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00:00:04 Welcome back to my channel fight gravity, happy 2021. I wanted to start off this year sharing stories of real people. And so this is the first in many series on real people realize and what they do for their health and fitness, believe it or not on a real person. He’s not I don’t want to show people who are on some sort of cocktail on performance enhancers and stuff like that or magically maintain like 5% body fat all year long on all natural, okay?

00:00:43Real people doing real things.

00:00:47Doing their best making mistakes? Yes showing process. And so by see multiple people, you can see the process from a variety of people. Doing different things and staying fit and also in the process of getting fit. So today I have my friend, Joel who has quite a background in basketball high school. He got good enough to pay for college with basketball scholarships. He’s had a chance to play one-on-one with NBA players and I won’t, I won’t spoil anything. So, you can tell you some of those experiences and life after basketball, not making it in the NBA, he still basketball health and fitness are a part of his life. We’re both here in Shenzhen China and doing the kind of similar and, and also different things regarding health and fitness. And so, this is my friend, Joe

00:01:47And we’ll start things off again. Welcome, I’d say give him a hand but we’re not in person. You just watching this online so you can give him a hand at home if you want to. It’s not weird clapping I can I can hear it virtually guys, I appreciate it. Awesome. So I let let’s start off with basketball. Where did Mike? Where did your passion for basketball? Start for you. Just like most people are, we definitely have people that we look up to. I grew up with three older brothers and their kind of more on the active side. So just playing with them. You know, I’m being young and being the youngest of four, boys, just trying to be able to be competitive and try and win a game here. There, you know, that’s kind of where it like truly kind of started. And I just being out on the court and learning to compete. So it started with cycling to if your brother’s family at home and just kind of competing. But like what like inspire you to keep it going, cuz it’s like one thing to just kind of compete with your boy.

00:02:47It’s another thing to eventually, for sure, I definitely kept it going through my youth in like third grade, and fifth grade, and all that stuff. And then kind of as I got into the high school and towards the latter parts of my high school, I’m just really realizing that, you know, I wasn’t in a situation where, you know, I could really pay for college and I knew my parents couldn’t pay for college. So something was going to have to pay for it. And as I ended, my junior year going into my senior year knowing, hey, this is the last shot last straw, you know, you either got to take this serious and really buckle down or you know, you’re not going to be able to go to college. So before that point there wasn’t like anything. There was a like an immediate need or crisis catastrophe or something that just really

00:03:36Like expired or force you to get better. It was just like, like, what was it? Like, I’m good enough. I’m okay, I’m happy. I’m it was fun. My mom put me in some wreck leaves. I had some, you know, cool coaches along the way. Nothing crazy like professional. I never even played AAU, you know, never really got that competitive but just you know, Brothers active cool coaches along the way. Stating singing legs and stuff like that. So like it’s the end of your junior year for her family doesn’t really have a means to put you in college. Yeah you’re looking for Solutions. You like basketball. Yep. So you want to to leverage your interest in the basketball to help you pay for college knowing that I’m having a coach who, who really he had? The means to be able to give me the information and then just tell me to go do it by myself a couple times going.

00:04:36I’m doing a couple workouts with him, taking the information. I got at those couple workouts and just pouring in hours and effort, not all not always, physically is extremely demanding and a lot of the times. It’s just things are easier said than done, so, you know, you just got to do it and repeat it and, you know, you are sweating at times and you are physically exhausted at times, but a lot of the times you’re just rubbing out movements and trying to get things. Get your body to do things habitually and you know, it’s always easier said than done it’s like why can’t I just put my elbow in her? Why can’t I just have my money over my tell you know whatever it is on this was all working towards a specific goal. So this like this past year, I really have precise that sometimes we need specific goals and it kind of depends what it is. Like in this case like that really specific goal. You like basketball. You want to take it up a notch on take you to the next level. It’s like you really need your push.

00:05:36How to get yourself? Good enough. Yes. Till you can get a scholarship in college. So, so this was in the back of your mind. This was motivating, you absolute until your senior year. I am. You put the work in, you got better and you got good enough. I assume to get a scholarship somewhere. Yeah, absolutely. Summer, between my Junior and Senior year, putting a lot of time, changing my shot. I do the one thing I look back and see now is I didn’t really work on the athleticism. A lot that that I could have worked on. So being that I had to really work on my skill-set and work on doing those things. So, still coming into senior year, I’m at a small School Division 5, California. It would be like a division 1A and my cat taxes or something like that, the smaller of the schools we we did. Well, we got pretty deep into the playoffs. I had like 20-something points, a game and had a couple little colleges, and look at me and able to

