00:00:06Welcome back to the bike gravity show. I’m John this, my friend Favio from Brazil, he got his degree in education and he has been teaching for some time now. He is taught many different age especially here in China and I brought him on today to talk about bits of his health Journey. Including how I quit smoking. So give it up for Flavio Flavio problem. My pleasure smoking when I was in high school, 17 years old.

00:00:49It was you know the usual start playing, you know like do you have a cigarette?

00:00:56And then end up liking this, this is.

00:01:05So when you started were there, a lot of people around you that were smoking is just like a common thing where where you’re from you know like everywhere you have like this teenagers that slick you need to do something to prove that you’re like becoming like you know like more mature doing this content in smoked it up if you don’t smoke or something like that you know it’s more about like an age things than actually like a place. Yes. I’ll do the teenagers pushing themselves about like be your man be courageous and do like this shit. That is going to kill you like very easily because you’re mad.

00:02:05These kind of things is like a smoking like a like a macho thing. Is there a macho image of in Brazil? Is it like yourself with chemicals for you to be a Madam? You need to smoke but there’s like a lot of things that is happening right now. They are saying like so don’t smoke you you leave it. Like a lot of shit into the street and look dirty and that was dirty and you just just smell bad you know like who you

00:02:55You have bad breath, you know? And they even have laws like, for example, like, in Brazil, like Deedee don’t allow you to smoking and inside of places, but if they are very strict about it, it’s not like, I’m fortunate not being any racist but here in China because they put the signs that you cannot smoke with. You see, like a guy smoking, like, right behind. Somebody sees you sometime, maybe depending on how and where you’re smoking. For a long time. Where it’s been like, oh, men spoke in the old. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

00:03:48I’m not that old, you know, I’m twenty-seven now and but at the time that I was there was like yeah it was pretty much if you want to be part of the gang you got to smoke. You want to like I mean like the cool kids, you know, and I both know there’s rule the world. The thing is he was like pretty much a thing like for you to be part of the gang, be part of the cool kids, you know, like be part of the the walks, the whole things you got to be smoke and got to be drinking because it’s funny for you to be.

00:04:38Yeah man, you remember yesterday ways to do do you know I was like Goofy on the fucking wheel of somebody’s car that I not even know. I woke up you know like you’re super naked or something like that. Was like yeah. Like being a part of being a part of the community being part of like Social Circle is there like men like smoking. Yes. If you were not smoking, the people who don’t smoke are they very much like on the outside? And are they like

00:05:11Not as like cool. I guess the people that don’t smoke ice. Of course I can see that. Now it’s more like they were more like you know, when you did like something very good and you try not to hide from other people but you try to preserve it. So you just get away from those poisonous people and you do your shit and you know, it’s more like this, you know, I’m not like a lot of people that didn’t smoke that. They were like very, very cool, you know. And that’s that’s how I feel like if the game for games and you should like that, I love it. I still love it a lot. And there were like super cool, you know, people that gold go out and it’s not like that. Stay at home, and don’t don’t have sex, Don’t drink, don’t do anything. Dad almost dead, you know, a lot of people that don’t do this shit, that shit into it like, having healthy lives because they found their there. They’re

00:06:11So they don’t need smoke. They don’t need to drink to impress anybody. So what I feel like is specially when we’re like, teenagers is really too easy to do whatever, you know, you know, lighting up a cigarette joint, whatever, kicking back like a beer and other stuff. Like this, I feel like it’s really easy, especially when they’re on our teams to dismiss that without really thinking about the long-term ramifications, never think about the other a long-term thing because it was actually was like me, for example, when she give you a hand, I was started when I was 17, but I was not smoking like regularly, you know, smoking like maybe one day a week, maybe two days, maybe three days and everything. But then I’ll start to do like, you know, for days 5 days and then one day I got out, I was still at the high school and one day I said, like Nick, I want to always a cigarette but I need to be asking, people are like buying little just one and other things I don’t want that, I want to buy that whole pack.

00:07:10But in my mind, I was like that trigger Matthew to buy fucking pack.

