best to consistently move and make good choices every day.

00:24:45Over a long. Of time. You’ll be great. You’ll be happy. You’ll be healthy and be strong, and leaf. It will be awesome.

00:24:55Step by step.

00:24:57You don’t have to be a lot better. You don’t have to go fast.

00:25:02And people get like impatient.

00:25:05And I want to get there fast. I want to lose 30 pounds in, okay. I haven’t met anyone who wants to lose 30 lb in. 10 days, I haven’t

00:25:18But everybody just like wants it fast.


00:25:27I mean, there’s there’s crash diets and other things you can get things fast.

00:25:32If the mindsets, if your mindset to there. If you’re there, mentally emotionally, like spiritually. If you work on the beliefs and the confidence, you guys I think I think you could maintain it if the belief and The Confident is in place, and if you have the ability, once you go off a short and intense for to like pivot and do things differently, but still make healthy choices, you could be fine, but a lot of people obviously aren’t this is why you’ve got to work on this.

00:26:07And again, you don’t have to get a lot better.

00:26:12Just a little bit.

00:26:16Just a little bit by that. They find a great book. I don’t know how many times already recommended it. It’s a fantastic book. So I did, Cabot’s.

00:26:31Creating system creating small habits.

00:26:36And I basically setting your environment up for success.

00:26:42Hey, so you said your personal environment, make it easy for you to make good choices. Make it easy to drink, water, make it easy to not have liquid calories. Make it easy.

00:26:58Turn yourself to cook, make it easy to eat, healthy food, make it easy to exercise.

00:27:10And this would help a lot. Make it easy to help yourself improve.

00:27:18Your thoughts, what you’re saying to yourself, what you’re thinking?

00:27:24Mentally emotionally. Make that easy. Make it easier.

00:27:32And good things will happen.

00:27:34I really do hope you can like take something away from this that’s going to help you. That’s going to up-level you that’s going to inspire you to take positive action. So when you’re getting at it, when you’re tackling your goals, building muscle, or burning fat or like whatever maintaining getting stronger at whatever,

00:27:55Bedroom really tackling tackling your mindset and you’re getting after it while you’re getting in the best shape of your life. So, thanks for joining me. Thanks for tuning in.

00:28:09This this podcast is shows still really small.

00:28:14I don’t have sponsors yet but I can sponsor myself. I help people manage their health using exercise nutrition and essential oils.

00:28:24I love doTerra essential oil, I use them every single day. It helps me and a lot of different ways. There’s so many uses and I can help you. I’ll put my email in the description. I’ll also put my link and we can we can set up a call. We can do like a video call on Zoom. We could message like back and forth and we can talk about like how to get you started, how it can help you, what they’re doing, what’s her to impact? They’re having. So if that’s up your alley, if you’re excited about natural solutions and you have to do things differently and you want to be dialed into something that’s making a global impact.

00:29:07Reach out to me, and if it’s not for you, that’s okay. Keep listening. I’m not here to force you to do anything, so if you’re like, oh my God. I don’t like natural. Okay, great. Don’t like them.

00:29:24But if you do, and you’re curious reach out to me, let’s talk.

00:29:30Thank you. Have a great day.