00:06:36Basically, in a minus, a couple thousand dollars a year and, you know, pay pay for mine College. Awesome. So, that was a blessing and, you know, just the hard work, you know, in the high school that help you up your game and you accomplished your goal, you got your scholarship. So what was College look like? Then College was an interesting Journey Van Wilder like 7 years and in four and four years. Kind of thing, I was playing the stupid prank towards like kind of the end of the basketball season. My freshman year got kicked out, then tried to like, immediately enroll because of like, the little fuel owns that I had for like the 3,000. It’s, like I drop below a certain amount of credits. Then interest rates were trying. And, you know, Spike up, you know, if you go below those credits because they don’t want you to drop out of school. So once I got expelled,

00:07:36I tried to jump right back into junior college and get into classes and then took a year off and play the year of junior college and then tried to walk on to a division 1, Arizona State. Cuz my dad had lived there while and he filed me on his taxes. And I didn’t know, but it worked out and it benefited me because I got in-state tuition, Arizona State. So it was cheaper than a lot of other schools. Yeah. So it was cool. Very good experience. Met a really, really good friend and, you know, friend for like 15 years eventually, and then went out to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, finish my college out there. My first year out there tour my MCL and my first year so like there is three different years like on here off of here, on here off of here on two years and then well done.

00:08:24so like freshman year,

00:08:28Doing. Okay. There is a whole snafu interest rates blah blah blah blah blah at Arizona State. Yeah. How was how is that was? Very interesting. It was the very first year that they brought a new coach of his name. Was her herb sendek. And the first day, I like 45 kids has to try out like second day for me and three other kids. One of the one of the friends that lifelong friends that I hate that I had at the time who was from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and eventually got me out to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania through his sister’s boyfriend and, you know, Domino’s of Life Falling together. And that’s basically, you know, just a lot of a lot of running, a lot of physical exercise, a lot of physically intense things at that, at that trial ended up taking nobody. But, you know,

00:09:21Arizona State experience, a very good experience definitely realized that. I needed to train a little bit more on the whole variety versus just what I specifically enjoyed training at. I did good at what I worked on but like that subconscious thing that you don’t want to work on cuz you’re not necessarily great at it and we tell ourselves like well I’m not I don’t do this a lot so I’m not good at it and you know if you just did it more you get better at it. And that’s basically what I feel. I could have done a lot better and the training and getting ready for that walk on tryout. And at this point, like comparing yourself, then to like that, Junior on that senior year. How much have you grown up to this point? A lot, a lot more, so skill-wise and athletically cuz like I said that was definitely one of my weaknesses.

00:10:21But I grew a lot skill-wise and was able to take advantages of the situations that I needed to to even get me to the second day in the tryout. You know, certain things like that. So and then you said you ended up at a third School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And yeah, first year there it was like our second scrimmage, right? As the season was about to start a long story short, a kid Dives for a ball and he dies like through my knee. And then just hanging out here, Big Oak Ranch in and had to sit out for that year. And while take that year that you don’t get how most of that felled it’s like you’re finally life. I’m finally I’m doing it. I’m playing colleges in everything and all of that and you’re like I’m ready. And then you I was very fortunate to have

00:11:21Lights on friend and his family. A lot, his family supported me, like Mom, one of the best moms ever that would just cook and clean and like everything they are right for you. Just loved loved loved it to death that helped me through it. But you know, you you still have to go through there like the personal feelings in the personal, will I’m here and then I did this and there’s just more to go and then you just have to eventually get to that acceptance of. Like, okay, I guess this road is going to be longer than the night. Then I have to be so the combination of having that support system, the combination of just, you know, you have to accept it. Like, one plus one is too even though it’s hard and you’re like, no, I want it to be something else or whatever. You just have to learn to accept it, and once you get to that accepted stage, I feel and the actions or whatever you have to do after they become a little easier.

00:12:21And then you just start down the road. It’s so cliche, but there are Peaks and valleys and people stories all the time. And we see here from from your casual, like just it’s kind of fun hobby to like, oh my God, I need something to college to all. I’m in college. All I mess it up. I almost get it. Okay. And valleys and no one. No one is like I guess like say from it but so you recover from the MCL and then you finish college? Yep. Like playing play my last two years. I kind of really, really realize that I’m not going to go pro after probably a year. I kind of realize that I had a really good friend at the Arizona State. His name is Cody toppert he was with his girlfriend, fiance is being a really long girlfriend.

