00:00:04Alright, hello everybody, and welcome back to the fight gravity show. I’m here again in Shenzhen. China, this is Jules friend, James Cai. So if you have an interview, I really recommend. You had that up at episode 1 of super high-tech. Now, I have like one bike so I’m working on it. Thanks for being patient with me. So again, I wanted, I was really excited to share the James kaige. Story goal was talking to me about it and only lost weight and playing basketball and stories like this. I think a really powerful to keep from people to hear. And so this is James. He lost a hundred lb in 11 months. He went from my to 7272 about 170 lb fueled by his motivation, to be a basketball. He goes, and he loses a hundred pounds and then what he doesn’t stop, he keeps going, he loses that way.

00:01:03He he keeps going in basketball, he’s working on playing, and making it in college basketball in a division, 1 school. So, let’s give it up for James and let’s actually it from him.

00:01:16Who’s my president. Awesome answer. Let’s start like right away your your 270 lb.

00:01:24What bike? What’s that switch? What’s that? What’s the Breaking Point by? Man? I’m like 275 to 7275 lb. I need to lose weight by what two?

00:01:38What I got and I need I need to what what motivated General speaking like most of families in China, you know, how I’m here. Like I was before I found you know I would displace keep doing whatever my parents want me to do. And I just kind of stay in the condo comfortable life, so whatever and then it just gets the point, okay? Like this is my life, this is about me and then what I’m going to do with my life and

00:02:13That’s kind of how I start thinking about it and one day I will just like kind of, you know, stupid, like the time that I was still just being a fat me and then you sit on the couch doing nothing every single day.

00:02:28And there’s just one day and I and I was just, I don’t I don’t remember what I was actually doing, but I I saw like a commercial on like cctv-5, which means like a sports station for for, you know, for the TV station in China and then I was just like that moment when LeBron James dunks on Jason Terry shuck and just I’m home. And I was like, I didn’t know that you can actually do some stuff like that and in sports, especially basketball. And that’s the time I look like this is

00:03:07I kind of like, this is what I am, this is what I want to do and that’s just how I fall in love with basketball and you talked about following your dream and not your family’s. So some of our listeners, they might not be totally unfamiliar with a Chinese culture. Do you think you could like briefly talked about how in like China obligation to families a little bit different. Every single, you know, every single family, every single parent that want the most out of their kids. It’s always like

00:03:51To live the best life that they can’t write. And you know, today try to like, you know, especially like you was trying to like the parents wants you to have a good life but you know, it’s always good. Just like maybe the the way that they try to do it just wasn’t that great because me update kind of wanted to. I mean, a lot of people fall into that trap. I called that beat rapping just because

00:04:16The general culture in China at the parents, wants you to stay in that box or stay in the world that they tell me they put you on. So I doubt where you going to say thank you going to have to like that’s going to be good for you just so you know, you can let. So you going to go to school to get education, and going to find a job, going to make money, you going to marry, you can have kids and you just going to leave for we will live comfortable comfortable way for the rest of your life and that’s going to be good. I mean do you want to do? You know that’s that’s great for them, you know?

00:04:55Stuff for me, I want to find my bathroom drain and I just want to be average. I want to, I want to leave the best the life that I can live and you know, I just kind of how I was really courageous. That it it sounds like your family had good intentions and they wanted what’s best for you. But it’s like it’s R life.

00:05:17Right. Right. Right now bike.

00:05:20We have to pursue our dreams and wants to wake up. 40, 50 years old and never having tried. So I think that’s a really courageous and although a lot of people and all the lizards might be like from a different culture, I feel like a lot of people there’s always liked and there is an expectation expectation. You’re going to go to college when you choose kind of something different and you like have like a big dream, it kind of shakes people right now but that’s a story for another time. So anyway you like your your dream is different than your family’s like you love your family but just like

00:06:08It doesn’t excite you. You really inspired by the LeBron James.

00:06:14You know, and then like what you get started, you get going to work. You’re losing weight. Like what are you doing? Do you get help? What do you do? Like you’re running your walking with a way? It’s like, what? How did how did you like start moving and how do you start losing the way?

