00:00:06Hello everybody. Welcome Back. Episode 2 of the fight gravity show. It’s me drawn. And today I am here with my good friend Bruno, he has an incredible story and like I tell people he saved me from teaching, I I met him, I was about nine years into my journey as a teacher in 2017, I was disgruntled for a variety of reasons, I will not go into story for another time so he he introduced me to like essential oils and one thing that was like, Curious for me is was not only the essential oils kind of the opportunity cuz I wanted to means to

00:00:48Express myself and my passion for health and fitness without having to go back to school and pay tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands alone. So, you know, I met and Bruno and it’s been about 4 years now, and well, he’s probably one of my best friends. He’s like a brother to me. Now, here, here in China, and that’s really great, especially, when you’re abroad. So my whole, my whole journey as an entrepreneur and the team and the leadership development we have was because of his story and what he’s been through the leadership development that we have and our mutual Mentor, who is like amazing, amazing training and so Bruno came to China after some terrible that things that happened in his life, his mom, it passed eventually. His mother passed. He’s gone down into drugs and alcohol, massive addictions and he brought himself out of it.

00:01:46A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. He met another wonderful woman who is originally from California, and she has. She has, she has a wonderful story. Her name is Victoria and

00:02:00Do the short of it was like, well, well Bruno your your ways not working. Why don’t you try my way? And and so the amazing things that she taught him. Help him go through powerful detoxes, help him change his mindset and be, it helps change them. And it’s so whenever every single time I hear Bruno version 1.0 or are you or 2.0 the beta version you you could say it is hard for me to imagine because I, I knew I knew burnout on on the other side of his transformation when he was like in calendar live and die by the calendar. And like, you know, very like organized and motivated and really clear. And so in and starting this, the show I really wanted to make sure dedicate some time. So everybody out there. You can listen to a story. See, see what happened to him.

00:03:00How he brought himself out and what what you can take away. So, we’ll start right away with what brought you to China.

00:03:17First, hello, neighbor. One on Bruno and thanks John, a tunnel for this introduction. I think it’s his sums it up pretty well. No, I did not ask you to a specific type of qualities. You already had some experience with some different type of his insurance.

00:03:38So what brought me to China when you know being from a returned from town in Belgium, I was not very high. You get it. I got my diploma and cooking and I was just living life as a chef and my brother was in Tsimshian for 5 years or so. And I hadn’t seen him in so long. I was like, wait first quick question, is it all right to swear or is it politically correct language only?

00:04:10You know, I’m I’m okay with with profanity. It’s it’s not an issue at this point.

00:04:18Alright, I’m glad you. You say that. So I asked my brother. What the fuck are you doing in China? What the fuck does. An IT guy.

00:04:27Do in China? China is a form and it’s like, you’ve got the car, you got the right, she got the, the straw hat. And that’s pretty much my vision of China until he starts laughing, of course. And he’s like, dude, you should come here and discover what channel is until I take him to his word and I come on a trip 2011, something like that. Like, yeah, about 10 years ago and I come and visit the place already arrived in Hong Kong in and I can’t seem that. In some movies, they are arriving Shin-chan, first through the fairy so it’s it’s mold. The buildings are not super tall the activities not to rush or whatever. And then the next two weeks with my brother going to, he’s up a to seeing the city life for what it is what is what, it was 10 years ago. I was like, dude, I feel like a farmer going from Belgium.

00:05:27Wait a minute and then after three days of going to the office to my dude, I’m bored. I don’t really need to stay here. The office is not my life. I’m a chef. I don’t really care about that. So I’m going and he’s like fretting that I’m going on an adventure by my side and so he just make sure that I can call him at any time. If I get lost or kidnapped or whatever, you know, 10 years ago.

00:05:52And then I go and I discover a bit the CT and I love the metro station at the time. It was very easy and convenient and so I go and everyone I meant no exception. Local Chinese with crappy English like mine. My English at the time was very bad as well, so don’t worry about it. Local with crappy English. Local who already worried about? You speak French for some reason Xbox and literally everyone I met

00:06:28What’s like?

00:06:30hey Brenda what do do you do and every single time I answered the question

00:06:36By saying I’m a chef.

00:06:39They were asking the following question. Why don’t you open a business here?

00:06:45I was here as a tourist for holidays, right? And mind you back in Europe. I’ve always wanted to have my own business. I’ve always hated to have to work for a boss that don’t respect. You. Don’t pay you what you deserve. And so I wanted, I really wanted to do my own. I wanted to be in control of my life, but in every time I said that to anyone be at Family, best friends and other people in Belgium, everybody was like, don’t do that. It’s too much risk. You would fail too much taxes, too much problem. It’s not good. Don’t even try. Just keep getting your job and stick with a job and you would be happy and I want more than that. Every single time I was asked that question by people in China has, like,

00:07:40What the hell? Just make your holiday longer and launch something. Just give it a try, you know, Shin-chan is open for that. I was like, wait, nice, China, the place that’s supposedly not pushing for making business or money or something like that. Everybody that did not know me was like, why don’t you do your own business? I even had after 10 days of being here, somebody that wanted to invest up to a couple of hundred thousand Yuan on me. He did not know me or what three days looks like. I could have had to get started on your business. I was like, fuck.

00:08:23I love that. And so, it made me feel in love with the c key with the spirit of the people that are, like, try do something, you’ve got skills. Use them don’t just stay in your brother. I was like, that’s exactly what I had been looking for my entire life so I was like all right Sean is the place that’s where I’m going to go. And so I came to change to Chase my dream off intrapreneurship. Now as you mention when life hits in different ways, I’ve lost my father before coming then I’ve lost my brother then my mother.