00:07:15Mission is done, you know, you’re going to start right here, you take off of your life you know. And that was it. I bought a mobile Marlboro Red and I sit like At first, my part of my brain was like, okay, you’re satisfied. You have the same so very good. But the other part missing, like you’re fucked. You’re super fun. You’ll be like super, much more fucked and you will be far Greater Beulah, you know, but fog, it’s just everything was like, always thought in your mind. But yeah. So it started. So you see, I call, you know, you’re starting off like you want one, but you’re not buying packs yet. But eventually like how how long was that was at like 1 week 2 weeks, 3 weeks months before you finally bought your first bag before. I think like before I actually bought it my first back whilst months I think was like

00:08:155 months or something. I told you, I started the whole, let us hang out. And, you know, they’re chills and then you don’t need to buy cigarettes because everybody’s always but then of course we need more and more and more and more and more and more and then I hang out with all them like on another day and it’s just like, I don’t say anything because it’s just like they’re going to get defensive and they’re just like they were all in the attic and some way I’m crazy about my teeth.

00:09:15Drink and then some other time, and then the smoke. And it’s like, you’re addicted to something like, I mean, chemically addicted to something. You find a way to tell yourself and others that that thing does not control. You, your have like you’re blind. You know, you always seem like, for example, I like sinuses attacked sinuses from very long time and it wasn’t no, it’s not cigarettes, cigarettes help. Because of the temperature, it is a temperature. Helps with my all my time. Is it in lungs? And I’ll just kind of shit but bullshit. Like even other things even though the things that we do that aren’t good for us, blindly believe in it.

00:10:17I could be in and out now, it’s not that don’t work, I have total control of it, there’s no problem but then you get a chance her or something else.

00:10:28maybe it was like a, it’s like a

00:10:36What was the name of Jack Daniels and use in one day? You put like it when you drink like your but one day you put ice in yourself and you get like that that kidney stone. You go to the doctor so I can lock that ice destroyed my kidney and then and that’s it. Start to be like

00:11:14We’ve it’s kind of a placebo. I’m start to believe that you need to have what kind of a routine to do that. If you do something, different is good for, get up the whole thing. You know, that’s when you see that, something is bad for you because you are a beauty in Yelp, like a whole routine and on top of it and saying, tears of the, if I do like this, this bad thing. Like, this could be like, last bet, you know, I’m just going to be, like a little bit or something, but

00:11:46Big time for school or something. It’s not really. I mean, it’s not really an addiction yet. You just like you don’t hear the eclipse. I casual hanging out. Then you buy your first pack of Marlboro Red and then it’s kind of like boom.

00:12:12Play. What is it? What is smoking. Look like at that point, like, what are you doing? How often your smoking? Yeah, I got to look because there was no problems with alcohol, but we going to get back to my calendar later. But, yeah, it was like, this is what like I only smoke when I drink. I know, and I started doing like, maybe one a day maybe two when I go to 6. I see. Like that’s kind of a little bit bad, but it’s okay. I was like 17 your head like the lungs before I have the lungs of a horse man. I could like run like very fast and for a very long time, I do like bike the whole city ice when I swim like very good.

00:13:04Directions to show my lawn since I had like a complete lungs. But then I was like, I remember there was a crash course for, you know, like that that I forgot the name of that test that you do to go into the college 80s 80s. And at that time, I did like one week of classes because the rest of the whole thing has been outside with the cool kids smoking and I smoke at that time was I think with the the time that I must smoke ever it was like I smoke like two packs a day. Maybe, maybe, maybe even more. Sometimes I’d even like to know I’m on my way friend. I was like 69 very happy with my wife but by the way that’s in kilograms.

00:14:04* 2.2. OK. Google is in the same height but I was like 52.

00:14:21Man, I was like, I was like just a walking skeleton, you know, you’re like super models, the shape of you being like a skinnier than like a eight and a half by 11 piece of paper or a for size. And it’s just basically you need to have like mops as hands and arms like little little toothpicks as legs. It’s like way too skinny. But anyway, they have, they have this shit even though the women like that, you can see like, their organs is not their bones actually.

00:15:20A piece of meat, right? It was chicken. Yeah. Yeah I can see that. He’s actually I can literally see it anyway. Yes and that time I was smoking like a lot. My first joint.

