Are you having trouble sleeping?  Are you feeling low on energy?  Are you not making progress in the gym?  Are you no longer loosing weight or gaining muscle?  Are you experience a variety of negative psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, anger, irritiability, etc…? 

Denial can be quite profound, especially in regards to what we eat.  Emotional attachments aside, it is hard for us to admit that what we are doing is not working.  Just in terms of weight loss, there have been plenty of people that stuck to a protocol, but it was not working for more than a month.  They either keep doing it and get no results, or they quit because they are not getting the results they desire.  Then there are the guys who are bulking.  You might see some guy pounding spoonfuls of peanut butter, and all sorts of other terrible foods.  “Dude, I’m bulking.”  You also might here nonsense such as you need to eat like 10,000 calories a day to build muscle.  Certainly, if you are exercising a lot, you will likely need to increase your calories to properly recover.  For amateur and professional athletes, the caloric demands will vary.  An Olympic swimmer will not eat quite the same way as a strong man.  For us mere mortals, a slight caloric surplus is more than enough to build muscle. 

People might feel chronic pain in their joints, but there diet is totally fine.  Well, being in pain is not normal.  It would be reasonable to seek a professional opinion.  Other than that, food can affect us mentally and emotionally.  Certain foods can increase inflammation in our gut, and depending on the dysfunction in our gut, can lead to inflammation in our digestive tract, nervous system, immune system, and other bodily systems.  Experts such as Dr. William Cole have plans to help people dial into what foods are triggering inflammation in different body systems.

So my point here is for you to be real with what is going on with you.  It can be hard to be brutally honest.  Well, do hard things.  Growth mindset!  Be brutally honest about your diet and lifestyle, reflect, and do not be afraid to admit that your current choices are not working for you.  Great health and great energy come from great food choices that our body loves.  If this is not happening, then your challenge is to admit you are not making great choices, and to be proactive about your health.  Seek the opinion from a variety of experts.  Read from a variety of sources.  Take in all the information, critically analyze it, and start taking small steps to great health.  It is ok to admit you are not making great choices.  I do not always make good choices.  When life gets tough for me, I crave terrible food, so I need to keep myself in check.  I need to remind myself of my goals and aspirations, and reaffirm myself that my life will be better when I make great choices. 

Empower yourself today.  Be willing to admit you are not making the best choices, and take a tiny step to get better.  Seek the help from friends, consult with a variety of experts, and start reading from a variety of sources.  Great choices help you to eat great food which help you to lead a great life!

Thank you for taking some time to read.  You’re welcome to question, comment, and can reach out to me.  Take care and take action!