00:00:07Hello everyone. Welcome back to the fight gravity show. My name is John. I haven’t done a proper introduction yet, but first off, for those of you who have already watched episodes one and two with my friend, Joe and my friend Bruno, I’m really grateful, so thanks for that. All right, and if you’re watching this on YouTube, please feel free to like or subscribe.

00:00:32Otherwise whenever you have any questions or comments and you’re not on YouTube, you can send me an email. John Becker at spite gravity. Org, John Becker at f. I g h. T gravity. Awesome.

00:00:53Spell that just in case you’re listening to this on another platform where there’s just audio and I wanted to make that clear.


00:01:03On with a little bit more introduction.

00:01:06So, I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for a long time.

00:01:13I was I was a pretty big kid when I was 11 years old. I was 155 lb and that started my journey for those who use the metric system those close to 70 and I took a couple years like to lose the weight and after a couple years I got down like 50 kg and I’ll just cut out soda. Don’t eat ice cream in a little bit last

00:01:37Ride my bike play basketball kind of stuff like that. It kind of let the other things I don’t want to go like too much into detail about my entire life story. I just wanted to like provide like some context on what I’m doing. Why I’m doing why I’ve started this

00:01:58So these kind of experiences from early age, really inspired me to get more into health and fitness. I started martial arts when I was a teenager and that also had a big effect on my, my interest and passion and health, and fitness, and that exposed me to other types of training and Concepts along the way I met someone, her name is Esther and she has a lot of experience as a nutritionist and is very well-researched. And that has also had a huge impact.

00:02:32on what I’m doing today and being a health and fitness entrepreneur and do my best to really help people and, and share my knowledge and

00:02:42Be a part of the solution, because so many people nowadays, they’re not healthy and and they’re in, it goes like Beyond, just overweight. Yeah, being overweight is an issue. Yeah, you need to lose weight.

00:02:55And like, what do I do? How do I do it? There’s so many things to do, I don’t know what to do.

00:03:01and that’s where,

00:03:04That’s why I have this show now.

00:03:06Is to expose you to different types of people.

00:03:10And show them their Solutions because everybody’s solution is different.

00:03:17It’s not the same for everybody.

00:03:20Like, when you saw with my friend Bruno, what he does and will you see in that interview right when we talked about nightshades for example?

00:03:29You know, I do, I do okay with nightshades. I don’t do it all the time, like I said, right? I’m not like, oh my God all the time, every day, all day. I was like awesome, awesome, doll peppers, onions, garlic. And then it won’t. And then I will

00:03:43Bruno, again, like a little bit different.

00:03:47My friend Joel, he didn’t talk much about what he does but he is a lot more plant-based.

00:03:55And he feels great. He’s definitely, he loves being plant-based.

00:04:02And he does really well, he’s got great strength, great endurance, he’ll be on the court for two or three hours, doing different stuff.

00:04:11So as the show progresses progresses as the show progresses, I can speak English. Sometimes you will see different people with different approaches.

00:04:26I don’t want to be dogmatic and they don’t want to sit here and like we should do this. I’m not going to say you must be plant-based or else. No. Hard-and-fast rules. If you want to be plant-based, hey, there’s some people with some interviews and you want more connect with them. If you want to be more animal-based, I definitely want to bring people on who are going to be more like animal protein-based.

00:04:55Connect with them.

00:04:57See what works for them. I mean the big idea here is probably an overarching theme is going to be like beer on scientist as you as you listen to more interviews and more people come on the show.

00:05:13You know, so it’s like the call to action is like to try reflect on your situation for a lot of you out there. What you doing is not necessarily working for you. You having sleep problems, you’re having energy problems there. You might have got issues. Maybe you’re getting sick, more soreness information, out of us. Have something going on.

00:05:38So as these people come on, think about it, reflect maybe connect, maybe just you could listen to it again. What’s one? Or two things I could try? You know, what action, you take, that’s going to depend on you. But that’s, that’s another thing I hope after you listen to interviews. And as you keep listening that you can reflect and think upon what action, you can take to be proactive about your health and fitness to be better, physically, mentally emotionally. And to be better spiritually, I’m not really going to talk about the spiritual aspect cuz that’s a very that’s very personal and it can be controversial and stuff like that.