00:08:59the very first friend, I had

00:09:03First Xbox friends that I had here, who lived in the same building as my first apartment died or so, in the same period from a swimming accident in Yankton, y’all like having a birthing putting me down and being alone as you mention having friends and like somebody that’s as close as a brother to you here makes a big difference but I did not have that at the time and I’m so super grateful for China for Shenzhen in specifically and for our Mentor Victoria to have put a handoff and just thought that I could have been her son and that she want, she would have wanted somebody to take care of her stomach and she reach out and help me.

00:09:57And that that’s really what keeps me here are equal in opportunity and community. In my opinion, my view.

00:10:07Okay. Sorry, you got here tourist. Visa someone’s willing to invest in you, boom. Starting to on entrepreneurship your dad passed, before you get here.

00:10:20And then shortly after you’re here.

00:10:24What are, what are kind of the, what are the Catalyst points that get you like, dropping down and down, and down, that make it really just hard to deal with hard to cope with. I arrived in Shenzhen. So I went in children for about 3 weeks.

00:10:45The first time to discover what my brother was doing. Falling in love with the city and current coming back to bed.

00:11:00And just there was a backpack. If you go check, I only have one front tooth. And so basically I fixed my teeth because I was I already was overcoming the fact that my father left our family with over 200,000 Euros of that. And I have helped my mother overcome that challenge before coming here, since I’ve invested a bit in my septic, just refresh. My said, then coming here. And as soon as I arrive within less than two months, my brother left to go live in Singapore, leaving me alone, here and changing, and my little brother passed away from lung cancer, so he was 24.

00:11:43He celebrated his birthday and 10 10 or 11 days later, he passed away, and it was about 10 days before. It’s all 24 for the both of us about

00:12:05Which let me do. It was 24, I’m 24 happened. If it was me, why didn’t I live? What are the things I want to experiment? What are the two things up on a discover? What are the feelings out on a feed?

00:12:21And so I basically went down to pass. I promised myself while on a trip into Philippine to just try to let go of the, the sorrow of losing, my brother, that I would try everything, I would not say no to anything that I hadn’t tried for the simple reason, that what is life worth living for if it’s not to be doing something into experiment, like life is all about the memories, your building. So, I started with the idea in mind of I’m brand new in a city where nobody knows me, I can literally try and do anything without having anyone judging me or at least anyone that matters to me, cuz the rest of my family was back in Belgium. So nobody knew me. Nobody knew what I was doing here and so I had no excuse or Reason to let

00:13:21Free judgment from where I was coming from to hold me back and so I did. But the problem is when you say yes to literally everything is that he would do literally anything and that leads to a lot of drinking, a lot of smoking, a lot of drugs, a lot of sleep last night, and spending night, helping bars and meeting different people, and having different kind of crazy conversation all over town. And so I’ve done that for a while. And then I met a lady. One of the job, I was managing in that past, I’ve become a strip and pole dancer. I’ve managed different bars.

00:14:08I was working in different places doing different stuff at even tried working for Microsoft for just a couple of weeks. But I just wanted to hang myself at the time so it was like yeah. Not for me which basically after trying all kinds of crazy shit, I met a lady that wine. I was managing a bar and she was like, dude and you haven’t

00:14:45So, what are your and she was pretty well. And she, she decided me to, to try to just let go except the small bit upsetting that I had. I spent it on trying to create my very first company, which was with the uptake of teaching people how to cook French and Italian food with. She’s my background physically and so I’ve done that and about a week after I lost my business, my very first business, my mother passed away from lung cancer,

00:15:23and at that point, I already had lost my brother and my father

00:15:30I stopped, I would be able to handle it emotionally, but I was not ready for it. I did not know and I was not like I did not have the tools, nor the knowledge, nor the skill to, to handle that pressure in that, that lost. And so, when my mom passed away, I went down a very dark past like I had experimented with drugs and alcohol before, but it was more on an experimental face which had led me to understand that. When I drink alcohol, if I can numb my feeling when I’m afraid, I just have to smoke cigarettes that I feel more courageous and whenever I filled that I need a boost, I can take any type of drugs to just push my brains a bit further and that was I was doing

00:16:23but once my mom passed away, I started using the drugs and the alcohol to just keep an emotional balance, which was basically numb in the feeling, but keeping me feeling

00:16:37so, it was just a very

00:16:41Protective password, I just raped. And after close to a year and a half of you doing that like I lived as a homeless in Hong Kong for close to a mouse about three weeks or something. We’re seeing myself in the public toilet in. Kowloon Park recommendation, if you end up homeless in Hong Kong,

00:17:10Just be careful. The police at night is not very friendly. So I end up homeless, I end up just following my intrapreneurial past and not having a job. So not being able to pay the rent, now being able to pay for my Visa now, being able to do anything. And so I basically crap everything. I had a trying to survive with is my failing, business district on failing business that I started on the side of the first one. The first one was teaching people how to cook during daytime and nighttime. I was flicking flipping burgers in a hooker, John salad site.