00:06:32Well, so that you know, back the time, you know what, I just started trying to lose weight. I didn’t really know a lot of things about. You know, how comfy is basketball? Or the funeral just general light energy. So I was kind of being a pretty unhealthy. I was I will put it in like two hours worth of basketball and 2 hours in the weight room and I would do like, probably like yoga for another like yoga, stretch, yoga / trash reading when you know, if we’re not 2 hours and I would just

00:07:13Dining in the crap out of myself, which means they are. You eating anything out? Healthy somehow? It got me lose. A lot of muscle to tickets for the people, whose hand is, I would recommend like you have to sleep will help in the process. We have to trust the process when you have to be patient. I mean that the time I didn’t know how to do it. So I got it done but it wasn’t like it was in the best way that you can do. Yeah, that’s consistent with a lot of other experts out there when you’re like, in the severe caloric deficit over time and it’s really likely you’re going to lose muscle mass, right? And some of us learned that the easy way, some of that learned the hard way I’ve been there before in like a really severe caloric deficit and I like boss mass and it wasn’t the healthiest so that that’s a really good take away. So you’re like

00:08:062 hours of basketball.

00:08:092 hours away to in 2 hours, a hot yoga in said, yoga and sometimes.

00:08:19That’s huge for per year, for Pinot, 11-month, almost, almost like something, everyday, like, you’re waking up, basketball, weights, yoga stretching. That’s what really matters. And I decided to, you know, this is what I’m going to do. I need to have some really intense going from. Oh, I’m overweight to like, I really inspired by basketball and I need a work. Like like you’re waking up with the intentions like all I’m going to like work out for 6 hours. People don’t do that. If you don’t wake up, I need to workout and I’m just going to work out for 6 hours, people struggling to get 30 minutes. What do you like it’s getting you.

00:09:09A process. You’re losing this weight hard, it is emotional, and you’re working for for 6 hours a day.

00:09:17Turn back the time for me. It was really, it’s like

00:09:23Everything that I had in mind was just like, okay, I guess I’m trying to play basketball and two for me to get to the next level that I have to lose all this way, you know, it’s like I have to struggle through the stuff in order for me to get to the next level. So, you know how you. So, basically, you know, this was one of them, you know, famous phrase that from my own personal trainer. Now that I’m working with everyday now, like you just say you have to do that. Next level shitcan, you took before you order for you to get to the next level, we have to struggle through it first. Then you can do that. That you really think you just doing regular struggle and do hard things again, concept, everybody comes to that realization like differently, and once people have that, like, I need a struggle, but if I struggle and Trust the process and it’s going to happen.

00:10:22So like like you’re early on and you’re just like I need to struggle. So it’s like are you like reminding yourself? Are you like like picturing like man? Like I have this and I’m like, who play basketball? Are you like you like to reminding yourself of this like every single day when you’re going out to work?

00:10:40I would say not every single day. But every year, basically, every second like I was just like, I have to pick, like, I have like they just, you know, big picture that I just call like Reflections. Maybe Megan are, just keeps showing up in my mind. I can talk to someone. Like, what if I can do this? What if I can do that? Okay then, okay, I’m going to get there and I do session is driving you to change my. I’m going to be a basketball star. I’m going to do it. This is me like you have you had this like picture in in your head is not the only one that I have in my mind.

00:11:40Play Rihanna, you know? Okay, this is what I want to do when I want to do stuff like him. I want to be like a man, like a, like,

00:11:51So it’s not just like, you have that picture that you reminding yourself all the time, but what you’re striving for being driven, you’re looking at other examples. You’re looking all mine. You’re looking at other people who are successful. We were doing what you want to do.

00:12:10That’s definitely too. You know. Kobe Bryant. You know. I just passed the first

00:12:26Every light, every, you know anyone who’s Ray, like who, who just like the gold of their know of the author of whatever they are, are there at? Like what what am I doing life that they always have like those, like twins whatever about him you know that always work hard and always believing in themselves and then they always keep going no matter what happens. So

00:12:55so how did you decide like what to do?

00:12:59So you got, you got the metal pieces, you’ve got your dream, you were minding yourself all the time, which is driving for you’re looking at examples of success. Obsession is driving powerful Transformations, but like you go out like, what do you want? What are you doing? How are you putting together? You like your basketball practice? Do you have a colors? Are you on a team like, how did you, how did you figure this out? Well, from the very beginning, I was just, you know, kind of kind of, you know, just play go out and play and you know, those like wild boys from now, not really like doing like navigate, I have the dream but I don’t really know what direction. Like I’m really going as far as the excuse that why, you know, the school wise and, you know, back the time I was just beside playing. I was just, you know, kind of go online to watch like those like, you know what, what the NBA do is do and you know what, the what I would

00:13:59I’ll put them through and just kind of coffee table was trying to do the same old stuff, okay? Okay, so you’re looking at videos and just trying to do your best. I mean, you always know what’s best for you. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best for me. You was going to try it out, you learn from it. If you think that’s good for you and you see progress coming from it that you just keep doing it to however long. Do you know if you don’t see that’s good for you that you can only just learned from you only say, can you keep doing again? And find some way to get, you know, was it really easy for you to be in that mindset of learning from your mistakes, or was it a little bit of struggle and like beating up on yourself all the time and I made a mistake? How was that for you?