00:06:22I’m with leads me into another thing.

00:06:25is, I would like my showed up not be like political there’s other people that are doing political discourse,

00:06:37Sometimes things like it, kind of controversial.

00:06:43I can only control so much. I can control myself.

00:06:46When I have people come on, I want it to be just like raw. I wanted to be unedited. I don’t want to I’m not going to edit the content. That is my intention.

00:06:59I’m with that in mind. Sometimes people might have opinions and they might, they might say stuff, they might say stuff you not you don’t like white men.

00:07:12And that’s okay. You don’t have to like it.

00:07:16I’m not vegan.

00:07:19I will listen to vegans.

00:07:23I’ll talk to them. I’ll ask him questions. Hey, why are you doing that? How does that help you?

00:07:30I am not going to be making, but I’m going to ask no questions cuz I want to understand their perspective.

00:07:37Because maybe, when I try to understand their perspective, also learn something that will help me.

00:07:43Same with interviews. So people who are vegetarian, who are vegan, then are these other experts that have interviews online,

00:07:52I might not necessarily agree on them and I’m not going to go into details on how I formulated my opinion. That

00:08:02That could probably be an entire video.

00:08:05But I, I will.

00:08:08There is this one interview.

00:08:11They were this person was he was, he was being, he was vegan and plant-based and he was criticizing the game changers on how it is not a good example. I don’t remember the name, but some people in the plant-based Community they were really still look like all. Yeah.

00:08:35And this other plant-based and being an expert. I believe he was also like Medical Doctor Who it wasn’t, and he was a medical doctor, that’s also like well-researched, so it’s really clear. Why didn’t he was like talking like here? It’s his references. You can check. You can click, he can go to the pub met articles and stuff like that.

00:08:57and you like, it’s not a good example and what he he points to like, for example, them having processed food,

00:09:05So, processed food is processed food. You can

00:09:10You can give it any label, you want, it’s vegan.

00:09:14Oh, it’s vegetarian Keto.

00:09:17It’s paleo its Weight Watchers. It’s and what like, whatever, whatever label it is.

00:09:29Any processed food is processed food.

00:09:32I mean that’s the thing. So we need when you see like one part and I can game changers, where is there? Like getting like a ton of process it and it was like Costco or something. You know that I mean that might not be the best example. I’m not going to tell you not to I’m not going to give hard-and-fast rules. You need to do this or else. I like to apply ketogenic Concepts. I like to go in and out of ketosis. I like like paleo Concepts.

00:10:01I will have carbs how I cycle carbs in, what kind of carbs I have? It kind of depends, it’s like on what’s good for me again? Be my own scientist. I’m going to avoid gluten. Most the time I, I will avoid Dairy once in a while and I’ll have like some yogurt if I could find a good cheese. I will.

00:10:24But anyway, kind of ranching here with my introduction, but just getting this just gives you an idea for those you don’t know me.

00:10:34Gives a piece piece of what I’m doing while I’m doing so.

00:10:42Yeah, I talked about martial arts in

00:10:46You know, talked about, you know, how that got me started in movement in martial arts. Really helped me like develop athletically, cuz my Baseline like zero coordination. I love, I love my parents dearly.

00:11:03And I I can say there are many gifts.

00:11:09And just strengths my sister and I inherited coordination and athleticism.

00:11:17At least for me, not one of them my natural Baseline was not being very athletic or coordinated and martial arts helped a lot.

00:11:27I especially like the forms like the forms, you have to do how your corn in the body, the concentration, and and focus. It helped my hand eye coordination a lot and other experiences that I have also had a life gets me to question the

00:11:46The efficacy or the lack thereof in PE programs.

00:11:52you know, and it’s like

00:11:55in an ideal scenario.

00:11:58physical education would have helped me to actually developed

00:12:03my hand eye coordination. I, I say this as a kid, I played soccer for Tuesday Seasons. When I was seven and eight, I played like little league. I played Little League from the time. I was five or six 6 to like 10. I did flag. Football one season basketball won season, really good.

00:12:28I was like white tara at that Sports and then early on, I formed this. I like identity, like I know. I’m terrible. I’m terrible at Sports. And then when I, when I gained a lot of weight starting at, like 9 years old, and I’m like, now I’m the fat kid. That’s not good at sports.