00:15:42And in the school. But then I was at what did I do? I do like I do like to two hits in my pressure was like and I feel like I have let you down on the ground. Put my legs up or at least like something else with went down. I went back inside. But then I was like,

00:16:32Why is there a slippery from the saying of the ground? And that was it, that was the first time that I did the job is very, very, very awesome. So this is like, towards the end of high school and high school. And at this point, you work your way up to like one to two packs a day. Yes. But it was difficult was good and everything, but it was

00:17:12I didn’t do it. Actually, I didn’t didn’t participate at all. I was just like, worry so much about getting into the with the cool kids II hours from the north of the country and people from the South like kind of hate this people from the north. I think you have that kind of the same thing in your pocket.

00:17:34I am not going to compare America to Brazil.

00:17:44I mean, I don’t know, I mean, the guy who’s been in China for almost nine years information on on America right now. But the difference is I don’t think it’s like a huge rivalry is cuz it’s me a little bit different. Much. The most Market difference is likely deep self, you know, I don’t like consider it like a rivalry. Like it’s not going to be like you are you are from Georgia.

00:18:44You are very busy blow with us, but because they’re the north people, there are very few no preconceptions about the south people as well. So yeah, it’s kind of both sides. Yeah, you know this is like a really good learning piece for other people that there are differences in mine site in Brazil South and North. They have like yeah, did you kind of hate each other a little bit? Like there’s like something even like some some pretty bad stuff but

00:19:19Who who is, who doesn’t. Anyway at that time, I was like looking for, you know, like fit in my mom, didn’t even pay attention to me. Didn’t do anything like this when I got when I got my first job instead of she seemed like you didn’t come to the house and I was like I made it like three hundred bucks. Each should go to that.

00:19:51Was that really stressful? Is there a lot of like stressful things at home? That was that like, oh my God, you are from the south was almost hellish, you know, if I didn’t have like, lost my virginity and learn English way easier and mated friends with things that I never thought it could exist my life in the South was probably like, very, very, very good for you to kill yourself because you are a

00:20:30You know, it’s kind of difficult because not just the outside was like, very harsh with, like, you don’t have TV and dish. It is over by the Insiders like my my, my my, my my sandals like breaking down. And I like my mom never work in her life and we are my, my, my dad was like, close to bring the bank. Bankruptcy, and I needed to work. And let’s go, let’s go and do other things with such like, difficult conditions and it’s really hard to cope with it smoking for the time that I smoked and still survive and had money to eat. Another do other shit. So it’s like, yeah, it doesn’t go, but

00:21:30And, you know, I had my job, my, my sister had her job. My mom had her job, my dad was love always like, jumping from jobs was like, always like annoying actually a little bit because she was never like in the place was my childhood was like always like this, you know, like traveling a lot.

00:21:54At that time was like a very difficult and I like, so it’s like very stressful, very. So we need to do something to stop everything a little bit and I please get the fuck away from me, you know, and this is not the best one, but it was a very good one. Outside law allows you to come down to control, everything around you is like like chaotic and something man. It’s like what this is. This this right here that you do it all like this or like this. It was be like

00:22:37It was not like you’re not just anything, you know like how terrible house turn the mom or dad traveled sister like terrible people and around like everything that is. Like telling you something that you it is not true when you start to believe it because everyone is saying something that is like that. You’re ugly. You’re too skinny. You’re disgusting. You’re black, you’re very, you’re no.

00:23:16It’s you notes, you find a way?

00:23:21Apple email, I was like you just had like some other breakdowns with some other shit. Biden was not like super heavy but cigarettes and pretty much my thing. Does that mean that we were talking? So you know they can relate to your story so they can they can be rest assured that it’s okay. It’s going to be okay that they have options and lies going to get better.

00:23:53I don’t deviate so much of the our subject right now, but it’s kind of the bed human resources that is happening right now that they say that there are a lot of people doing bad stuff because they have no choice. There’s always a choice, you know? Even if it is like, if it is something very bad is, I’m going to die right here. It’s much better than to live a life that it is,

00:24:22You need to be you stealing that you need to be killing other people that you need to be doing drugs or something else. It were dying than you just, you know, like being on that shit. And sometimes that’s not the case because sometimes they seem like yeah most of time you’re going to die. If he had black people in Brazil like they’re going to do this but they said you’re going to die because they are going to kill them or something. I guess it’s more like you know sometimes like it’s more likely just be have an itch, sometimes it’s a high age, you know. But sometimes if you should press that edge and like fight back, just fight back and like I want to destroy that thing like for you to get out or something, you just get up.