00:14:59I think I’ve always been a.

00:15:04Over critical about myself. Tell me about myself and there’s also and negative about that, you know, the positive, you know what, I could have done better for me and not getting the best out myself, but the negative power is okay, sometimes when I being too critical phone, if you do for myself and then

00:15:37The energies and, you know, not confident, well, whatever, and just kind of look like snowballs close bigger than, you know, bigger and bigger, whatever I can do to this day is, you know, I’m always trying to lie. I guess it’s like a valentine. Can I find officer problem of what you were having and like, oh no, I’m not making mistakes and it’s this at that the other thing and they’re coming to help with lot of excuses but you had that mindset. So I think a really good positive about that. It’s kind of like leaning into that like like thinking about your mistakes and I need to fix it. I make mistakes, I’m not perfect. I can get better.

00:16:37That’s really cute. And, you know, like, I don’t know who said this, but I may be considered the best basketball player in the history of basketball. Ibrahim David, Michael Jordan, it while, you know why I never played a perfect the game you know it is not going to happen that you can you can you can always try to give you a bastard to reach the Perfection, but there’s always something that you can be better. There’s never a perfect basketball player, soccer player, or whatever industry that you are in. There’s never going to be perfect. You can try to be as close as you can, but it’s never going to be for, like 2 hours away today. How did, how did this start for you? What were you doing? What were you looking at plans to have a trainer free downloading programs online? Like, what how do you figure figure out? How

00:17:38okay, rock songs beginning like

00:17:41I didn’t know any of my weight but I know I got to do some stuff about my body and I losing weight and so a lot of basketball player like to know who, you know, in their entire life, High School whatever. But because I started so late in the day that I saw you in basketball was was the same day that I start doing weights but I didn’t know anything about wax. So I was actually doing it wrong in the beginning. I think I was not entirely wrong but I was doing some you know I was trying to find. Okay, what is LeBron James workout routine?

00:18:28And what is NJ photography? What is Kobe’s work out? And I’m just trying to like, look up their workout plans and try to like sound video find videos, like, what the exercises look like, and just trying to do it myself, you know, for portion of our time. And then after that hour, I went to some jam and just fine like the one of those personal trainers, which means that was actually

00:18:56Not the best way. I mean was not that that wasn’t that was the best way to have four for me as a basket player because you know all they do they trying to bodybuilding and you shut up in turn off light in a really like basketball likes to the Civic. Want to be better at basketball. It it’s really important that I am. We have we design stuff that’s going to improve their basketball skills that anyone like for a sword. I think it’s not a good idea to give them like a bodybuilding program. Even you want to put on some muscles at the same time. You still going to do everything that I can. Basketball. Absolutely.

00:19:47All right. So you were, you were kind of trying different programs. You know what’s Shaq’s program and what you know, LeBron Michael, you’re looking at these examples eventually hire personal trainer to give you a body building program, go figure. I seen that a lot. Especially here, they’re just quick to give people like an bodybuilding program so I can do is control which control. It’s all good. I can’t do anything about that.

00:20:18But it seems I didn’t help you, though.

00:20:20I mean, it’s, you know, like, you know, everything that happens to to piano to me like in it, you know, it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, I’m almost positive. I mean that that was the dream and that made me who I am right now. Today, you know, because I was doing it wrong. And then like learn, okay, that this is what I got to do now is go from there. So what like you’re doing? You’re doing like kind of the bodybuilding program. You’re trying to put on some lean mass burn fat, where you’re just like this doesn’t fit my goal for basketball. When was that realization?