00:12:53You know. But anyway, like PE programs. So I call I wish like, you know, I think physical education needs to be really different so it can really develop people’s hand eye coordination. Now, I mean, a lot of things have changed since then, although in in the ten years, I did spend an education. So I do have a background in education with an education from 2008 to 2018.

00:13:20And from what I’ve seen and what I’ve observed by I personally find a very lacking. Not for those of you like you are looking at hierarchy of evidence anecdotal evidence. From a one person’s experience, might not be the most efficacious form of evidence can also

00:13:40take that with a grain of salt.

00:13:43Cuz I’m, I’m not an expert in physical education, so maybe there’s like, actually a lot of like amazing programs. I haven’t seen, I don’t know, I would like to be open to it, but from what I have seen the longest multiple districts and several different international schools, as well as other teachers I’ve talked too and as well as seeing children,

00:14:08This day and age.

00:14:11Like when I was 10 years old, I can run a 10 minute mile. I was one of the biggest kids in the class but I could run a mile in 10 minutes and I can do 40 sit-ups. I was one of the best, there was only a couple people who can do more sit-ups in a minute that made so I did have something good.


00:14:33So I’ll let see in in college. I tried a couple things I did like you’ll do it was fun. A really help like flexibility a lot even just doing like one yoga class A Week, help my flexibility a lot.

00:14:51I did try Pilates. A lot of guys will not try Pilates and it’s often marketed as something. Just for women. Joseph Pilates, a man.

00:15:03did Pilates and you see pictures of him when he was in his like, 50-60 70s, everybody just take a look at

00:15:16I don’t like, I don’t do it. There’s a little bits here and there.

00:15:22That I like that. I apply.

00:15:26But it’s like like Bruce Lee may get another person that’s influenced me a lot. Use that works and discards the rest and that’s something I I really like to do

00:15:38I use that works and discard the rest. That doesn’t mean what I discard.

00:15:45Might not work for everybody.

00:15:50You know, so bear that in mind. So what I discard is going to be different from you. What you discard because we have different goals, I love bodyweight exercises. I love creating attention and controlling my body through space as opposed to control an external world through space.

00:16:09And that’s great. That’s a fun challenge. I love it. I love like doing, pull up variations, and push up some lovers and human fighting all the sort of stuff.

00:16:19And I want to get better at that.

00:16:22And so my goals, then are going to be different than like if you really want to be a powerlifter, great.

00:16:31The tools and Knowledge and Skills. What you need to do, that’s going to be really different than me.

00:16:37Including any protocols if you want to be strong, man. It’s going to be really different.

00:16:43Bodyweight calisthenics requires like a certain amount of like relative body strength, right more, so relatively strength then like absolute strength. So you staying like a little bit more on the like the leaner side is going to be a lot better.

00:17:03But first someone like doing like a strong man, they they’re like going to be like 18, 20% body, fat range.

00:17:12You know keeping like a little bit more mass and like pointy objects, like you see some of those guys that do the log press. They have their they like a little bit belly there but they have like a shitload of muscle and it’s really amazing. I love watching it. I haven’t done any strong mind training. I think it’d be fun to do it for a little bit. I don’t want to compete it. I don’t want to like

00:17:36I don’t want to get competitive with it and get a strong man. Maybe just just want to do like just a short amount of time. Very up my training a little bit and just learn something different and that would be great. I don’t really like the idea of being at 20% body fat don’t really want to be there, you know. I mean you’ve had your first short amount of time, okay? But to do a short amount of time but anyway. Yeah, I Q Selah strong and Heather there. Like they use their kind of, they use their belly to help and they’re extending here a little bit and then log press cool stuff.

00:18:16Anyway, right, did all the video game Pilates. I went through a cardio phase didn’t like, it cardio, cardio cardio and like I get skinny, really, really fast. If I just do cardio, like I get supermodel, skinny, super duper fast when people look at me now and I see them like all, wow, you must be able to lift, you know, like it like a good amount of weight and and all the all the store just off. Man. I like like you put on muscle easily and I like this and that and it’s like really happen to me. It’s like I don’t put on muscle easily. My default mode is like skinny bastard. A joke with my my cousin’s son. Got the skinny bastards Grandpa. He was

00:19:08Grandpa was from East Texas, about my height, around six feet, you know, slender guy, both of my uncles on my mom’s side, you know, an interview that they were, you know, kind of Slender guys, you know all good. You know, it is what it is. You got to play the cards that you’re dealt.