00:17:49I was really doing anything, I could to grab a tiny bit of money and just get by like survive, but that, that was just not with articles. One needs to sleep, wanting to eat. We need to do something for them self and just be able to detach from those feelings, but I was doing 72 hours without sleep on drugs and alcohol until I crash down. Then wake up 2 hours later and then took some more and got back to it. So the destruction that was pretty hardcore and a dark moment, just before being homeless, in the Hong Kong, and coming back from there, I had met a lady Victoria and when she met this year,

00:18:40Whatever, you’re doing, does not seem to work very well for you. I had black circle down under my cheek, like, literally under my cheeks. I had pimple bigger than my stomach. All over my face, my neck, my chest, my shoulders. I could not wear backpack without bleeding. That’s how bad it was. So it was very apparent that I was not a happy camper at the moment. And so she basically threw a book at me and say when when you come back we will talk

00:19:16At first, I came home and I was like, what will a book do for me? And I threw that on the on the Shelf, you know, it’s like what can a book? Pay my rent? What can a book fix my business? What can the book fix the way? I look and feet as like, that’s complete bulshit, but she had talked to me about this and Cheryl and she got me started with some lavender tea tree in Oregon or basic stuff for my skin and for my emotion and for sleep better. And so I started using that stuff.

00:19:52Occasionally I was not super. I was not trusting that it’s enchilada. Could work cuz you know my mom used to burn those essential out on the candle burner and it was basically giving me a headache. So I was like yeah, whatever that overtime. When I came back.

00:20:11I came back into first thing I saw was the book that she gave me, so I started reading it for your boyfriend’s. It’s going to Think and Grow Rich from the, for the angel to tell you, where is reading program and the English in which is written is to be old. And if you’re not a native English speaker, it will be a pain in the butt to rebut. Get through the pain. It’s worth it. Yeah.

00:20:37Answer after that, I read the book and I use the oil and then I started coming back to Victoria and having conversation with her and then drop by drop recommendation and tips by tips once a week. She was giving me ideas on how I could change and improve my life. And that’s basically what got me on to where I met you.

00:21:04So you you’re introduced to oils and Victoria before your your homeless Journey for three weeks in Hong Kong you come back. You read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Awesome book. I’ll also one of my favorites, you come back, you started kind of making some changes you responding to her feedback. So like I said at that point like what do you what are you doing? You having your back, you’re using oils. What are you doing? At this point like to improve your health.

00:21:42What it started small right on the first week, after reading the book and not that her door. There was a class going on about a sentient outside City through the whole stuff. And I’m like

00:21:56And I’m just listening. And then she introduces me as a rock star. Somebody that cooks amazing and stuff. And everybody in the community is just extremely productive. And I’m like, damn those people either, they’re all liars or they are on some kind of drugs. It’s impossible to be. Happy that early in the morning. That was my perspective. When I, when I first met the entire community and the first week after the class, she’s like, well, you should be drinking a bit more water. And if you can put a drop of lemon essential oil in it and just drink more water. Don’t worry about the rest, but pay attention to how much water you drink and drink more will help you. Go to Target more often and clean your labor and your kidneys will be easier and it will help soothe your skin.

00:22:52I was like how the fuck the amount of water I drink has any effect on my skin? I’m not sure, but whatever she’s doing seems to be working for her? She’s got a beautiful Community, she’s got a beautiful house, a beautiful family, and a lot of money.

00:23:08What can go wrong if I follow her example. So she gave me that idea of drinking a bit more water. And then she gives me the, the reminder of exercising, because eggs are sizing trigger happiness, which roller skating skateboarding and stuff like that. So, I was using my blades mostly to go through one place that from one place to another, but I was not intentionally to exercising to feel a specific wet. So, I started doing that on a more regular basis.

00:23:49Then she told me about diet and the fact that nutrition has everything to do with the way you feel. And the way you look as like,

00:24:03What is she talking about? How does food make you look differently at. It’s in either make you fat or not. But I did not think it could do something with your skin or with the way you feel. I had no understanding on most buddy system at the time, I was like, okay, what happened there? And as you might start already catching on while I’m sharing this, is that

00:24:32Step-by-step. She planned cities and she make me realize that I know nothing. I’m like Jon Snow and basically going to write, but hoping that things get better and every time she is

00:24:48more than giving me nutrition advice. She’s giving me.

00:24:53Knowledge of my lack of knowledge or awareness of my lack of awareness. And so she’s guiding me literally step by step to be opening my mind and just researching more. And so, every single time I was finishing, a book that she had recommended me. I was like, okay, here is where I’m at. What do you recommend for me? And, so, after reading a book, like, Napoleon Hill, Think, and Grow Rich, it was about mine said, she told me to read the slight Edge, which was a freaking great recommendation, because it gave me the idea of the one percent change that you don’t see, you don’t feel on the daily basis. But over the years it just goes crazy, high Crazy by

00:25:441/8 compound interest. I had no understanding of that, I had basic business understanding but never understood the compound interest and so,

00:25:54Through Reading days, I was at Showcase.

00:26:00I’m with my health with the way I feel over six months or a year. Maybe over five year. I don’t know.

00:26:12It’s up every step of the way, she was just guiding me on opening my mind to new ideas into researching more,

00:26:22And, of course, I’m a pretty skeptical person in every single time she threw something at me. I was like, that’s bulshit it can’t work, it can’t be that simple. But of course, I’m not saying it’s bullshit for the sake of saying it’s bullshit. It’s because

00:26:41Is it possible that I’ve lived 27 years without knowing that the amount of water? I drink will change the way my skin look and feel that my food couldn’t pack my brain on how I felt physically emotionally and cognitively.

00:27:00So, every time I had that, for a position that that’s bulshit, it’s impossible, that I’ve lived so long without ever coming across these ideas, these Concepts, but then it forced me to go home and research.