00:13:21I’m hurting with Brittany and they Cody took me in a lot. A lot of things with me, helped me out a lot. In my basketball Journey, he’s the one who got me. The tryout to the Amar’e Stoudemire summer league where I was able to play with tons of prose? You know, who James Harden kind of being being the name, the main name, even during my time at Arizona State, going to the student rec center playing against him and, you know, just in pick up games like just seeing seeing what real talent is in the you-know-where. Real physical abilities are was amazing and a great experience who are maybe either in like are like seniors right now? Or maybe there are at the Collegiate level yet like in whatever sport they’re doing. So you’re at the Collegiate level, you’re doing this, Amari some early and you actually have a chance to play

00:14:21Real pros. Yes, you know, you’re kind of like before this did you already have like a realization? It’s unlikely. I’m going to make it. It was like settling in but at the same time I was working, as if you know, I’m going to make it, okay. So you were still like I’m going to make it to ya. Absolutely. I was just going to be the best version of me as I could be and just try and get my name on a contract. Didn’t really matter where it was to me, one of the my second year playing in the Amar’e Stoudemire summer league. I got to play with a guy named Greg Ostertag for the whole summer. He played for the Utah. Jazz with Karl Malone and John Stockton and I eat. I mean obviously just learned so much from him. Yeah. Now like I said, Cody put me into tons of things and really opened up loss of doors for me. He has a whole family background. Cody coach, has he coached

00:15:21Look for the Houston Rockets with their staff coached, the G League of the Phoenix Suns head coach for a year, his and his family, and whole life is just basketball basketball. He’s a big name in the basketball Community, right now? Yeah, yeah. So, he definitely opened up a lot of things for me, a lot of experience playing with the guy named, Jason keep who played overseas and not ameristep Amar’e Stoudemire, summer league. There is at least three overseas players. If not one or two NBA players for each team while I’m so just amazing to be able to play at that level. I’m with those people and just realize you know what, you’re getting into and where you’re going. So that’s kind of what cat like my hopes alive. So you overcome him see don’t you play the last two years in college, do you do the summer leagues? You have high hopes.

00:16:18But in the back of my eyes were like, okay, if I not then I could go to Europe. Yeah, I could go somewhere. I could go somewhere else so you still kind of had that frame of mind. Yes. Yes. Just getting my name on a contract, no matter where it was being. No, I don’t fit. The people were very kind to me. And in the workouts on my team and Amar’e Stoudemire summer league, they always would tell me like, wow, you didn’t play a young one. Like how come, why not? You’re like this right now. You know, you should play over here. I know people in this country that country Spain or you know whatever cuz he every country has its division. Like I know people who are making money who you’re way better than. So those those kind of comments in those kind of things where was what helped definitely keep the work after going and helps a lot. So kind of what happened College college ends. And I got a couple years. I’m really trying to work at it and keep going and then just you know, kind of fish.

00:17:18Once I graduated from college, I had gotten my degree in economics and finance and was training a lot of kids instead cuz the real estate market crashed. And, you know, just eventually time just told me like, okay, and, you know, you’re going to have to figure out, you know, something other than professional basketball, you know, as well, as life and life kind of settled in. And even though I wasn’t going to be a professional basketball player, I just decided to try and use basketball as much as I could, no matter what whether I was getting paid or not like the last, the next two years. After like I said, Cody and helped me a lot. My dad lived in Arizona, I was out there a lot, but Cody even paid for like some of my workouts that I would go go into and actually get you no get done and I’m not getting paid for this but

00:18:18It just it’s what I did and where I went to and it it it it helps out of my mind for Life a lot just help me just stay a piece and just you know like somebody playing the instrument and then I just kind of getting you a sound like I would just put my headphones in and just me and The Who and the ball just kind of going out.

00:18:39You did it. I feel like that would have been a hard thing and it’s different when someone who

00:18:46Like maybe, like they’re playing, they’re playing football. They’re not at a big school. There are there in a small school like a Christian College in Ohio and you played wide receiver of the Hughes know. He was good enough to play college ball, easy thing to consider anyone playing at the Collegiate level two, who have acquired a high degree of like skill at it. It’s a whole nother to whole nother level perpetually. So this recent Christian that he ended up going in education and actually ended up going into Administration, okay?

00:19:31At some point you didn’t kind of have that realization that I’m just I’m not going to make it.