00:19:27but anyway,

00:19:29I saw you. I’m not like mr. Puts on muscle easily and if I just kind of do cardio.

00:19:39Nothing out, kind of really fast, don’t have don’t feel strong and fit and stuff like that. So,


00:19:50I’ve had like a few bouts with like resistance training, and every time, I just there’s so many times that lived in the resistance training, not really knowing what I’m doing in in, in high school. It looks like the stereotypical like manly. We did like arms, you know, we did. Like, I did pushdowns skull crusher’s in senior year, high school, twenty ones with the EZ Curl Bar bench, press dips. I didn’t really do a lot of back stuff to do all the way stuff and I just look at what I did. And just

00:20:36Such an idiot.

00:20:43Like not knowing like I’m definitely I should have prioritized like development. Like you got to have a I have a strong Foundation. I should have liked. Found a good deadlift variations that would have matched me found a way to do squats with Milo my long femurs like seeing me and you might be listening to this so that there that’s why I’ve got pretty long femurs. So when I started training like one-legged squats you know some other like trainers I know you enjoy, that might not be a good idea with their long. Long fever is probably better just, you know, like make it like a box squat and I mean I get where they’re coming from, that’s a very reasonable

00:21:22But I can also be kind of stubborn and I was just going to make it work. Take that. And I did. It’s like that. The Mantra. No exercise is really bad.

00:21:35For the most part. There’s some that are like grey areas like the others at the cloak off. Press like you’re doing like overhead. Press with the bar like behind you, right? You’ve got like, massive external rotation. You need really good shoulder Mobility to keep the stability. So, again, you still have the argument, like, if you approach it progressively and you have the mobility in your shoulders. So if you really wanted to do it, and the mobility in your shoulders is terrible, then,

00:22:05Well, I’m prove, you know, improve your thoracic extension. Do you improve the mobility in your shoulders and start with a light load?

00:22:14Is what it is again. I’m not telling you to do like a behind the neck overhead press. I’m not, I’m not telling you to do anything, but there’s just a it’s really kind of exercise is really bad. So on anyone approaching like one-legged squat side. So I can do what like it’s box.

00:22:35And I enjoy doing, and I enjoy increasing my strength and and working on them and challenging my legs like that is great. It’s fun. I really love it. I don’t know how much I can like squat. I don’t know, I don’t really lift weights.

00:22:51No, I use resistance bands, I’ll do like some like kettlebell stuff but I don’t really do barbells and hold up a whole lot of that. But I think this year, I think I’ll start like doing a little bit.

00:23:10Just a little bit, just to kind of test the waters.

00:23:15I’m but yes, I approached pistol, squats progressively and I can go ask the grass and

00:23:23It’s good. It’s a fun challenge. I’m pretty happy with the strength of my legs without lifting weights and there’s other things I do as well. I can go to more details that later.

00:23:35Anyway, I started lifting weights again after my antenna cardio and yoga kick in college little bit better.

00:23:48I focus a lot on like, like it too much, like, on the ike the interior chain. I’m like, looking at it, doing doing, like three different, but I was obsessed with banished, right? Still, I hadn’t fully learned my lesson since I would do like a regular bench press. I would do incline bench press in decline. Bench press, I would do front raises inside raises. I would do like, you know, tricep pulldown skull crusher’s? I would do two or three different types of bicep curls.

00:24:24Not enough back stuff.

00:24:27I couldn’t do a pull-up for, for most of my life. I wasn’t able to do a pull-up

00:24:38Hey it. So I didn’t have that mindset of really leaning into things that were actually hard.

00:24:45so if you’re still with me at this point, I’m super grateful and if you’re struggling with whatever you’re doing, whatever is the hardest like

00:24:57That’s your priority.

00:24:59So what would a transformed me like, really a lot more faster when I was 18 would be leaning into like back.

00:25:10Training, training the back more and and little bit more like stuff like deadlift squats.