00:27:17And so that’s really what I did Victoria and I disagree on some of the concept like nutrition stuff. She research I research and we have very different approach but it’s not that we disagree on Concepts insect. We disagree on the finite details, which is fine because

00:27:39It doesn’t make sense a concept can be proven, right or wrong.

00:27:45But the details are rekey where it might work for her. Why did it might not work for me? And that’s where experience coming to play. And that’s also something that tumbler with Satan believe, it’s one of the men toward. I keep on throwing stuff that you recommend. He’s channeled impact Theory.

00:28:07Do not be.

00:28:09Automatic anything outside of believing that you can change.

00:28:15That’s the only dog my you can accept. If your dog might think about any other ideas, you’re going the wrong way. And that’s the approach that I started taking for myself.


00:28:31So I at one point in your journey, I do recall you spent a year like at the beach.

00:28:39They’re kind of like detox your life and kind of reset. So I at what point did that happen? Did that happen after Hong Kong? And then what was like your what was your focus? And what was your goal for this? Like kind of like 1-year Beach detox venture,

00:29:00so on that part is like I got started with the with the Doterra the essential business and like I was still trying to do that the cooking stuff but emotionally physically, mentally, I was drained, I was dying and

00:29:19Every year for that was trying to do to distance myself from the drugs, the alcohol, the smoking and everything. Else was always broken down by the simple fact that I was living in SeaWorld and if you know change and you know that someone is one of the expat bubble and every single time I open my door,

00:29:41Coming down to buy a bottle of water or whatever people were pretty hard to change anything in your life. If everyone around you is finding you in One Direction, it’s hard to go against it. Now, I had to pull from the healthy community of Victoria that was once a week. I was meeting up. Lifting people that we’re like trying to give good positive uplifting at bison and stuff while 6 days a week. I was out and about trying to make money and hanging with people that we’re just pushing alcohol and partying and and not caring about food.

00:30:33San Jose.

00:30:35I won’t succeed If I Stay this way, I need some change. My business is not going anywhere. I can keep on doing it if I want, when I come back but I need something different. I need different type of people in any difference. In ER I can’t stay here in the middle of the city is going to kill me.

00:30:57And so I started looking for an opportunity and I was like, how the fuck can I get out of this city and then on WeChat moment, if you don’t know E-Check with check it out, it’s a nap in China, really useful. And I see the moment of a friend that’s

00:31:19shooting the kitchen behind him, and then turning and seeing the sea,

00:31:32And so I hit him a message and say, Hey, where’s that spot?

00:31:38Is there a, it is your boss. Recruiting for anything. I’m happy to be a toilet cleaner. I’m happy to just clean the floor and take the garbage out. I’m happy to be a waiter, a manager. Anything is your boss hiring? He’s like, dude, are you serious about that question? Cuz I’ve got a good opportunity in SeaWorld. And I want to take that job in seawater.

00:32:04If you’re serious about it, I introduce you to the bus. You come here and you replace me as like, no way I’m in. So I made a trip to the beach and I went and met the guy.

00:32:16And I was like, yes, I don’t care. The pay is shit, I don’t care. You won’t make a lot of money. I don’t care. There may be some tips, but don’t expect much, I don’t care. I just want to be here and he’s like, okay, can you cook wild throw me in the kitchen and see what I can do? And I started cooking. And I wasn’t cooking the American food that day were used to, but the chef recommended to the bus to. Let me try something that I’m used to do for my own style and as soon as I started cooking my own stuff, he was like yeah, right? You make it okay. He let the other Chef go away within two weeks and me getting back there and restarting to were there within two weeks and so that’s where, you know, Victoria not so long before. Dad just told me about maybe they

00:33:16John and I was like, that’s bulshit meditations Bush. It’s, it’s for a hippies. It’s not like it can help you in just for Stoners. It’s bullshit.

00:33:28And, of course, I’m there. I’m at the beach. I’m learning how to serve, literally, I’ve never served before. So literally trying to learn how to conserve and the guys, like when they’re small waves, you should take one of those big boards and just go and try and I do. And there are a couple of hours. I’m tired, I’m hungry. I just go back and sit and talk with him and he’s like, how do you like surfing?

00:33:56Well, I love it. I don’t know why it makes me feel amazing.

00:34:02And so he’s like yeah I kind of like meditation, right? You’re not going to get started with that meditations Bush. It is for hippies and Stoner he’s like oh okay, tell me more about it and say, start getting the conversation rolling to the point where he is leading me to understand that while sitting on the waves.

00:34:25And not doing anything else than just breathing and hoping for a wave to come.

00:34:31Well, it’s kind of like meditating and waiting for thought to pass by and so I got my best meditative experience through surfing and that’s what’s so what has me living so far away from the city? I was coming back once a week, just for a couple of hours. The time to clean clothes and get some stuff done and get my regular one customer from my first business satisfied, with cooking classes and then going back to the beach.

00:35:04And so it kept me away from drugs and alcohol. I was still smoking cuz inch and a cigar widely available and extremely cheap and so I was basically the Westin having was that angers of course it helped me to really clean myself. Now, when I say clean myself, don’t expect that in the year, after five years of destroying yourself, you’re going to be feeling amazing. Like my skin was better, but I still had some acne pimple almost as big as my thumb coming up here and there, but my back was recovered from the Sun that the sun was helping a lot. Eating better going to sleep every day at 9 p.m. was extremely helpful waking up at 5:30 was amazing in all your just beside the beach. You wake up you go at the beach. You got the sun rising up above the sea attack.