00:21:03I think that was more that was more like right after. I like right after my my my high school that’s what we are going to college, cuz, you know, when you going to cause you this whole another story, everybody’s more athletic and what jumps higher, faster, tougher with better school. And then fortunately, I went to school and found

00:21:31Found found one of the best writer by the time, he was our assistant coach and I had just I just have been working out with him since damn. And you know, he’s like that I will consider more like a father figure to a person and just like men for life. Not just cuz I learned, I learned so much from him. That’s all the more off the floor. So that’s the things yummy you learned you learn life’s through space for that you doing that’s bigger than you know, that plane the accessport and you know cuz you know


00:22:13So that’s like the thing that we got to know you can play, you know, to maybe your 40 I mean as a professional and then what you going to do after that and you are tired you know. Absolutely. You know what to do when you clip it is and I was really glad to share that.

00:22:44So were you like I want to get back to your transformation, you doing the basketball you’re playing. You’re you’re looking at examples, you’re doing waves, you’re trying other black programs from other like athletes of you hire personal trainer, right? You do bodybuilding program. So if it was so wasn’t a portion of your weight loss then with like the bodybuilding program,

00:23:13I would say.

00:23:17Are was the equivalent of Everything. Is Everything you don’t because I was running so much calories off, playing basketball, and I was trying to let you know, I always keep my body, okay? I don’t need that much fat. I didn’t move be able to move, and I was getting more muscles and and I was stressed and you already mixed together, to the point that lost a hundred pounds.

00:23:51I mean, was definitely the most definitely getting there was a lot of nice and I want to eat the food that I love to eat. Cuz, you know, even to right now I’m still like 5 to her everyday. Cuz you know you have when you, when you used to be sad you always have the fat boy mentality. You always, you always know. Maybe you like, doing is someone who is so skinny for the entire life and they just wallow they will never like really faced this kind of problem and you don’t think I’m kind of you whenever you want. And then, you know, I want to say thank you stop with their food and they don’t believe faces can struggle. But yeah, I definitely had a lot of plateaus and, you know, I just

00:24:37I did, and I just felt like, what do you want to? Like, what you want to do? Like, what are you going to get out of yourself? That’s the thing is, is that when you are thinking, when you were, like trying to, to push through these plateaus, cuz people sometimes pushing through these plateau. And this is the difference between people that like little bit, they hit a plateau and stop, and they just like to fuck it. And they start over again for Cisco and bring you through Salt Lake like how you just like, I need to do this. What’s up? What’s going on? What’s getting you, like through the plateaus, where do you tell on yourself?

00:25:11I mean, I’ve been in there for the, for the past seven years since I started playing basketball even to do this right things right now, like I’m still trying to fight through it and that, and that, you know, that the demon has China creeping mnon to me is always there, you was going to fight over every single day. You know, I have, I have fall off multiple times that I’ve been to the car back but I don’t want to let, you know, keep rolling like that you know, any and every time when I fall off and I think about it, what am I doing in my life? Or am I just want that satisfaction that from eating of the Doctor Who’s I want to eat? OK Google. What I’m going to do after that.

00:25:56And then I’m just going to go back on what I’m what I am here for what I’m hearing. Like what I’m doing. Like, what is the purpose for me? Like, for me for me to keep this thing going to call a man, sometimes, I just looked at how, how far is okay? And then I started like you he basically I think the meditation is really important to you, Scott. Tell you just got to ask me something like, what do you really want? And I think that’s a really powerful analogy like facing the demons. You’re right. It’s like the more you face it like it easier to get the whole difficulty but it’s like you like, you gone through it enough. I like it might not necessarily go away but like all right you know, this is not my first rodeo. That’s the whole point about

00:26:49I mean, I want you some someone else’s, you know, a famous like, you know, Fergie face again, I used to know. I want to, I want to bring it. I want to bring, Toby up me up. You said more like for Handy to have the basketball player, but I think that you can take that.

00:27:06Versus anything in life. You know, the first thing he said was you have a bump in the road, you fall, you get back up then you offered it again because this is what we do. Something outrageous about ending it over to come. The next time gets easier, then gets easier easy and easy. The first couple times, it kind of kick your butt.

00:27:35U, u b, e, b, u b have lunch email that I that you have achieved multiple cheat days and you have a TV and then you woke up, you look at me like what the hell.

00:27:48Play music, going back to. Okay. It work work. Work. Work back to the point that you were before you had those like she week, whatever. And then the next time you have those Cravings you, okay, I fall of last time because I’m sitting in a new starting things happen than, you know, how I was in but you don’t have to deal with you. You know. You have like a

00:28:14if you cause a to whatever, but used to have a better understanding on how to deal with the, you know, the craving that you have, you know,

00:28:23That’s great. So, you had, you had like your cardio element, like, working towards like Mastery. Like in basketball, getting better. You getting better with Wade’s. He also mentioned like stretching and stretching, or yoga you would spend like, you are the new yoga or you just stretching for more than 2 hours.