00:19:38Now you don’t know if he had the feedback that you would had though from professional players. It sounds like to me the hot. One of the hard things in this is that you’re like you’re talking to people who have made it to have contracts are talking to people who are in the NBA to people who are playing in Europe and their life. Like, yeah, you couldn’t have said you can make it. I mean, it sounds like from their feedback, maybe it was uncertain whether or not you’ll actually making in the NBA for sure. It was like seems certain based on their feedback that you’d be able to be making money somewhere and maybe with enough time

00:20:17You would be picked up by a team. Yeah, grow grow into something and develop into something. That’s definitely, the hopes I had and they got higher. As I heard the same kind of feedback from different people independently. So just just realizing that that, you know, life life goes on, no matter what. Accepting the fact that I’m going to have to continue on life with myself, no matter whether I’m on a team or not. I still have this body. I still have these meow, these muscles. These phones is ligament this mind this heart and I got to take care of it. No matter what, whether I have my name on the contract. But I don’t whether I wanted to see whether I’m a trainer, no matter what I have a life to live in that eventually, you know, some kin and became the most important thing.

00:21:17I like your transformation and Epiphany at this point because there’s so many former athletes that get fixated like one guy I used to know he was like, you like this class in high school to be drafted by the MLB. Then he gets like, I don’t know. Nothing was like a shoulder injury, he ended up going into education and teaching PE and he talks about it all the time. Yeah you know and that’s happened so much. But then I’ve also had other people like like a friend’s dad died, like six foot, ten basketball coach but it’s like just the five minute I spent with him on basketball was like some of the best coaching I ever had. I’m like that but that’s okay. So he again.

00:22:17How to make a slight injury injury thing. I want to say, it was his knees, but I’m not, I’m not sure. Yeah, he still ended up wonderful. Family is going to be, how do you seem really happy in high school but coaching as well as eventually unit in administration

00:22:42oh man, I almost I almost made it and then they just kind of

00:22:48don’t move on, and it’s really sad that you were able to like

00:22:54I mean it’s like it’s one thing when you’re like I really feel like a can and everyone’s telling you a while, I don’t know. And sometimes you need to be like, well forget everyone else. I need a push in if I don’t make it like I don’t make it. By the way, I need to try, but it’s another thing. When you’re like, you’re getting positive feedback from professionals and it sounds really hopeful. I mean, it it sounds like if I were you. It was like, oh maybe I could like play 356 years in Europe. Yes. And then like someone could pick me up. That sounded actually really, really, really feasible yet. Then you’re just like something something happen. I could

00:23:34But then like maybe my life Needs to Go a different direction. Yeah, I mean, I just I I took it day-by-day. I definitely wanted to get there and wanted and I just worked out everyday and then just as the days went by and I didn’t really get like a calls from Agents or, you know, anybody trying to pick me up because, you know, I’m not like a name. I have an American passport. So I’m going to be compared to other Americans so that definitely definitely, you know, play the disadvantage to me cuz it’s like I’m not compared just to Average Joe Schmo on compared to the next best American that they could possibly get. So that definitely wasn’t to my advantage. But training the basketball led me from California, Northern California, where I’m from to Dallas, Texas to help out my buddy. Cody topper who helped me with

00:24:34Good morning, my friend, I could ever even you know, try to pay him back for help him out with his business because he was helping out another guy named Ken, and Baker is also big in the training, training, industry. And bacon me, you know, professional basketball arena, Nike sign him and stuff like that. So after Dallas, that’s what actually led me to China here. And, you know, like I said, Domino’s of life, just falling and just taking it day-by-day. And it’s like, if you got a big messy room and, you know, when you see the whole room as a man, I got to clean all this up. It can get overwhelming at times but just clean the counter right now, you know, sweep the floors next and just try and take it, you know, one thing at a time. And I feel like when the mentality eventually gets gets to where it needs to be and it gets learned, then the physicality will just

00:25:28Kind of follow start to do those things. But if the mentalities and Aaron were overwhelmed, like, we’re like Frozen, like, you know, some animals that gets caught in something like that and all the sudden, you know, days past years pass and we’re still living from the same. This doctor told me this, I had this injury, you know, I would this in high school, you know, but if we can move on and kind of not accept certain things that were told, I remember even in junior college, I woke up one day, crazy out of nowhere. Like I couldn’t even move literally, I was in bed. I called my mom and Mike I’m like walking like a 90 year old person in a walker and I got to got to x-ray. The first chiropractor, told me that I would never play basketball. Again, I’d be able to be lucky to walk. My I think is L4 and L5 the lowest to disc in my back. Instead of being on top of each other. They’re like slipped right out from each other.

00:26:28You know, they’re not bam and then I’m like, I need to go get something else cuz I do not, I couldn’t accept that that news in that harsh of a reality and I still have pains here and there, but you know, did you learn to respond? Well, to the situation and if my first mentality is there, then I can respond well and if I have the right response no matter what situation I am. I know I can have that good response and eventually work my situation towards what I wanted to be a huge like responding well not reacting. Yeah. It takes like I feel like some people spend their entire life reacting to guilty of that. I got a lot of moments in my life, right? But I reacted like two situations that I’ve liked in a hot head.