00:36:04Best way you could live. So I was like alright I meant that’s that’s really what I needed. And I’ve done that for Justice season 2 and season the hot season is pretty much 10 mom’s bed for like seven or eight months. Goes to. The guy already had started for a month-and-a-half when I seen the post.

00:36:27And so that that’s really high. I really got a reset on my entire system was just staying away from everything and just once a week getting to the feedback from Victoria sometime, it was more like once a month because I was just so I don’t think you surfing that. I was not going to her class but almost once a week and was seeing her and she was giving me different recommendation and I was trying to apply them while living at the beach and so I came back later on remote eBay did for my business for myself, feeling a lot better having used

00:37:044 year for stuff as dumb as a skin rash that burns in the kitchen. But using them on a daily basis. Made it that I started realizing very quickly that on the top of helping my skin on my I rush it wasn’t so helping me feel better because every time I was smelling something like, they permanent, it was reminding me of the candy Cube that the Grandma. Next door was giving me when I was doing homework when I was a kid, which was reminding me of very positive experience is. So it was bringing positive feelings and then every time I smelled wide-range, I had the Sensation that memory coming back of me being at all five six, maybe seven years old, and it was San Nicolas.

00:38:04Asian, we celebrating Benjamin in Switzerland and we got some present and we had some arranged and that the wide-ranging that butter always smell the same as 360 memory in. This was really triggering positive feelings on a daily basis, which started rewiring my brain of the negativity of the depression in the feeling. But on the top of having the sunshine better rhythm of sleeping drinking a lot more water living at the beach being more grounded and stuff like that. That was really my big detox. Now that didn’t save it.

00:38:47It was not old fluffy and beautiful, right? I was getting off alcohol and pretty addictive, drugs like steroid and go to him. So I’ve had moments where I was shaky. I had moments where I was going through headaches withdrawal and other stuff, but I did not need any medical attention for. The simple reason that I was doing the right thing. I was drinking a lot more water. I was sleeping a lot more. I was literally the first month I was sleeping.

00:39:25A town, like every day in the afternoon, I was taking a nap of an hour and a half two hours on the top of my 9 hours of sleep in the evening. So it’s like, it was just recovering for the Buddy and that’s something that I would recommend for anybody struggling with a touching themselves with anything is get the fuck out of your routine, drink more water and I don’t give a fuck about eating. You could spend your days without eating for two or three 4 days, but just drink more water and see you and see this would be a big reset. You can keep on eating, like you like, I don’t care. You will see the difference sleeping and drinking more water. I think one of them up until this point in your story, is that it not just like one thing like you, you wanted to change, you would reach your point. Like I need to change that.


00:40:27Guiding things, you found a mentor. You sound like tools and essential oils were like 112 and it was a Gateway for you for multiple tools. You needed to change like your case you needed to change the people around you. There were things in your life that allowed for mental and emotional transformation. I might argue spiritual as well, but that could get us down the rabbit hole that maybe we don’t have time for. Even for people who are maybe not not addicted. I think it’s important to keep in mind like all these different things that you had and people can reflect on your story and it’s like,

00:41:09You know, there’s it it’s going to probably take more than one thing if I really need a trend transform.

00:41:16Oh yes, there is no magic, bullet, whatever, bulshit scam. You’re hearing on Facebook, advertisement on YouTube that you take this course in your life will major-key transforming like. Does not happen. I’ve gone through transformation for the last seven years, and it does not happen overnight. It does not happen by Magic. It’s a heck of a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Nothing change with just one small change in your life, you will have to make a change holistically.

00:41:58If you want to change the way you think and feel about life and yourself, change the people around you.

00:42:07This is just a simple, if everyone around you say life is shit. What? You know, become is that life is shit. If everyone around, you is saying Life is Beautiful, your name? Become life is beautiful but know if your body is not working well,

00:42:26Everybody can tell you life is beautiful, you’re going to be like I’m calling bulshit on that. I feel like crap

00:42:32So you get in to take care of your buddy, the other take care of your mindset, your mental or emotional. You get to take care of everything. And it does not happen with just drinking more water or just sleeping or just exercising or just eating, right? Or just using us and shut up or just talking to the right people. It’s a combination of things in my best advice on this is read the slight Edge and really understand that everything you’re doing today will not appear today in your life. I see, you’re drinking that one more glass of water today. You will start feeling it a week, among six months a year later. You start changing the people around you. One by one step by step.

00:43:26It’s not like, I’m cutting everybody off of my world and I’m going to select the best people. I know it’s one step at a time. You’re like, a kid this person. How do I feel? How does he make me feel? Okay. I might be distancing my myself. A bit of that. Oh, that’s YouTube channel. I love it. Was that becomes one of my five people, right? And that’s really something that I can reserve recommend. If people around, you are not the kind of people you want while. I thought that you got internet, you can get access to anyone in the world. Just wait. Watch spend more time with people that sings the way. You want to think.

00:44:11You don’t have to have.

00:44:14No along these same lines. We’ve got kind of themed detox. That’s all that’s like fast forward a little bit in your story and so when talking about detox this isn’t like these bullshit like 30-day juice fast. I know you’ve been you, you’ve experimented a lot with your like etrition as well as doing the stories of kind of like 30 day detox has had significant effect on your health and maybe you could go into more detail and give like an overview of like, what this was like going through these 30-day, do foxes and going through this process of trial and error of finding different things with this team of food. Actually helps me, what, what, what can I have that? Splendid a human. What’s going to help me like you do good? What is going to energize?