00:25:20So, yeah, like my do do hard things, whatever is hard that you hate and you suck at, do it?

00:25:29I mean, it it’s kind of really that simple and get help.

00:25:33you know, I was

00:25:36I was stubborn and 18 and even even still in college with my still bench press and arms. I, I did, I did some leg press. I didn’t do squats, but I would do leg press. And so it was really easy for me to get good at leg press. Like when I was a hundred 30 lb.

00:25:54That’s about 65 ish kilograms. I could leg press 300 pounds or about 150 kilograms roughly.

00:26:05You know, so I’ve never had to work super hard to have like a decent amount of leg strength.

00:26:14And I want. So that’s been nice. Calves, calves aren’t super big. That’s okay. I’m again, I am not a bodybuilder, but if you want to be a bodybuilder, great. There’s there’s a lot of people that are doing. I can give you some recommendations of people. I really, really respect doing life bodybuilding. I’m a big fan. I think. Stan efferding has like a lot of good info. There’s another guy, his name’s like Jeff Jeffrey Schofield.

00:26:47I might be pronouncing your name. Wrong, man, I love his approach to training, as well as others.

00:26:59Play, Enrique Elite.

00:27:03Pure bullfit, you know, I really, I really like Peterbilt that I like his kennel and especially that someone who wants to do like more strength and and hypertrophy, I think some of these guys is there going to be really good at. This is just kind of the tip of the iceberg. A bar Bend

00:27:21Barbend. Mind pump.

00:27:26Yeah, cuz I don’t exclusively focus on hypertrophy.

00:27:39So my my terrible, my terrible programming, and stubbornness in college, not asking for help. I had the brilliant idea then of trying static contraction training by Pete. Cisco. And John little, do you know just like

00:28:02I got me basically it’s for my cymetrix and I’m not against isometric. Movements Bruce going back to Bruce Lee.

00:28:09Bruce Lee hate. He utilized isometrics some old school bodybuilding guys. They used isometrics

00:28:20In part of their programs. I think there’s a time and place for isometrics as a standalone. I’m not super confident. Dragon door has a new publication coach. Paul Wade is like the iso chain and his isometric program. It’s really interesting. I love that book.

00:28:38yeah, and they they they make the promise that you can stimulate hypertrophy just with

00:28:44Isometrics. I have not tested that.

00:28:50And I can’t recall the references. They used to justify that you can trigger hypertrophy with isometrics. I mean what that that I liked it in the past when I’ve had injuries, I’ve been able to do isometrics and isometric. And then 10 saying sometimes, just like, just using my own body or using like a door frame or other object, I didn’t re-injure myself and I was able to maintain my strength.

00:29:21A big thing that the the coach Wade’s, like new book about isometrics emphasizes, like the overcoming isometrics, and they have their apparatus that measures the force in the programs and other stuff like that. And cool. I would I mean I’m I’m not in the states and I’m in Shenzhen China so I can’t really order it.

00:29:46Oh well.

00:29:49I haven’t also, I haven’t tried and sometimes just ordering things from the states. It can be

00:29:57It can be crazy, you order, something and something. Sometimes maybe it doesn’t, it just takes like, 1 2 or 3 months. I mean, if I was Stateside, I would totally buy it. I would again I’m not telling you to buy it if I was in the in the states or it was North America, you’re up, I would buy it and totally try it.

00:30:20So yeah, yeah. Isometrics is the tool sometimes physical therapist, and Rehab stuff like that. They didn’t they rely on isometrics.

00:30:31Like starting like last year and then this year doing more. Isometrics I find it’s really like like helped with my other body weight stuff I’ve done. I feel it’s helped me a lot. Make more progress on Lakefront lovers and pawn shop and hand stand and stuff like that. So yeah, fan of isometrics

00:30:52I I started what’s and I’m just going to like Fast Forward.

00:30:58I stopped lifting.

00:31:02After college, I didn’t have like consistent access to weights and stuff like that. More martial arts training more like kind of cardio focus on maintaining around like, a hundred seventy pounds. I’m six foot one and I’m not allowed. That would not allow myself. I had more pushing strength, you know, about one of the reasons I had more pushing strength. Only was my felt like my Baseline, I’ve always felt like it’s been a lot easier for me to have progressed pushing then point strength. I mean, aside from the fact that my bouts of lifting weights, I didn’t focus on the back, which is really bad.