00:25:14Know, if you got to get it, you got the Hugo banged-up. You get fucked up. Like totally, you get like you think they’re that you are going to die or something. But actually, you don’t answer. That’s a really powerful message like The Power of Choice. And often times, like what happens is, people people kind of, you know, it go down, go down and down, and down before they realize, they have choice. So you get out of like high school during college. Like you’re smoking. I mean at this point has like I guess like at what point was smoking? Just like a like a normal routine type thing for you is this like by the time you’re in college like and high school. How long was it? Like like a just a routine routine routine was begin of college. You guys are listening to

00:26:14Cigarette. The problem of cigarettes is not the chemical is actually the chemical addiction is when it becomes like a goddamn routine. It’s when you said it like when you wake up and you feel like I’m going to take my breakfast after my brexit breakfast. What I’m going to do have a cigarette after my breakfast. I’m going to work, I’m going to do this, we’re going to do when I get to the work. Will do I have a cigarette before I go work out cigarettes? This is a problem. This is when it becomes like you will never be doing nothing. For example, like a smoker, never will be like doing nothing. You’ll never be like this, look into that, the roof or something, if he has nothing to do, it was smoke a cigarette. And that’s when you’re truly bada bing, bada, boom. So

00:27:06Call Liz and it’s been like it was routine. How many years was it? Like routine? And what I like when it was routine was it like? Oh would like wasn’t like they were you like all? I’m just going to smoke the rest of my life. I like smoking. I don’t like smoking. I am like I’m at the attic. Like what’s like what what’s like going on in the first part of the first thing was like, yes, I was like kind of into smoking and I did you know, it’s like drinking like but I still like to drink a beer and everything like that, you know, socialize and everything. And but it’s normal. He knows not nuts, never something too much able to control very able to control. Like I learn it perfectly how to control like right now, you know? And yeah I was kind of interest mortgage at that point that the excuse for yourselves like you like what you doing?

00:28:04And I was like having sex or going picking up a motorcycle and cruising to the through your country or something like that. That was more like, okay. I just want to smoke is not something that I very much liked it but I kind of still want it and I’ll start out like some, you know, some some doubts and you was like very much Honda.

00:28:44You know, like I just need to know. I don’t like anymore. I need to brush my teeth like a thousand times a day to get this fucking thing. Out of my, my, my, my breath, you know, I want to talk to somebody, or something like that and, you know, it was, you know, after that look like, after five years was like more, like, yeah, I just need it and I was just like, and I got them. Now is a routine.

00:29:13The bad thing and that it was like something that I didn’t see myself stopping, you know is like just all the time was like okay if I’m bi do nothing.

00:29:24If I travel, how am I going to smoke in the the the airplane?

00:29:37If you’re not doing something you’re smoking, if you’re going to do something you need to find time for smoking. So it sounds like you’re at home and then you peer pressure, and social things, and then getting addicted and stress and SATs and college and routines. And by the time you’re like 5 years in is like, do you have like the same emotional triggers at this point around smoking? Or is it kind of different? It’s emotional triggers to do this and you just feel like you get home at 5 at the time, I was smoking tobacco. I loved it to my car at the time.

00:30:24You know, that talk like that, that take like a 10 minutes.

00:30:32And yet you’re finished because you had a terrible day. A stressful day. Something the other day there was like

00:30:41You know, it was kind of the same but it’s too late. I was not liking you anymore. Was just more. I need it because if I don’t have it I’m going to or kill myself or kill somebody. And of course the chemical need of the body because I tried to stop once in the hole before I stop smoking right now. I only tried to stop smoking once and I got very scared because I don’t have to call that bad reaction. When you, when you are addicted to a withdrawal symptoms to sleep.