00:45:15and what is not going to, like, just affect me positively, physically, mentally, emotionally, because I know,

00:45:28Yeah, that’s a very good question. And dad on his own should be a one and a half hour if not 5 still take but I tried to keep it content. As much as I can get that comes after I come back from the beach, right? I’m feeling better. Like I’m feeling better than I felt in the last five years prior to that but

00:45:52I’m still having pimple on a regular basis. I’m still not sleeping at the top while living in the City compared to high. I slept when I go to beach and I was not feeling perfect, like, I still had that issue. Sure. They’re cracking a spine, cracking knee problem. You know, I, I love to say my Chinese name is below because I will never be only the older. I get the younger looking feet and that’s seriously. True people who knew me as a teenager would not believe how strong I have become when I had back problem as 15 year old, but skipping through that, and going into the detox, I came back and I was like a kid Victoria. Now it’s getting to the share of it.

00:46:42I’ve done in your birthday and you told me for over a year now I’ve you drinking more water sleeping better do. It’s making the research stuff in yet. It’s showing that my health is not 100%.

00:47:05What can I do now? Cuz she says what it’s

00:47:11it’s already a lot better and you can see the progress, right? Yes. But I want to feel like you’re feeling and if you need me there you will know what I’m talking about. She’s signing the enters a room and everybody is like

00:47:27Attracted to her energy and that’s the kind of things I wanted for my life and so she said what it always starts in your gut.

00:47:38Explain to me more and so she started breaking down some concept. The fact that you have neurons in your gut, the side that your microbiome affect, the release of specific hormone, depending on how much bacteria, what type do you have are like, oh fuck. But then how is it possible that I have gone through nutrition?

00:48:05High school to become a certified, Chef food. It is recommended to eat more rice and sugar and blah blah blah. A potato pasta in Darien cheese than it is to eat veggie and me

00:48:24and it’s like she explained to me that Corporation are also in control of a lot of advertisement on TV and add Kellogg’s in before breakfast, by big corporations, that makes a lot of money off of selling sugar and corn. That doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. And so I started making my own research because I wouldn’t people be aware of that. But then

00:48:53If my government help me. Very wrong way, of living, that led me to be pre-diabetic, the paper was coming from diabetes, my liver was not able to process anything anymore and my kidneys were behind us. Well for the simple reason of the drugs, but the alcohol especially because of the content of sugar in alcohol.

00:49:17And so after learning that and I having her guiding me on some concept, I started making my own research and going down the rabbit hole. I came across a couple things like through Victoria. I came across the concept of Elimination Diet, which is basically you eat one or two types of food for 30 days and I only eat that shit for 30 days. And after that you integrate things, step by step to discover what triggers, what some food with your you to go to toilet. Better sound good, which we are you to be angry for no reason. Some food will be triggering you some happiness and some giggling, some lightness, and feeling, luckily sent in some food. With make a big cloud in front of your brain and it’s like, okay, so by doing this and I combined the

00:50:17Emanation diet, concept ways after reading everything about the bulletproof diet, good for on the blogs and the books. I was like I’m going to go bulletproof for at least the next 30 to 60 days doing the Elimination Diet. So I really reduced down to eating very simple, food meat and veggie green, veggie nothing else and then I started discovering how my body was rejecting was a lot of things that’s where I discovered that nightshades trigger mean in specific ways. I discovered that I’m okay with Barry go. If I indulge I will have more mucus. I will be spending more. I will have more allergies and stuff like that so I can have some but not too much.

00:51:05And I started really realizing that the type of fats that is used to cook. My food triggers also a lot of different things. So having only very good, very selective fat will make things better and so it was really a process and its being painful.

00:51:26I need the Elimination Diet for 60 Days. Inn of course, a wedding to carb few where you have withdrawal from sugar because I was pre-diabetic. So it was hurting. I was not eating enough protein at the time, so I would, I would not make a polarized it as having an ear infection over ear. Infection of her ear. Infection, I’ve gone through a heck of a lot, it was a real journey to discover how my buddy was reacting. And 60 days is barely enough to discover five or ten types of foot.

00:52:07But, how many types of food are you eating? How many types of different bread different shops? Are you buying your bread at? Because different type of flour will affect you differently.

00:52:19and so, it’s like,

00:52:22Making those research takes a lot of time.

00:52:27Beat addiction, beat feeling like crap, physically mentally or emotionally. I cannot recommend enough for you.

00:52:39To watch the video on YouTube. It’s free. It’s a, it’s from a TED Talk from joutsen Brewer.

00:52:46About mindfulness and Breaking Bad Habits.

00:52:53And he’s number one recommendation that I always say is Big. Your own scientists. Don’t believe the bulshit mainstream media of anything no matter what the government is saying. No matter what science is proving

00:53:10I can prove you that science proves, nothing outside that science is, proven wrong all the time, so that science proves anything.

00:53:23Yeah, make your own research research, the science of it, but research, research hide effects, you because science has made three, and it’s overly simplified and manipulated for money set, all of it. But I’m saying, don’t take it as paper face value.

00:53:47Apps Rob set and tray for yourself that that’s really the key of me getting back into Super house. Superhuman. Help. Like I’ve been sick one time in the last three years I’m doing stuff like your man flag and working on front and back labor.

00:54:06Yeah, just to quote, I used to be a failing entrepreneur. I’m running a business, that’s just what? I’m not multi-millionaire. I’m running the volunteer organization on the board member of the charity in Uganda. And on the top of that, I’m leader of another charity organization for a specific program, to program actually going on. How much can I take on my plate? Was sleeping my 7 and 1/2 hours while if unable to do that I’m sure you can do more for your life. No, just you John but your your lesson, the plain paper, science try for yourself. That’s my recommendation Beyond science.