00:28:48That was one of the thing that I just like wait.

00:28:53It wasn’t that it wasn’t the best thing that I can do. Cuz, you know, for, for an athlete, you need to be flexible, but there is like, you have to find that gray area. You can’t be too flexible. Enough packages happen? Just happen if I like a perfectly balanced, whatever. But that’s the thing I was spent, the time I was stressing too much, I went to the point that I can easily do. The splits button is really, but that, you know, that didn’t really like to, to the court so you’ll learn, as always, it’s like, what else can you spend your time? There’s a lot of people with, like, really, really strong athletic legs think, do Lionel at athletic things and have that flexibility to be able to go into the split, but it’s kind of like what does your sport need?

00:29:54Improve a basketball.

00:30:03You’ve lost the weight, you lost like a hundred pounds and then what happens next cuz this is another. Another block to Hannah’s to lot of people in people feel like today,

00:30:18And then they just slowly. They, they fall back into Old. Habits is what it is. But you did it though, you lost it and you kept going, like, so, what did what, what happened? What’s going on? Like, what what was like driving you or were you telling yourself? Okay, I lost the weight. Now, what, what do I do? What’s my, what were you thinking on? Do I do next steps and be driven in working towards

00:30:46well, to me, like,

00:30:48Losing all that hundred pounds and then once I made it, I got 270 lb to me. Once I lost all the weight, I lost a lot of muscle to and then I might be looking good because you know, I lost all that way. But can that really helped me on the court? That’s the thing. And you know, because I started so late losing weight, just the basic a space heater, just for me to get a ticket to Mexico and slendrina, and now it’s time to really put him to work. I got a game or a limo. So I need to be more explosive. I got a new kitten, keep on going, you know, getting better at the, you know, you know, I asked you to play more games and just get better overall, as a basketball player.

00:31:41So, that’s like, the one of the things that, you know, when I, when I always think about it, like it is, you always go back to the song for. Like, what do you want and what do you really want out of yourself, like, losing on my way back to the beginning of it? Now, you want to be a basketball player. What are you do? You got to clean at work cuz you want to get better at basketball?

00:32:01Look at it cuz you look good. It doesn’t mean that you can hoop absolutely driven by this Basketball Dream Team. This a lot when people are just like, oh, I want to look at it.

00:32:20Nine times out of ten, if people are just like losing weight to look at it doesn’t work, they need something powerful and this is I think a really powerful take away from people with like your story and not. So if you’re like watching this and you’re like struggling and you just like I want to look good deep deeper, find another goal lost 100 lb and that wasn’t just for him to look at it was like basketball so it’s like one year later and play poke lost 100 lb. Now what my specific goals I hope this. All right so you working on it, are you playing? Are you playing on the team now? Are you hiring like coaches? Personal trainers? Are you? Are you doing like research?

00:33:10Okay, what about the right after I lost a hundred pounds? Then I start trying, you know, I started trying to find, you know, those are like that for Kansas that you can give you fine china and that’s how I, you know, getting no codes do and you know that, you know, that’s how I how I start, you know, getting, I’m getting more understanding of basketball and, you know, is it’s more, you know, that you got it, you got to learn like, how to play instead of just like, you learn how to learn how to work out the order for you to get mad at your craft.

00:33:53So, you did basketball camps and so you were, also, you worked with Joel and he helped coach you, right? He was, who was the coach of the cabinet for multiple times and I kept on playing a lot of like, you know, games that I can, I can be and then,

00:34:20From there, I just kind of kind of biscuit do the same thing that I was trying to do. But you don’t reach reach out to more people. You know, after I made you do, you know I I am I different like in all different one coaches and you know Starlight connect to play in there open gym and are probably wanting his patients, so it sounded like the cats. Can I gave you like a like a new mic and do bass work off of working on new skills, really working? How to play really. Well, your game. It sounds like that. Open. You up to other opportunities, to, then improve even more.

00:35:05And how so, is this, like a really key element like the basketball camps in to really up in your game? I think so, but it’s because I was rushing out to meet someone like like no, and, you know, those foreign like American coaches and now, and they, I just learned, I learned so much from them over the time. Not just go and get it in there to cover it with the other coaches, whatever. You know, about. It’s more about a mindset inside of the body and you guys just continue to push yourself and how to push yourself, and how are you go?