00:27:28Turn the hard way and some of us don’t. So if you haven’t learned learned yet till like react that, he mean it, it’s okay. I never ever, ever, too late for anything in life because like, I never use anything in my degree, but I took little Snippets of what I learned in the college and used it for the life. So, no matter what you think, I lie can’t learn a language. I can’t, you need to learn this new skill for this new job or whatever, you’ll always take something from that and be able to apply at 2 tomorrow to 5 minutes from now and do all of our experiences they do have value. Absolutely, you know, so for for college athletes out there, who have that aspiration and if you don’t make, it experiences are still valuable, even even if they

00:28:21Do not make it out of professional level. There’s going to be some way that they’re going to bring those passions out and the skills and everything you learned in other way, like for yourself, you don’t get calls back. Despite incredible feedback yet really, really positive feedback from actual professionals use it. You didn’t get call backs, take it a day at a time. You end up in China, your coaching here at China. You working out, you hinted a little bit out earlier getting in the zone. Yes. So what is your, what is your basketball practice for you? Now, I just like to really get out there. Get to get my heart rate going work on specific skills that I specific weaknesses trying to work on everything that I just think. I’m the worst that you know, and just let that challenge push me to new levels and then just enjoy the

00:29:21Just enjoy the, the actual being in the middle of that challenge. Enjoy kind of the battle. You know, it’s, it’s never going to kill you. It’s always harder to start. Then it is to complete, you know, learning that just getting out there and starting is half the battle. My first year in China, I was so many people in China are just like everything is great and everything is awesome and it kind of like lowers your, your perspective in your standards and then all the sudden, all the sudden, you know, you have to just view things from your own and then see where your standards are for yourself and just learn to let the purity of your own standards and your own reality. Okay. I understand the other people might think this is great but you know I came from here and I need to learn to see things that

00:30:21this level and just,

00:30:23Push myself. That’s that, that was a huge thing for me. I like when you’re practicing, imagine when, when you’re practicing in the beginning, it’s hard. Not to think about. I almost made it wouldn’t when you’re sitting there and like, everything. I mean it’s a process. I mean at what point when you’re sitting here and there is this, probably this way somehow you almost made it you’re sitting here you’re working on like whatever your jump shot, layups, whatever, whatever you’re working on. I mean, at one point where it’s just like, it’s not really affecting you anymore. I will points like, yeah, whatever. I almost made it. That’s okay. Life goes on in my house. Pretty awesome. Redefining the definition of success.

00:31:11Okay, success is a very overused word in my opinion, are very misused word. I would say, and people related to materiality a lot and that, unfortunately, just let other people dictate especially in the athletic world. Like I could be the same exact type of player that I am right now and because I get a call or I don’t get a call. All the sudden I see myself as valuable or not because somebody else’s opinion of the way I play changes my value in my perspective of my own value. So learning that me going out there and working is going to add value.

00:31:57Not somebody making a call and realizing my value adds value. So me going out there and sweating and working myself and practicing on whatever it is. I’m going to practice at right now. I’m jumping a lot and I’m trying to find a weariness in the air because, like I said, athletically, I never really worked on things, so I’m trying to find myself in the air right now. Now, somebody could one day call me and be like, hey, I think you’re amazing. I want to give you this amount of money and then all the sudden I see myself as valuable because that happened, it’s tougher in life because now, my, my own personal value is completely dependent on their opinion of it versus nigist understanding of, hey, I have learned this. And one of the biggest values I truly believe is to be able to re give what we take in.

00:32:50Those who can take things in and learn a lot of things, but don’t know how to redistribute it out. It’s like, it’s like the Dead Sea. And, you know, there’s what’s next to the Dead Sea. The Black Sea, I think, basically, it’s just two bodies of water. One takes in water all day, and won’t disturb you any water out. And it’s just mold, and just must be at the am, pretty sure that the Dead Sea, and the other city next to it. It takes the water in from the same source that the Dead Sea takes, its water in, but it also slows water out and it’s living and thriving and animals in just nature. And, you know, that’s the true Circle of Life, taking the things in being able to re give those things out. A lot of people say, they don’t charge for it. If, you know, if you’re good at, it could be applicable to maybe some certain situations. But again, that man, there are so many things that I’ve been taught. I’ve been given, you know, my friend, Cody.