00:55:06And this is where people get like confused and there is there’s people different camps on it. I mean, some of the research on it has just been done on potatoes in until the night shades and other ones at slightly different Dave, asprey talks about some of the lectin content, increasing feelings of hunger. I mean, so, there’s a lot of it, there’s a lot of information that does like it, there’s enough to call into question and think about, like,

00:55:36Should I should I eat like my chicks now? So, like myself personally, like like it’s a little bit different. Like, I can do onions, garlic bell peppers. I don’t really eat a lot of potatoes, and tomatoes is just kind of like here and there. They tend to have a really high pesticide retention. So I kind of just kind of keep a distance other than you know other anti-nutrients and not like the seeds in the peel and Enzo again through also like experimentation. I know it’s like alright onions and garlic. I’m going to be fine with. I don’t really eat a lot of tomatoes or potatoes, and that leaves red bell peppers, and I’ll have them and then I won’t

00:56:20You know, I need that.

00:56:23Take a note.

00:56:26Make another example. Everybody says nuts are SuperFood

00:56:32Right. And it’s good for you. Great wonderful. Your problem is, how does it trigger you do for me?

00:56:41Nuts is The Grateful, Dead’s got good fat content and it’s it’s making me feel pretty good. The only problem is as soon as I start eating nuts, I’ve been trying it.


00:56:56it’s more easy for me to drink a glass of wine or drink a beer and say, stop then to stop eating nuts.

00:57:05So the problem is instead of having just a handful of, as soon as I get started I want more and more and more and more, and more and more, and it’s supposed to be a good foot. But if you eat 500 grams of not, it’s not good for you because it messes up your entire lifestyle and diet because you have way too many calories and in a very inappropriate for, yes, there are some good healthy food, super healthy food. But how do they work for your buddy, right? In 500g is about 1 lb. I just wanted to throw that out there cuz there’s going to be some Americans that listen but sorry for the interruption.

00:57:59Yeah, but it’s like whatever works for me, might not work for you. I know you can eat nuts and just enjoy your handful and be fine. Yeah, I don’t go crazy. It’s going to be one to two. Handfuls if I have enough butter it’s going to be one to two spoonfuls. Maybe, maybe three or four it. If I’m really hungry. I’m going to depart in one time and that that’s like I know it. That’s why I don’t want to buy to her because I know, I would be binging on that stuff. Totally, mine said, around this big, like what I have like a nut butter, especially what I’ve gotten something like organic on sale and sustainably sourced, which is kind of like hard to find.

00:58:45and then it’s like,

00:58:57That that’s the point. It’s like something that affects me in a specific way, will take you in a very different way and science case that matches good for you. But

00:59:11Yeah, I’m about to which explain how does it work with your brain, with yoga, with your microbiome dates are also considered a superfood and I love days like I love dates. If I eat that stuff, you know what? A triggers allergies to my core for up to three days. I mean explained and I can’t speak proper. That’s intense.

00:59:41And it’s not an allergy to date. It says it’s an, it’s just that dates because they are long and slow process. Did they get some extra

00:59:56Heesta me. Sorry. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s one of those like possible, histamine, containing foods. Yeah, yeah. And so, by having too much, he’s thumbing, it triggers an overall energy, it’s not an energy to the date. It’s up, it’s allergies to Chocolate. So when I have date, if I combine it with chocolate, it would make me flare up even more. Yeah, but I can’t have tons of chocolate black chocolate on a daily basis and go figure.

01:00:30Like the worst thing that’s going to happen me with. Dad says, maybe just a little bit at extra submarines in the bathroom, your journey and my journey are very different and science is whatever they want to send you. But what you take and try for yourself will be a very revealing affect everything. There is not one proven method to becoming rich

01:01:05There is what works for you. You got to adapt to it. You get a adapt to the mindset of the Andrew entrepreneur, and make your own peace with your own concept.

01:01:18We all have to deal with different things. Be, it has to be a physical emotional, mental, spiritual or financial, doesn’t matter. Just see what works for you. What I Fix You In which way that’s really the key message of my story is like there is no one-size-fits-all or anyting. Don’t be dumb as they can be your own scientists. So let’s let’s fast-forward right now. So in in your, in your nutritional approach. Now what’s what’s working for you now? What was responding for you? What’s how are you? What is your optimization like look like? What are your food groups? You know, I would say I am

01:02:09Very eclectic, and I’m anti dogmatic on dogmatic about being not dogmatic for the simple fact that I’m not nervous but I will ask. Where I eat on the veggie

01:02:28Veggies and fruit.

01:02:30And I’m not a vegetarian, but I will have. Where I eat, mostly veggies and eggs.

01:02:38I stay away from fish because most fishes Farm fish. So I will have maybe once every two or three on some fish. But it’s like, I know, I love Sandman, I love to nap and other heavy metals just like not for me. So I basically very and I try to be as mindful as of 5000 year old need

01:03:13Like, what were we doing when we wear Kevin? What if we found a tree with apples? We were eating all of that shit in one day, maybe two because if we were not, when the birds and the squirrels and other animals were eating them,

01:03:28And if I’m going to binge on sugar stuff on stuff that are racing cards and and sugar content like fruits, then I will make a run day where I was just mostly eat fruit because I know I want some sweet treats and I want to hear that and I might even have some some cookies. And some they have that stuff that they called now probing. Which is the key for the One Life Care in China, and I love that shit. I know it’s not good for me. So what I do is I would just plan on one day. I just principally feed myself of fruits and a bourbon and I was just encouraging that and not feel guilty about it. I feel good because it’s one day, it’s not, it’s not one day on a week. It’s one day occasionally here and there when I feel that I’m craving.