00:35:47You know, I like is like you have, like, you have an over thought, the what are the logistics on how to do, when you’ve been doing this? You can Guided by like my goals and dreams these metal Concepts and always kind of like figure it out. And sometimes we just got in really want this and you like, get my mindset, right? And this is where I like to do. People like that line sets, white big reminds me of that and that’s really huge and like, not overthinking. The how do I, how do I do a, what do I do now? And ask that question and it’s like, okay, what do I do now? What do I do next?

00:36:39And I didn’t sound like it has kept bleeding. You so your you lost the way you’re doing camps, you doing so what’s it? What snacks like you do the camps, you doing the open gyms and what’s, what’s the next goal? I mean, the next door last night, you know, I just thinking. Like, if I really want to do basketball, I got to go to the states and then stays for, for my know, from sophomore year in high school and then graduate from high school in the states and you were playing. So that was like, your next step you. I lost weight, I got better. I’m doing camps, doing open James better and better. Like what what’s next going to go to America, you play high school ball bear. What was what was that like, how? Well did you do like what was the challenge involves? How is like training different? What was your mind?

00:37:39Set. Like,

00:37:41Was basically.

00:37:44It is way harder to play in the States. You know, back in time I am I going to speak no English and

00:37:53I mean you know face I wish I was the only I mean I will say that Asian player on the team. I didn’t I didn’t know a lot of people and everybody else. Are they going to do everybody stronger athletic?

00:38:14And they’re cops ended in general speaking.

00:38:19So that was like, definitely a huge obstacle for me to get through it in high school. And then, you know, how to deal with your teammate, how to deal with a coach, how to take you into orders, and how to, how to run the place. And, you know, it just a lot of stuff and mix it together and make a whole thing really horny.

00:38:46It would be my assumption, you’re probably the hardest part about that would have been the first year that you’re kind of like learning all these stuff trying to deal with all these things. Would you say that? It’s like accurate.

00:38:59I will say the entire the entire three years in high school was hard ball language, you know, stuff like that.

00:39:18And you have to learn.

00:39:20You know, just how to deal with different people cuz I ain’t never plan on relaxing, team onto I got to ask why I’m staying okay so you never actually played in when you were working and when you working towards your dream and China it was just like you’re doing your best getting better doing. Cavs doing hoping chords. Focus on a train but not a team. So that was a whole new animal for you to learn to be a part of a team.

00:39:51that was definitely tough, but

00:39:55still got to come for blessings because, you know, that’s what made me who I am today in turning the process and higher and higher three years. It just, it was like one mountain after the other. Do you climb the mountain? And there’s another one behind that one. There’s a, there’s another one learning it.

00:40:26In English so I can learn in English on top of everything else. Alright, play going there or you just like I know I basically know English and your start.

00:40:51That’s, that’s the one of the worst thing but also that was one of the best.

00:40:57Whatever happened to me at one point where you kind of like comfortable with your English, they’re in high school. What your high school, you know, I speak English

00:41:11Going to my city and here I was okay, this is what I do and I most of my friends are just so you know I don’t really you know, it was International School.

00:41:24Why was he just like, it’s a private Catholic school that has a lot of international students? But most of the most, the time I’m just only have and now with, like, Americans. So that’s how I do my English mom and child learn from them and stuff like that.

00:41:43And like any so you mention like like being part of that team and what were, what were some of the challenges for you, like Mike learning to be a part of the team.

00:41:55What is, how you because it was a small town. So basically everybody knows everybody knows each other and how many cents for a kid and you know, they don’t know, they don’t know nothing about me and I don’t know nothing about that was snowed out.

00:42:23And you also mentioned like learning to deal with coaches as well. So that wasn’t anything for you, right, right. I mean it just

00:42:33It was it was just kind of hard to.