00:31:19Two days. I tried to do like two days. I then slept for two days and second thing is that those shakes, you know, if something is it, sometimes you have like, sometimes in you

00:31:30Close. Because I was at the time when I try to stop smoking I was at one pack and a half a day so I think I just stopped. It’s so you only you only tried to quit once and it was kind of scary very scary on. Like I’m never going to be able to quit is a like a like a fuck what I made on like what’s look like what’s going on. It’s kind of its kind of all of that smoke. I’m going to have like stone for fucking lying you know because sometimes the 15 times bigger is getting more and more like awesome.

00:32:22So it was, it was pretty much. That’s it was like, man, what have what have I done like what is going to happen with me? And I’m never going to stop smoking. You know, you kind of become like a little bit of slap-and-tickle cement. Stop smoking, stop smoking. Everyone has a different way. You know that I had I heard that people. Just sometimes you just realize that I cannot stop smoking and they do you do, but they should like, you pick it up, two cigarettes, and smash them into the water. Makes them them together and drink it. You never going to smoke anymore in your life and his life.

00:33:10Okay. And for some it was going to be at work for me. I did that. It was like I stopped smoking and friends on some other people. Then she like the man, I stop smoking like three times in my life. Once I do like three years and then I did it like 3 days and I did like three months and then I do like 10 years and then I’m back to smoking. And it was like

00:33:32And it’s different for everyone. So, at this point, how long have you been smoke-free now? Now, how long has it been? I don’t smoke for a year now. It’s been a year. That’s awesome. I don’t know exactly the day, but I think it’s more than a year, start my vaping, and it’s a very good idea, so good. I really want to get into like, how how you how you like with. But before we get there at one point, were you like,

00:34:10Oh I need I need to quit. Like when was that like Norman I’m just like this is enough this is ruining my life I kinda don’t like just need to stop. I need to do something. I need to quit. Now what like when was that one? Was that like like pretty much like almost almost almost has nine and something almost 17 know something I’m going to turn like 28 now.

00:34:52Yeah, the thing was like, I smoked for almost 10 years.

00:34:59Because I used to be like a sports guy and I mean like a very good sports guy. I used to do like professionally

00:35:20swimming and I was like pretty good at it. Actually I had like some pretty good timing. Is everything X. I went to the state championship and I had like a pretty good pretty good chance and everything but there’s some other things that I couldn’t go. My mom didn’t like me, but then it’s like a lot of other shit that goes in. But I went out when I went like once I was like, in the five years and I said, if you want to say like lettuce, do you erase? And before, when I was liking and doing that, that the screaming was like to warm up. When you get to the training to warm up was like 800 M that you need to do like to warm up and then it was like 50. So I need to do and I did like a hundred

00:36:20Just like for like a, a filter and show her in her throat, in your breathing.

00:36:29I need to stop smoking a cigar. Like I need I need to quit. So, how did you start

00:36:46First thing I start by saying like for me to stop smoking, I need to have a girlfriend. I need to do like three times Sports and I say like yeah, that’s how I can stop smoking because my case was like usually as well that I that I smoke is sometimes to speak too much.

00:37:09And sometimes I speak like a lot of shit and I’m at a time like you’re the outsider that the weirdo and everything, still get nervous to talk in front of people, we’ve been talk to people and anyway at the time. So I always kind of never a guy got to say I never would have guessed that he was like so like people yeah people say that to me but it’s meant it was like years and years of practice, you know, and it was difficult but I did it happen. So you don’t need something was like missing. Like I don’t need that anymore to talk to people are too. Don’t be retarded. So I don’t need to smoke anymore. So that was one of the things. Another thing is, so that’s what it, what I was thinking. But how I actually started it was those little electronic cigarettes.

00:38:05General. Like this is very famous in China. I think it’s not allowed in the western world, like, because it’s sometimes, like controversial in, in, in America. I’m personally like, I’ve never smoked, but I am a big fan of people using e-cigarettes to quit because like another good friend of mine, he also quit like using e-cigarettes a friend’s mom. She had smoked for 40 years and she got off cigarettes with faith. Now, like some Vape can have like different levels of nicotine and other stuff like that, so you can still be having like a juice with chemicals. I mean, just with General Health, like like they’re there yet, there are health issues with e-juice but again, like context.

00:39:01We’re going.

00:39:04E-cigarette starter tool. We’re going from cigarettes with.