00:33:50Huger gave me so much. Who am I to say that I need to charge for? You know, this in every situation all the time and you know in the team I work with cuz I help people manage their health with exercise nutrition and essential oils and part of our leadership development, Roy is like reading a different Pelican Bob Burg the go-giver, he’s got like a whole series and has this concept that’s like like giving value and you’re not just, you’re not just giving the value for the sake of like delayed gratification because it’s like like you get what you receive. This concept is abundant in many like philosophies and religions all throughout the world and its can you put that out there and it’ll come back to you? Absolutely. Absolutely. It will don’t do it because it will come back to you do it because it has the opportunity to come back to you.

00:34:47Because if we, you know, if we’re still result-oriented like that will just sit there and wait for the results and he don’t get emotionally, emotionally distraught and but nobody can take away opportunity from you and nobody can take away the fact that you gave opportunity to somebody else. And if we do it, just for that then we’re always fulfilled or always fulfilled. You know. That’s the exit. One thing I’m learning. I try not to say, I’ve learned. Absolutely absolutely. So you’ve taken from

00:35:29From almost like having really high hopes, to White pivoting transforming having a good life. You’re you’re healthy. Yes. Basketball do in your life. You’re not a pro. But like damn you like you have a lot of skill.

00:35:49You carry that passion with you, it had a little part of your life. You have other things that you feel fulfilled for. Yes. So you have income, you have purpose, a you mentioned before that basketball, still like your meditation. Yes, definitely. It’s working out a lot. My whole workout changing a workout. Cuz in my very beginning, I hated running, you know, in basketball, we run. And that’s the pain of that. It was a pain of the body, and then I hated lifting weights and I just got him. I hated that pain. And that was a new, like, worst pain in my life, then I hated stretching cuz that became the new worst pain of my entire life. You know, and night when I transformed from Mike.

00:36:32Desiring to look a certain way physically. You know, this is just the physical, you know, Fitness part of my life to actually wanting to just complete certain movements, you know. I don’t want to lift a certain amount of weight. I want to be able to do a certain movement with my body because that will actually help me apply what I’m doing to life. I know people who can lift 800 lb, but they can’t take a sticker off their back down. That’s the easier. It is to see and notice those weaknesses, and if we can do something, if we can gain a certain look but yet not have the ability woman, especially when something is new. So for all of you that are like struggling, starting a fitness program.

00:37:31Getting back to something cuz maybe you didn’t work out last year, all the crazy things happening in the beginning.

00:37:41It’s not comfortable. I remember even now I remember for five years ago, I used to be able to press into my hands then and I had a broken wrist at one point and you know other things and laziness laziness was a big part of that because my wrist is broken but hey, get back to it. You we we can’t change what has happened. We can only change what is going to happen and what will happen now? And we can only move on from where we’re at.

00:38:17And that’s really huge. When Fitness and movement in the one, they’re a part of your life, you’re going to get injured and it’s not like, oh my God, like to get an injury and you could take you to your server like recover. So do you sit here out by camera for 2 years? Absolutely. What else can I do? Yes if and it is like there’s something like there’s something you can do to keep moving.

00:38:50While supporting the healing process that doesn’t mean if your injured that doesn’t mean, okay? I want to do a lot of push-ups, instead of bench press. I mean, if your wrist is injured, you want to keep the wall of it, but you didn’t like, what else can you do? If you keep asking yourself this, you’re going to find something, you can do, it might not be optimal and maybe like really, really love bench press and other big heavy compound lifts, but you’re not able to like lift right now because rest, that’s going to take a while to heal do something else. Absolutely respond to the situation to change, truly respond. Well, but that takes that takes the right mental attitude and make takes the right perspective. Even me right now, I don’t sit down and adjust my mentality.

00:39:42Like I should I don’t give it the amount of time per day that I should, because we all have 24 hours and you know we can’t say I don’t have time you have 24 just like I do just like, who everybody who’s watching? This is how we use our time. If I were a magic hat I have 28 hours. Tell you that magic hat, use my use my promo code, 24 hours, absolutely get on that. Jet fly back in time zones. And that’s something. We all kind of got to work on the right. The correct response if we can learn to respond correctly, the situation. It’s not that it’s not important. It’s just less important. I catch myself singing all the time. I don’t care about this or that and it’s not that, I don’t care. It’s just that I care less about this or that in comparison.

00:40:42End to the other thing that’s more important and this is like this is really huge when we have movement in our life to mine, so it’s really important. Like I can teach someone like how to get good at pull ups and how to progress to one-handed push-ups in like a lot of other stuff that I’m really passionate about. That doesn’t mean they’ll have an amazing transformation and that goes for anybody and there’s people that are like, like a lot better than me on a Ledge. That’s like 200 M down, you know? Or what’s that like 600 ft. I’m not there yet.