00:42:37I guess I just going that goes into the the different cultures to say just like

00:42:45the cultures that died from China is and I can always, you know, I mean,

00:42:55It’s like, you know, English here, teachers and more like your parents. You better do everything. They say exactly, right? You going to learn

00:43:06How to speak to them in a respect her, so, like that’s kind of different with was here and into the states. And when I’m dealing with the coaches is like,

00:43:20I don’t know, maybe I said some stuff that I shouldn’t be saying and then maybe he took the way the wrong way, maybe just like

00:43:29I don’t know maybe just ate like the English slang language barrier. They just like it’s it’s hard for me to it was really, really hard for me to communicate with him because I would have spent the time. I’m 16 17, Q50 song,

00:43:45And I will speak in English, so I can I just think like that’s one of the thing. Then he just doesn’t believe me that I can run the place. Well, that’s because I don’t, I don’t even want to say. Oh, okay. But it was like really. This is a language barrier. Wasn’t like your lack of skills or work at that. They could have took you time to learn everything. Learn the vocab around basketball. Get comfortable with your English at what point where you like starting on the team.

00:44:12I was never saw it on the basketball team win in in college and high school. At what point, were you like like a starter on the team?

00:44:23Utah ballet, starting the game as game. I mean, I never started. I was never a starter on the varsity. I was being like

00:44:34I was only acting out when I started on that one of JB’s which mean, you know, to me, I think that’s that was still good for me to this day. I mean, I go for life, not being on the team, working on your skills, like going to America learning another language and playing playing on a team. I think that’s a really big accomplishment right now, you know, I used to be really tripping off my wife, cuz I’m doing the senior season. I was clearly that one of the best player on the team and he put another player over me with me. And drove me crazy. By the time I did not lie to happen, but now, I look back at. It was. Okay. That was okay, that was really motivate that was sweet, motivating me.

00:45:24The next time he’s he was still my Pecos but now he’s not a coach for the school. No more but to me, if it does not if he sees or not but I do know you don’t believe I can do this and do that. I love like, you know, we will see. You know that that is one of my ways to find motivation. So it sounds like

00:45:48I mean I was doing the best that I can, but I mean we made it to we made it to the final four in the playoffs to stay playing. What’s, what’s creamy like for you? It’s like senior year, you got basketball, practice you doing like weights School?

00:46:09We did a really do ways together as a team as far as with the, let me know in high school but, you know, every year, the one week before we start practice because everybody get away from everybody, got it when we got there at 5:30 and we start running at 6 when I left us too, but we’re going to go up like an hour, an hour and a half, then go shower and go to school. They have another practice right after school. I’m already gave to do with the ball.


00:46:42I was just, you know, about China.

00:46:45Try to kind of just trying to push through, you know, back in time I never done stuff like this. I didn’t know what suicide and I didn’t know about running. I didn’t, I don’t know anything about, you know, that the team, the team do, you know, in their practices cuz I never know if I can cut this. This Grim is really done, so I just got to do the best I can.

00:47:14Did you have to do, you have to do other stuff outside of car? I have to get more shots before and after practice and just get myself morning shape.

00:47:34So, I’m not going to get cut, you know? It, it sounds like kind of that same mindset when you had your transformation and when you going through plateaus and what you were telling yourself, you need to do and then it’s like your senior year and you Guided by like these similar like mechanisms, he’s mental habits that you’ve already had you working towards, like, your goal and getting better your senior year, and it’s like liking you, you’re doing the running, your food doing practice, any recognized like that, you need to get better and like, I need to put in more work and then you just do.

00:48:10You just keep talking getting better everyday.

00:48:14That’s the whole thing about. What are you trying to complicate your life? Because the process is so important to do everyday. So when you stack up on those days, that’s how you really nice. So you graduate from high school and then what’s next

00:48:35So why I was trying to play on College, I’m calls level.

00:48:42can I started you don’t fill out those forms lied about it, just try off one of them and I just like, you know, I was trying to, you know, email coaches like crazy and I was fortunate in one email back from you know, but tuna cause that in California

00:49:02Then I went there, I tried out and died. You know, I did I decide to just walk on it. Not work all night night. As I just rushing for the team and try to do because I have higher higher level of competition started basketball. I’m trying to register and learn everything at the next at the next level and trying to do

00:49:26Do you know everything to the best of my ability always be? That one you know, always be the hardest worker in the jail. Maybe not the most liked the time to fire, but you have to put in those words. In order for me to get that, even two computers, have to fire, that’s what I was going to lie. I said, where in California is Community College in San Marcos, like playing there and how many seasons have you played their my high school?

00:50:04And then I played Maya in the next season, was my first season. I actually played with the team, okay? So first you guess you get some playing time a little bit.