00:31:42But ya didn’t kind of like cardio at my martial arts stuff is leaking carb monster. I could absolutely demolished carbs and

00:31:54and stay at 170 lb.

00:31:58I was working out a lot though.

00:32:05Yeah, I not access to weights or anyting. Not a good place financially. And this is like from 2008 to 2012.

00:32:13I started lifting again, when I moved up to Spokane Washington, I lived in Spokane Valley, Washington for a year. While I was doing my Master’s work and my teaching credential at Washington State.



00:32:31I had a more balanced program. I started working on Daedalus started, working on like a squat doing like, I’m working on a high bar squat.

00:32:42In a power rack. Of course, I was starting to come. It’s quite a lot at that point. I was starting to like really light and I was trying to like you just get that form bar path, all these things, all those technical details working on that. I made steady progress over like 6 months that I was doing it there. I was still incorporating leg press as well. I was doing like rose like seated rows, t-bar rows on lap pull-downs a sometimes I would do like single arm rows as well with a dumbbell.

00:33:16so, and

00:33:19Bench. Bench press.

00:33:23So, I was doing last test stuff, which was really great doing more back really kind of focusing on my weakness. I can do tune-ups. I I didn’t mention that I can do chin-ups. But like, overhand pull-ups was we do lunges.

00:33:46Because I was making steady progress on leg press.

00:33:52I I quickly it was not super hard. I quickly reached a point where I can leave press. I don’t remember if it wasn’t like four or five hundred pounds, so 500, I don’t know, I don’t remember that was like, now 9 years ago, I want to say though, at least like 4 I like at least four hundred pounds. I could leg press and I was like one. I was around like 170-175 at the time.

00:34:24So yeah, I got enough to like 175 so I probably gained more muscle than just like 5 lb in that year and this was like my last year before I move to China.

00:34:39so it’s probably something I was like, like burning fat and like muscle, cuz

00:34:46Any other people go into details about that. So I’ll just like, spare you the details.

00:34:53Oh yeah, then I started doing P90X.

00:34:59I got really excited about P90X as you know other people and I’m like like maybe like P90x and I didn’t understand at that time. Really about body fat percentages and how it’s kind of unrealistic.

00:35:19To think you’ll be able to maintain a single-digit body fat percentage all year long. I’m just like I want to be strong and shredded you know I’m going to build muscle and burn fat. At the same time, you know, these are kind of like two different metabolic States so you’re going to build muscle or you’re going to burn fat James Linker, shredded Sports Science. I really like this channel. Yeah, sometimes it feels like he’s being like really, really negative.

00:35:45But yeah, he’s a he’s looking at things with the with a critical point of view and he is calling people out with the best of his knowledge on things that are just not true. I really like his channel. So yeah, you can check it out. Shredded Sports Science, James Linker, I believe

00:36:08I mean but yeah this it’s like two two different states. You’re going to be able to be in a court Surplus.

00:36:16And when you gain, it’s going to be a combination of muscle and fat. Or are you? You’re going to be in a quart deficit.

00:36:24It’s going to burn body fat and you’re going to slim down.

00:36:31I didn’t understand that. So I’m just like, yeah, if you know what I want to build muscle burn fat, at the same time on my pull-ups, my pushing strength, not really affected, good or bad.

00:36:50Basically stayed the same. I pushing strength. I’ve got a little bit better with pulling because they ain’t they do Incorporated, I post into the program.

00:36:59I didn’t always have access to the wait till sometimes, I would do it with some sort of resistance band, but I did experience like some some benefits in my in my back strength. Legs like kind of like not so much.

00:37:16Of course not. I’m just doing

00:37:19directed my core work. I’m not really a big fan of just doing like a separate core exercise. I’m going to go work out now for 20, 30, 60 90 minutes and it’s like, well, I mean,

00:37:34if you have to be in a quart deficit and cut down to low enough body fat percentage to have a six pack,

00:37:43It doesn’t rain. Then it just doesn’t make sense to

00:37:50to just have like a

00:37:53have like a Core workout and other people talk about this as well. I don’t remember if James licorice red Sport Science talks about. I think he does at some point Sean now Ahwahnee.