00:41:34Like, like mentality. It mean if you’re struggling to lose weight,

00:41:38I am in, there’s a lot of people that can give you an effective plan that works. They they can. But that

00:41:46If you don’t work here? Yes, I mean, if you don’t, if you don’t work in your heart, then you’re going to lose the weight, then you’re going to get it back again. That’s the thing. So whatever you’re doing,

00:41:56We’re going to do the plan, be committed to it but I mean you got to you got to work on like, what you’re thinking. You got to work on what you’re feeling. Mentally emotionally, I say you have to work on your spiritual component. I I don’t impose any specific beliefs on anybody, and this is going to mean something different to everybody. If you’re trying to go through a transformation that you’ve been struggling delve into yourself, mentally delve into yourself emotionally, get help from a friend, read books. Yes, if you don’t have is some sort of like like big spiritual concept construct, I’d encourage you to explore that a little bit and if you if you don’t want one, if you’re resisting against it, fine, great then be really clear. Be really really clear. Why you don’t and then talk to someone who’s like your office, who’s the opposite of what that belief is that. If you’re really really grounded in that belief, you can talk to someone who’s the complete opposite and you’re not going to be triggered. Yes, that’s you.

00:42:57Extremely huge, you know, being being around those people most of it. Most of the situation we don’t want to be around the workouts that I don’t want to go through. That’s what’s going to be the most, as I was going to push me the most. So definitely we all know we have a mind and we all know we have a heart and we all know the thoughts, go through the mind in the emotions, go to the heart. And I’m so, so work on that and work on that first and foremost and then whatever you want to attach to that and, you know, great. But the one thing we all can agree on is that we have in mind in a heart. I also have like a mindset blog on, on my website. It’s awesome. It’s why I don’t just want to throw out stuff about, like, working out. I have a little bits about like nutrition. I have some basic tips on work out and I throw, I share stuff on mindset and all of the stuff. I sure am mindset. It’s like stuff. I’ve read. That’s good, you know, and just like a little bit of takeaways and your

00:43:57Boys might be different and you might you might even like read it if you actually take the time to go. And look at it, click and like a real. I’m not writing it for you to agree, read disagree and have it leads you to somewhere else. Closer to those are the main things. I feel that my journey has kind of got me through and is getting me through, you know, just changing the perspective, learning that a lot of a lot of the standards that I thought about life, you know, I’ll change those standards and what’s my perspective changes on those standards? I will act different. And then once I had to get a little different, then I’ll be able to see the result of that and everything is first and foremost for emotional stability.

00:44:57Mental health. And then you know that once you get mentally healthy, you will learn that you’re going to need some kind of physical exertion, maybe not exhaustion, but life. Sorry I can’t change. The fact that life tells you you’re going to have to exert yourself physically to grow yourself because just like a house that has more rooms. I can’t wake up and expect to be to feel like I’m 8 years old and I’ll just get up and go and run like a little kid cuz I’m 35. Now I get up and there are some, there’s some pains, there are some things but I respond correctly, go when I stretch, so I don’t live in the same house that I lived in. When I was 8 years old, it’s not as easy to clean. It’s not as easy to maintain and I don’t have that same body so it’s not going to be as easy to maintain change that perspective that is not as easy to maintain. I’m not emotionally distraught about the fact that I wake up with these feelings and going on. I wish I was 13 again.

00:45:57And like I’m not trying to make fun or poke it. Anybody who has those feelings and those thoughts because there are so many people that, you know, there’s so many thoughts that I have that I can’t wait to realize two years later that I was very immature in my thinking, you know, but you’re going to have to get through those things and grow through those things and just

00:46:20you can only go from today on and what you heard today. This is, this has been Joel’s process. What he’s gone through movement started with basketball and there is his Evolution into the Collegiate level, almost making it read to finding himself Journey. He’s in really good shape, but he’s pretty strong you guys, you might look at if you need any real person, you might say, he just kind of looks normal. And, you know, there’s a lot of people who look normal and then yes. And I think that’s, I think that’s really powerful. You have, you have some like pretty good definition as well, so you’re pretty lame guesstimate. Like maybe 10 to 12% body fat. Just like a rough guesstimation. I’m playing basketball all the time. Increasing strength lifting all the time coaching like pretty active.