00:39:10Hart high levels of my car and all these chemicals that are making you addicted to e-cigarettes. And you can you can get you cigarettes with like very low-level the caffeine like 1% to be like five 6 % you can get easier as with no nicotine with no nicotine, as well as i e cigarettes. Like to help you quit cuz he getting there were two wolf. They’re not good or bad, just is it’s a tool and it can help you quit.

00:39:46I totally agree with you, my horse, I use it, you know, like that. But the thing is, maybe they’re thinking about that. It could be like an issue. It’s because most of the people who smoke, I don’t know, like, maybe maybe in the western world, like, not hearing too much in China because they have like those, not too much. Those people who just sit down in somewhere, like, the outside of a, I don’t know, like a goddamn square or something, and they stay there, like, for the whole day smoking, you know? I do nothing. Nothing like love people, like passing smoking, you know, and yes, the cigarette,

00:40:28You need to pick it up the cigarette, light it up, and then you it’s killing you. The Beast cigarette. You just need to pick it up. Put in your mouth, and you can do that shit, like all day and he has like a lot of cigarettes in it. You know, I totally I did like, when I started it was like, kind of a little bit bad so slowly you can do it. And you go, like, for the E-Cigarettes were actually cigarettes. I don’t know in other places but here in China the only have like 5% nicotine and 3% nicotine. You know, the one that you can get like, 0%. Nicotine is Vape. You know, my vape right now, it’s 0% nicotine like they don’t forget that that shit in some places, you know? Because I’m not even smoking, you know? But I brought it today because but

00:41:28Drawer for like, what?

00:41:31Add a 12 hours or something and my battery is like enjoying for 4 days. I don’t smoke. I don’t sometimes it’s at home. Like I’m going to watch a movie or something and then I put it back in

00:41:45And that’s it. It is like you said, it is a tool. It is a to it is it to her, but I only see the bad parts light.

00:42:00yeah, and people like

00:42:03Amanda take it, take it so crazy about like, vaping and e-cigarettes, and it is just like, yeah. How do you make a nicotine products? But if it’s like cigarettes,

00:42:33Or babe, babe is about it first and again, it’s a tool. It’s not like I’m going to pay the rest of my life if I get a reduced nicotine.

00:42:47What are you doing? What I did not know that. By the way, I did not know that nicotine was like, extremely big, big fat boys, in, for my body and all the off. The waist, like first smell smell like when you get close to me for him and second thing sizes, after smoking got like a lot worse but it was like every month, if it is not, if I froze, not like a lucky month or if I was not doing like a regular exercise, I was going to use. Like I’m not sending you, no, because it was like getting acted. Like I know it’s not the smoke was because the temperature.

00:43:43Then you are in my stomach. I did not know for a very long time. My weight was like the highest one that I was like when I was smoking was like 60 to know 6161 was the highest one. I did not know, but I was literally sitting my body out, and I was like shooting muscles and maybe bones and I need some sheets for my, my, my way to Lowe’s now, and never liked. Hi. Yeah. It is known as a chemical that like, suppresses appetite and, you know, sometimes actors like celebrities model, sell sometimes like white smoke. Some people report like, like certain like high-level promotional dancers so I can go smoke till I express our appetite to stay away. Yeah. I didn’t like so much and of course your shit a lot. So very bad combination. Anyways.

00:44:43Terrible terrible terrible. What I did with the highest ate some of them here in China died from a pack of cigarettes and what ya do you think goes like from 15 to 8% and the maximum that you have an AC guys, like 5. So I went 2-5 and I can keep it, you know, let’s go. You know, not spending too much and that’s okay. I think I can lower down. Then I went to the 303 and when I got to the 3:00 will work pretty much like super fast was like 3% of 003020 is 3000.

00:45:42Things like, on a two months is like, from the other than the 320, like, this from the 5 to 3, maybe or months, you know, I say like a formative, maybe three months ending in into it. I was like from 320, Zeigler fast for her fine. So, you had like, a gradual process from 5 to 3. The recycling, like, from 3200, you’re feeling good, body feel better and healthier. You don’t have cravings. Oh, my God, man is like way better. I went to not at all at the time and who Joe is like, you only go like generation gen. You go to a Joe to enjoy water. I was enjoying water with current and very big time. And I was like

00:46:42Swimming didn’t go up there and I love what I meant by its if I could like live inside it, I’m not joking inside. I would live in it.