00:38:03I really like his channel. He he talks about this as well and I are doing the direct core work and just like putting on a little bit working at like a muscle with other things. I’m, I believe. Jeff Jeff also talks about its go field. So yeah, not direct core work. I will try to strengthen my core and focus on activating a stabilizing in different ways. I’m a lot of the stuff I do when I’m doing bodyweight training. When I’m practicing Dragon Flags and human flag and lovers pull-ups push-ups stuff like this. You have to utilize your Quarry. If to squeeze your gluts, you have to your hips, have to tilt back, and I like posterior too old and kind of stuff like that. So your abs like fire and kind of work in different ways.


00:39:00There’s Auto a couple things I like to do different. Like leg raise variations. My do I get else at leg raise? I might do like hanging with one hand and like, like toes to bar, that’s fun to hands tools to borrow you like a wheel once in awhile, I like like the jaundice it up variations.

00:39:21Pavel tsatsouline.

00:39:25He has some interesting Concepts Encore training. I generally like his perspective.

00:39:36You could read it kind of like without expectations and I got stuff. I might like it. I might not, I don’t know.

00:39:47And you might read it and you like all this is like like her walk a great. Why do you think it’s terrible? You know, you might have, you might have like, have like way more knowledge than me and you like cool. John. There’s life is like a ton of inconsistent since you don’t know, and that’s great. That’s great information for me.

00:40:06That is and you could reach out and buy call. Well you not, you know, I read this and hear some discrepancies in……… Oh, great. You know cuz the more we have these conversations

00:40:20I think the better the fitness industry is going to be and the more we have these like oh you know, I don’t know everything I don’t I don’t know everything.

00:40:31I I know enough to stay safety healthy. I I know enough I’m confident I can help others and I believe I can help guide them and Coach them to better decisions with realistic expectations.

00:40:47I don’t know everything that I might say something on. There might be like, and describe them to you with it. It might be like,

00:40:54Not entirely accurate and I mean that that’s good morning. Peace.

00:40:59You know, hey, you know, read this reflect on that, you know, I mean, send me a link whatever you watch, something, at any point and you’re like, not certain about it.

00:41:11Anyway, P90X China, I did two and a half rounds of P90x and then I was just kind of like, I’m, I’m done, done with P90X.

00:41:23I’m grateful for it, right? Just fine. All right, and I started lifting weights. Like a simple program is doing like a deadlift variations, sometimes it be like elevated bar deadlift, and sometimes trap bar deadlift.

00:41:38Four legs. What would I do? Like maybe like sometimes I’m dumbbell lunges.

00:41:45I would do.

00:41:48Leg press. I did more like leg press. I do like a lot of like squat at that point. Again, my strength progressed though, not really working to squat exclusively, like not like a barbell, squat, but my legs got stronger. I progressed at deadlift. I don’t remember how much I can do.

00:42:13This is like 2,000, like 14.

00:42:17Yeah, yeah, 2000-2013 2013/2014 2013/2014. But I had a really bad foot injury in 2013. I took like a whole year to buy recover eventually. It was kind of like acupuncture. That pretty much did. The trick electrically stimulated acupuncture. I’d torn like ligament in my big toe on my right big toe. And that was it.

00:42:44But anyway, 2014 deadlift, squat cycle, different bent. It would be like a regular just like bench press and a close-grip bench press seated rows pull-downs. A weighted chin-ups.

00:43:04I know like arm isolation.

00:43:08you know, I didn’t do curls, I didn’t do extensions, no, overhead pressing

00:43:17I dented maybe it would have been a guy I dated over head. Pressing does a basic program made good progress.

00:43:27You know, but then I saw you was got really curious about calisthenics and I started like diving into that. I read all the convict conditioning stuff.

00:43:36Alan Danny. I found out that he could battle, oh, and online and I looked at was using their stuff. So when I went to get stalled and was like, struggling with some of that stuff in convict conditioning, boom, I would like to go to, like, around any combat low and eventually when I started transition to the two skills, Cabello Brothers, as well as the tap for others.

00:44:01That like kind of help it like a lot and it just kind of kept going.