00:50:20How did that feel after everything? Kind of been through and all the hours. How did that feel to? Finally got to get some playing time and obstacles. I have been doing from high school so I don’t really get emotional no more. Like I don’t get a fact, no more. When I don’t get Plains College, I just got to keep going and it’s just like feedback and and it again, you’ve like, you faced your demons a lot and it’s like, okay, what do I need to do now? Oh, now I got to work on this. Exactly, and I just go from there.

00:51:12Awesome. So, where, where are you at today now?

00:51:16But what are you what I say? So, how far along are you in college and playing? Well. So I reassured my first year and I play my second year as a sophomore that I put, that was my first season, but as a freshman athlete, but because of covid, 2/4, not my game and work on my body and I get my game to the next level.

00:51:48And then I’m going back to the States at the end of the summer.

00:51:55Finish all my last seasoning at the junior college level and then do the best. I can see if I can get a

00:52:06An offer from a four-year colleges. Hopefully, you can get back at the end of summer when I get back to the States. I still got one more year at the junior college, season to play, and I just got to do the best. I can see if I can get some look by the coaches and, you know, play on division. One planet. Emotional level has always been one of my dreams and that I just got to do the best I can to, you know, control what I can control it. See what was going to happen to see where God is going to take me to. Do you have an idea? Like, do you have a magician, a picture of a school? You want to go to? Do you like a short list of stores schools? That you just really like, if I can just snap my fingers, I would go play at this school.

00:52:58I would say.

00:53:04Any school that’s going to get the best out of me and any school. So you don’t have a shirtless. You’re just like, I’m going to play on the play division. One play anywhere and wear whatever. I do, you know, I don’t know if I’m not going to end up on at the mission 1 level, any coaches that long to give me a chance to to show them what I can do in there. Any school that I can

00:53:29Stop playing time and good. That’s going to give me better in the moment then. I’m just going to go from there, but I think he got the right mindset and we would how much you’ve been through and how much hard work you put in and getting better and having that like growth mindset and having that like, it doesn’t like affect you emotionally. It’s like whatever challenges I faced its feedback. I’m going to get better. And I think with that wine said, I mean, I can see all their division 1 College.

00:53:59Hopefully, I can get it. That would be like a couple years from now. Be like go to the states and going, like the March Madness tournament and seen you playing that 7:30 would be so awesome conversation today with, with Kai. I think his story is really awesome. I think his mindset is really powerful. And I think how James how he thinks about things, and how he approaches things, and the problem solving, and the facing challenges, and facing the demons call Auction Barn. In Stratford have this mindset with whatever you’re facing.

00:54:55I’m so this is like, I know this is primarily about health and fitness, so, like, whatever, you’re like, struggling with your, with your ear physical goals, that’s fine. But there’s always a mental component there. There’s the mental component to the, to the transformation and everything, what he can do like like physically it it it it’s been this reflection process. So I want to change. You need to change a physically, mentally spiritually, what are all

00:55:34Like you or your advice? What were like three things you would tell them to for them to start changing.

00:55:42I think I think the most important thing is they really had to find out what they truly want. That what they truly love to do and that’s going to lead them to

00:55:54I’m keep getting better.

00:55:57And once you find that,

00:56:01You just got to keep going, no matter what happens.

00:56:05And, you know, last but not least.

00:56:09You always going to face an obstacle course.

00:56:11And are you going to fall? There’s no way that you will always keep that the process of going without without falling off. Cuz, you know, you’re going to get sick once in a while maybe you can do, maybe can, you know, maybe another 5 years in a row when you fall off?

00:56:37You got to think, like, how far are you from, what have you done, and what are you truly love to do? What do you truly want? And how we going to get back on it? That’s that’s that’s that the readings. I was I was, I was here, you know, to the people who wants to

00:56:55And it better and if people want to reach out to you and they want to ask ask you questions, how do they, how do they contact? You all put the link down below, James Cai, 45 Monday and all right, Google

00:57:25I want to put his Instagram info in in the description. So if you have questions for James or you just like, love this story and you want to reach out to say hi. So, send him a friend request on Instagram reach. I’ll talk to him and so thank you, thank you for coming on today. I was really glad to like like listen to you and listen to your story. It’s a great reflection point. For me it’s a great reflection point for me as well on my profile and set and keep on going and keeping on doing hard things. This is great for all of us again. Thank you guys.

00:58:01And stay tuned like next week, I’m not sure yet. Who’s going to be on I’m trying to confirm with like a few different people. So we’ll see how the dice roll. So thank you guys and stay awesome.