If you love juice detoxes, well then it is time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Juice detoxes are over rated. 

People get super excited over juice detoxes.  It does seem promising.  Many people convince themselves how amazing they felt doing it, except when I have actually seen people do these, they look miserable.  Essentially, it is a quick fix that people get emotionally invested in.  The thought of doing a quick detox and loosing enough weight sounds like it is enough for the common person.  Unfortunately, its not even a band aid.  It is like a terrible and cheap band aid that falls off easily.  Now I am not against good quality juice.  Whole food juice made with a proper blender like a Vitamix, Blendtec, or Ninja will deliver a large amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phyto-nutrients to your body.  If it is made in a juicer, well the fiber is extracted, leaving a ton of sugar and some nutrition.  If you are going to do juice, use one of the mentioned blenders and use fresh organic ingredients.  The fruits and veggies will be processed, so the blending part will break down fiber, but it will be a lot more nutritious than some random bullshit juice cleanse.

So what does a juice cleanse do?  It is almost like a fast.  But juice has calories.  Yes!  So you are basically creating a big caloric deficit for a short amount of time.  It is so severe, that no sane person could possibly sustain it for any reasonable amount of time.  I will be open to the possibility of a juice cleanse for extreme therapeutic options, but in these cases it would probably be reasonable to have a team of professionals tracking relevant data in order to make sure there will be no unwanted side effects.  In any case, what we all want is to eat healthy food and live a fulfilling life.  So with your extreme juice detox that is lacking fiber, you will be getting a shitload of sugar from the fruits and veggies depending on the type of juice without fiber.  Fiber helps metabolize sugar, so whatever help you might get to break down the sugar will not be present.  So you will get a big spike in insulin, but it is ok because you are detoxing, right?  Well, you be in a huge caloric deficit.  You will loose weight, but a lot of it will be water.  Insulin needs to be low in order to be in a state of ketosis, so I believe it will be unlikely you will have high levels of ketones.  So you will more than likely be in a state of low energy and bad mood.  Sleep could be effected, brain fog, possibly chills from such a sever caloric deficit.  Wow sounds amazing, right?  

If you are making your own whole food juice, that is awesome.  If you have a supplier or source of incredibly healthy whole food juice, great!  Drink your juice.  But also eat a variety of organic whole foods.  Ditch the silly juice fasts and detoxes.  They will not serve you in the long run.  Making changes to how you eat can be hard.  It is an act of love.  Telling ourselves we have made bad dietary choices is an act of love.  Love yourself so much that it is too painful to lie to yourself.  Love yourself so much that you can say you are done making bad choices and you are going to do your best to make better choices.  Love yourself so much so you can give yourself permission not to perfect so you can make mistakes on your journey to a better you! 

So instead of doing a stupid, bullshit juice cleanse, get some amazing organic whole fruit/vegetable juice.  Make your own!  Be creative.  Use a variety of organic fruits and vegetables.  And do your best everyday to make a small change to improve what you eat!  Love yourself enough to be dedicated to your progress, forgive mistakes, do not be perfect, and be a little bit better every day.