01:04:28Sweet Treats. I’m trying to be on a old most consistent intermittent fast, lane, between 16, and 18 hours, fasted and erased I eat.

01:04:45I break my fast most of the time.

01:04:49Was just a tiny bit of fat MCT and some protein collagen.

01:04:57January with my coffee. But it might be with hot chocolate depending on how I feel and what time of the day it is and stuff. So that’s almost every day how I break my fast that I get good stuff in. And after that I eat whatever I want.

01:05:13I tried to vary from season to season, I do periods of one or two weeks where I will eat on the eggs and liver.

01:05:22And then I will do. Two three, four weeks where I eat mostly vegetarian when I want to gain weight. I go vegetarian.

01:05:33Because I ate so much beans and so much carbs that I just put on more more substance. And then, whenever whenever I want to lie, now I just read you the cards and go moron to meet. In fact, like more of a keto, bulletproof / April. I’m really very flexible in after two years of doing mostly bulletproof because I needed to overcome my pre-diabetic this position. After that, I was extremely sensitive to car and was like, that should not have fun and eating sugar, my buddy should be able to be used for energy. If I’m eating fat, my body should be able to use it for energy. So I started learning about

01:06:22Dial flexibility and metabolic flexibility. And so I started training myself into switching from carbs to flat cards to Fat cards, too fat. And I wouldn’t some time to mounts where I’m just fat in 2 months or 1 months, when I’m just card it really depends on how I feel. I listen to my morning, Eiffel Tower system suck. If I, if I see that I’m getting a bit of way I would cut off and lie now,

01:06:55Nope. Wait, I don’t even weigh myself. Is that you can tune in to like the biofeedback you’re you’re you’re receiving and you’re really you’re really asking because of what you’ve been through because they’re doing different detoxes because of using oils and meditations and a lot of other stuff. So that’s really, really important. She here with you being able to be like flexible and utilize these different

01:07:29I will rephrase that I’m Not In Tune cuz that there is no magic button that makes you be in June. When, when I hear you say in June, I’m like I feel like somebody who who knows, right? But the body changes the season changes. The gut microbiome is completely different from year-on-year on. So I would say that it’s not that I mean, June is just that I’m, I’m studying I’m being my own scientists about my body again and over again and over again. For the simple reason that something that was affecting me two years ago, won’t affect me the same way this year. For the simple reason that I ate probably very different. I thought very different thoughts. I felt very friend. I had different sun exposure. I had different time at the beach and I had a different emotional and behavioral effects.

01:08:29The way I feel so it’s more of a Kik, how am I feeling now? And it’s not really being in tune, but tuning in, on a regular basis, it’s going in, making your research on the, on the regular basis. Okay. It’s been a couple months and now I’m feeling my knees are bits or so maybe I should be eating more fat and me, and reducing the carbon content. So that if we use the inflammatory content in my buddy, so I can feel better or I’m feeling great and I may be able to lie because my body fat drop down.

01:09:09So, maybe I want to get back into gaining a bit and just putting on some razor because if you’re too long, but if at your hormone system will go in a very different way because it’s like, we’re not starting enough we need something. So I just go and Benjamin Moore. And so it’s more of you winning in on the regular basis. And that’s something it works for emotion. It works for the mind, it works for your finances. It works for everything in your life, your hair, your mind Finance,

01:09:48And your best in everything you need.

01:09:52The June in and be a scientist on the regular.

01:09:58I can’t believe it’s been already more than an hour, and I think that’s a really great place to kind of leave this off called the action, be your own scientists. There’s some really good references in there. Think and Grow Rich. The slight Edge. Tom, bilyeu

01:10:16I’ll put some links in the description. You can check them out.

01:10:22So I would I would say like, what advice would you give people?

01:10:27Who are you like really there their they’re ready to change and like what do they what are they need to do? What are their first steps?

01:10:36I guess I give three advice. I tried to make it simple.

01:10:43Don’t look outside for change, but be your own scientist was yourself.

01:10:49Second, everything is your fault.

01:10:52You might hate me for that. But everything is your fault that everything is your fault. The way that person makes you feel is your phone. It’s your feeling not that person Behavior. You can control other, you can come for yourself and third, take it a step at a time.

01:11:18Learn The Compound Effect. Those are really my three key to changing anything. In life beyond scientists. Everything is my fault and learn The Compound Effect in applied in every area of your life, you will see. Five years later, your life will be tremendously different and it’s beautiful. And, and if people have questions for you and want to reach out, what’s the best way for them to get in touch with you?

01:11:49Email is Chef Bruno. T i c at gmail.com on Facebook and Skype and Bruno Bruno. They’re probably not many Sky gun schuiten. I know it’s not a n r i g h.

01:12:18What I think that’s about it, right? All right. I made you mad. We chat in Facebook email. We got two of them. Awesome. So if you need to change and be ready to change, be your own scientists. And there are there are there so many like rabbit holes we could go down. Definitely like me to do this again like to listen to your story and I take two bike learn and take some positive action to impact their own life.

01:13:01Pleasure is mine and thanks for welcoming us and inviting me into your show. I really hope people will will take some of the key takeaways and they will not be dogmatic.

01:13:15Have a good one and thanks again for having me. Thanks, thanks so much. Thanks everybody. Thanks for listening and have a great day.