00:44:07Bar Stars, especially the stuff they have on like muscle-ups, cuz some of those guys, they’re kind of close to. I am, I’ve got long. I’ve got, like, long arms, long legs, like short torso and they’re tweaking on it, kind of helped me a lot. I’m Daniel vaginal Fitness. FAQ use, again proportions, kind of similar to mine and his is content also like has helped me along.

00:44:33Until it’s just been liking all. So this is been like my journey like a little bit with Fitness.

00:44:39And I will bodyweight training. That’s great. I enjoy also kind of playing around with resistance bands.

00:44:49And get like a little bit of external. I’ll just not the same. It’s a little bit different. I like some of the Kettlebell stuff that’s fun. Again I was like doing my calisthenics, I like jump rope

00:45:02Jump rope like it is fun. Get a jump rope and John Pugh. Yeah, it’s great. I have a bike. I like riding my bike.


00:45:13Not a big fan of like running long distance running, maybe story for another day, but but sprinting.

00:45:2110, 20 minutes, a great I really like it. That’s kind of like the cardio thing of My Life DVD like hard as a full state so doing cardio like getting into a post date.

00:45:38So, yeah, that’s kind of sort of the nuts and bolts of what I do.

00:45:43all about what my story ranting a little bit but that the big idea here has been

00:45:55with everything I’ve gone through.

00:45:58It’s it’s my hope that people can make better choices than what I’ve made.

00:46:05It’s my hope that all you listening can learn from my mistakes until like if you were going to lift weights total body program and get some help, get some help from someone do some. Don’t just bench. Press work your back.

00:46:29Vertical pulling horizontal, pulling vertical, pushing horizontal, pushing lower body, pulling and pushing.

00:46:42The glutes consider consider glued development. But I really like, the stuff I like is content. Another like good reference there.

00:47:01So yeah is listen stuff and as I bring more people on the show, just kind of take that in mind, you know, it kind of what can you learn.

00:47:12So I might my friend Esther who’s been like a mentor and then I was like a second mother to me, I will bring her on. I’m still working on scheduling that

00:47:24I’m a kind of another friend of mine. I like to bring on an older gentleman, who really good shape. He’s in really good shape. He’s plant-based. And so I want to share his story.

00:47:39I’m another friend of mine who is like my quit smoking?

00:47:44I quit smoking and

00:47:49he’s greatly reduced his alcoholic intake. He stole like as from when I remember he drink like drinking a little bit, sometimes it was never like super crazy out of control and his health has gotten like a lot better. I want to bring him on and there’s a lot of other people or some other mentors.

00:48:10who who have like really powerful stories until as you listen to other stories, you learn and reflect a pie and

00:48:23Yeah, and be better. And I hope I got to share the stories that maybe we can build some sort of community.

00:48:29You know, and we can bounce ideas off each other. So when you learn something and you could, you could share that. Like I said, you know, shout out to the lake Community. I’ll know if there’s another one enough people interested I can create a group.

00:48:44Could create a group on. There’s a few different platforms. Try Facebook. I’m in Facebook, doesn’t work. There’s a few other ones. Could try you like patreon or locals or few other venues. And if you have an idea,

00:49:02On what platform that we could kind of create a group to just have this conversation in community support sonar all being our own scientists and try and ideas. Yeah. Try this. Like, maybe you can put a group on this platform and people catch other ideas.

00:49:21So yeah, I think that’s that’s going to about do it for this week’s episode on another friend of mine, a friend of his head like a powerful transformation. He’s gotten down to

00:49:40Like single digit body fat. He’s worked his butt off. It took him like a year. He’s become like, super disciplined and I want to bring him on so you guys, you people can listen to his story and and listen to what he did to be successful the mentality.

00:50:01The mentality of his like, success.

00:50:05Yeah, I got a new boat that all like, what’s like so, stay tuned. Stay tuned for more interviews as this involves. Thank you very much for your time. And if you’re still listening, I am grateful for you sticking with it and my Rants and ran balloons. And please feel free to like comment and subscribe. If you’re listening on YouTube, please feel free to reach out an email, me with any ideas in other feedback John baccarat fight gravity. Org.

00:50:39And yeah, okay thank you and have a great day.