00:47:18Being aware being aware of the body, is a huge step is pretty big. I mean, especially for even like a lot of, like, yes, if they have chronic pain, they, they can be very early onset arthritis and a lot of other things. Your regimen, what you doing, your, your choices, both, with like this blacktivity and nutrition and other things to God, it seems to be working really well overall balance of life and that’s really good right now. It’s like,

00:47:57Healthy and active. I like it means different things to different people. I know you don’t need to be fixated. This is, this is one example of of success, you know. So you don’t have to sit here in like I need to look like I don’t know, like Ronnie Coleman CT Fletcher or Tom Cruise or like that. I’m able to go. Then you get in shape for a short amount of time. They’re always doing this cycle for real people, near Mortals. It’s going to be a little bit different.

00:48:32And that’s okay. Absolutely. You know, I like, I’m not going to say. It’s not like, you can tell him like, oh, Lori expectations like night. It’s really broaden. Your horizons expectations. A lot better. Because in Fitness everything relates to movement, what, what do we call injury? Something that is jammed up so much to the fact that it can’t move me know. And that’s what a lot of people would even call back old. People will look at it. Look at how he moves. He’s old, he’s injured, and he’s stuck in his muscles. Don’t really lengthen so much. So we we definitely need that. That process always trying to relate something to a movement and there’s a lot of things I have going on. Like, as we get old like decreasing bone density, loss is getting smaller Cartledge getting like thinner and brittle. And there’s a lot of things going on depending on the context. All in all

00:49:32Make your stories powerful. Appreciate it. I think it’s been really awesome for you to share and share your challenges. Share your success. Is what are you doing? How you’re staying active? There’s a lot of people in this day and age other struggling with this and they get fixated on like a single thing like I must go to I can go to the gym yet, he didn’t it work out last year. He gained like 20, 30 lb 10:15 ish kilograms. He was fixated on like like weights and so do talking about like, you know, getting over getting over this stuff and not fix it. You like a lot of former athletes, do, they can really and you mentioned it probably. I don’t know, I don’t know today, like a million times, you know, it’s like we don’t want to get fix it. And then, things are going to change. Yes. You know, like movement as a part of your life, eating well, as a part of your life. And it’s not always going to be the same.

00:50:32Going to be different.

00:50:34You know, and you can pivot and it’s okay. And

00:50:39and I hope some of what we talked about today can help you pay that can help you not be fixated until when something’s happening and you can’t go to the gym.

00:50:51Do something else. Yes. And if you can’t go to a park, do something else. And if he can’t work out at home, do something else. Don’t just sit here in like I can’t I can’t I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t I can’t, I can’t be aware. It looks like all you have to be worried about Andres out of the what can I do? Absolutely. And if your were former like, if you were formerly a college athlete, if your former injured athlete, if you were almost, but not quite, it’s okay.

00:51:19Indiana. I know why your story kind of reminds at Louis house? Is he also, he also is athlete at the Collegiate level, bad injury, and a whole bunch of other stuff, really powerful story. I, I’d recommend like you check that out like Lewis house and his story Hills has a podcast, he’s been featured on other like really, really big channels. So it’s like was it Toastmasters? I think of her remember his story correctly eventually going to Toastmasters working on his public speaking, help help him in his journey and pivoting away from my sports. Very, very cool awesome and I’ll leave a comment.

00:52:01You know, if your if there’s other things you want to hear, Let me know if there’s a lot of different like questions and comments and it we could wait we could do like it we can have them on again. I really I really like those story, that’s good. That’s one of the reasons like when he talks about that reminds you of what I do, what I do, and that’s to help people. So they can, they don’t have to be fixated that they can work on that did. They don’t need to be tied down to a gym. If you want to go to the gym free, you might not be the biggest our strongest out there, but that’s okay. You know, what you eat is important. You’re mine said, it’s important. All these are important, and I’m really grateful for this. I talk today. Yes. Thank you very much. I’m very grateful to be on here in to talk with you love it. Anybody out there, just like you said, leave a comment, let us know. I would love to talk.

00:53:01Like you said, we’re here to do this, to help people how people get over that. Nothing is going to be perfect. You’re going to have to improve before. You can be perfect. You know, we’re just going towards Perfection one step at a time with our Improvement. So just you keep you keep everything in my guys and if people wanted to reach out to you what would be a good way for them to reach out to you? What I have a I have a Gmail Gmail open on j o c h a c a S10 OK. Google play Gmail in in the description. So if you have questions specifically for him you can leave a comment. You can also like sending an email. Absolutely, send me even out in the matter. What we love to talk and get more involved.

00:53:53All right, thanks. Everybody for listening and have a great time. And I look forward to talking with you guys again.