00:46:54Not yet. Not yet. Not yet, please. For the people who live inside the Water. Contact me I’m available for that or you just need to know. I love it. And man wasn’t sure of what was I was like, very much. I was first was happy, because I was not seeing water for a long time cuz I was living. Ginger ale, and ginger. No offense. I’m gentle. But you are the worst city I have lived in and but then I was like, clean water closer to some waterfalls and everything. And I was like being able to enjoy at my full potential that I go, like, go up and down. I please stay like 5 hours inside and fucking water. Almost died in there, but you don’t die because it just got out of

00:47:48Okay, I can come back and that’s it.

00:47:58Never did so my dad quit cold turkey and there is a support group with a local hospital. And so he went to like a monthly meeting. But he went to meetings every week and stuff like that and I have like an early memory. I was asking, I wanted to go with my dad. I do understand what it was but I was like 5, but he has argued like you quit. My parents always liked celebrated his like, one year that the anniversary. It was like in November. So every November, my parents would go out to celebrate the anniversary. He’s recorded you like 20 years after, like quitting that most of the time he’s good but sometimes when things get really stressful but he like, he gets cravings.

00:48:58You nobody, can you smoke for like 30 years? Yeah, it’s Matt is the routine. I told you was the worst Supermarket. You’re not going to buy just toothbrush. Something or toilet, paper or food. You’re going to buy a toilet paper toothbrush and the cigarette because you cannot live without, I’m not even know what time it is like 30 years with it, with it, you know, like, almost 10 years was like, hell, yeah, yeah. But the thing is, is difficult for everybody. If you want to stop that shatters, like stop it. But it’s the only girl that I can be at school. Exercise can be a tool. Social your social relationships can be a tool.

00:49:58Don’t smoke, it’s terrible. It’s bad. It’s fucked you up and my stomach still, like have like some bad things, my sinuses feel like a little bit but I don’t know if this has actually something with it but my skin is like a lot more drier than normal. I don’t know if it is that actually something because they said that cigarettes actually makes you get older faster, you know, but maybe it is not maybe they said, I prefer to think that it is because you know what, everything else regrets are you don’t ever come back to it. You know like for real people were to apply your process. That would be like exercise like social relationships e-cigarettes. Basically like a dip. One thing I can tell you like, for sure.

00:50:50Find a way to be to have more confidence in yourself. You know, self-confidence is definitely the key for it. Mikey was like, of course, like social.

00:51:05Social interaction and Sport exercising because I am a very, very, very active person. And, you know, pleasure in in, in a Kelsey pleasure, not like quick shift because that’s what drugs are. And I mean, like, cigarettes. They’re like quick pleasures and they’re bad players. So it’s must be something that you really wanted. You know, I searched the things that you want.

00:51:38 It’s that that’s that’s pretty much the t-shirts self confidence.

00:51:44And you need to bring this in your own way. My way was course, like, social interaction and exercising. And

00:51:52Pretty good. Awesome. And if people want to ask you questions and want to reach out to you, how do they contact, you give me like my phone number or social media, Instagram Facebook, email, my email if you want. I’ll put the email in the description. Oh yeah, we can be in the description as well as fly is to review those sponsors are a hobo gmail.com. I don’t know how to stop.

00:52:43Get your own way. It’s difficult, sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes, you can’t, you feel that you’re not going to get it but it’s when you don’t see where to go, it’s just when you need to step forward. So awesome. Thanks so much for coming man. I really appreciate you sharing like your story. My pleasure man talking here today. That other people can reach out and listen your victories and your mistakes. Oh yeah. Actually a lot better if you had like some if you had some shit that going on before, you know, like if you if you lose before man, Victory tastes a lot a lot better after

00:53:32Like, subscribe comments. You can also send me an email as well. John baccarat fight gravity. Org, please send him an email. Give questions you’re struggling, you need help you in about like they’ve been by quitting smoking. He’s done. He’s done a great job turning around this house so we can thank you and see you guys next week.