00:00:04Alright, hello and welcome back. Everybody to the fight gravity show with John and here today, or very good friend and special guests of mine. Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert. That’s a little bit of a poster say that five times fast. So Esther and I we kind of go back to work hard. You can both days that’s a martial art to keep you keep things short. And she had an extensive background in nutrition and I was kind of really curious about nutrition for a lot of variety of reasons. I go into a little bit of that and the previous episode on kind of my history so you can check that out. So like back when we were training,

00:00:46I kind of asked a lot of questions and it it’s amazing what you can learn. Especially if it’s with someone with her extensive background and experience by asking one or two questions a week over 5 years. So by asking this wonderful woman one or two questions a week over the course of five years. I managed to learn a lot more than the average person about like nutrition even more. So I think on a different level than what the average trainer like focuses on one, they just really hyper focused on macro nutrient ratios. Which I’m not like Condon sending but it’s really important, right? Too much of anyone substrate causes issues but again she can go into more detail to that to me. So yeah, she’s been like a wonderful friend of mine that she’s been like a second mother as well.

00:01:38She first started her nutritional science degree in Southern California, years ago, life happened. She ended up going to the Clayton College of Natural Health and has a master’s degree in naturopathy nutrition. She is gone on to research her different nutritional healing, protocols, using a variety of plants herbs and purified water. And a lot of a lot of different things that’s hard to explain in just a short introduction. So hopefully she’ll go into that. She also went on later later in life. Also completed her basically dietetics degree.

00:02:19And so all I’ll give it over to Esther and she can go into more detail about like her background knowledge and training and we’ll just kind of go from there.

00:02:32Well, sounds good. Thanks for the introduction. John

00:02:35Yes, we have we’ve known each other since you were thirteen years old and so I watch this gentleman here turning to this fabulous amazing gentleman and it was a pleasure it’s been a pleasure to follow his life Saga, all these years. So I’ve been there with him all the way. You know, we’ve been confiding each other for years and we were martial arts buddies. And so yeah and I’m and it’s an honor for you to think of me like a mother. And, you know, that’s awesome. I don’t think of you as a friend, but also, it’s really cool, being friends and being a family with you. But as far as I’m concerned, yeah, I started out with a guy going for that and like you said, like happened. And I ended up years later completing that degree with a bachelor’s in nutrition science. But along the way I found

00:03:35Be a holistic college and I learned more from the holistic education that I received, which I eventually got a Bachelor’s and Master’s with. And I have to learn how to heal nutritionally. So that’s one thing that the typical diet extra curriculums, do not teach, and I thought it was more important to learn how to be a Healer rather than just a simple nutritionist. Not to knock the nutritional industry. But when you do tell them to the scientific literature for 40 years I have just so that I could look up and substantiate the nutritional healing protocols that I have four clients that kept coming to me with all these different health issues. So I was able to dive into the scientific literature, an hour or so and impressed by how much science has been done on the things that we eat or the ancient medicinal, you know, that have been around for thousands of years. So when you put together all of that and you see the results, they mean,

00:04:35So that the indigenous, thousands of years of empirical knowledge, that’s been gathered from generation to generation, and my science, that works on that and evaluate and Compares that. And you have the same result whether it’s from the scientific literature, that, that shows proof or evidence of the chancellor food that we eat. So you putting together a whole nutritional products based on science but also back like thousands of years. So that’s where I kind of

00:05:11So that was that that’s been fun doing that, you know, it’s really great to see the results.

00:05:17Awesome, I know you you met you mentioned it when you are at the Clayton College of Natural Health on how you also like learn to research and learning to research, has helped you to substantiate that. What you do the reason behind your Madness, can you go in a little bit more detail on kind of what that process was? So when you were going to the bachelors and and the Masters and what would they like, what were they doing? What were the emphasizing?

00:05:44Cars like the research and how to do it. And

00:05:48Yeah. Actually it started when I went back to finish the dietetics degree but I changed it to any Christian Science. That was a lot more interesting because I got to dive into the scientific literature. We had to put out scientific papers all the time. We have to research every week, we have to learn how to use the system that way. So when it came to to, to teaching people my clients how to choose the right Foods at how to educate them as far as what the scientific literature showed of the different Botanicals and how it applied science and health issues. So when I put off those together then I found that that was much more effective. So when I have gone back to finish the nutrition science degree. Instead of the dietetics degree, I was actually, it was an online staying right by then. Schools were putting out online courses so it was at a distance thing. So I was on online a lot and in the chat

00:06:48Chatroom the instructors would give us the different assignments, right? And we would have to discuss it in that in those for him. And I found that my PhD and master’s degree that instructors would email me personally and asked me how to stop there health issues, and this was a nutrition science. Curriculum. You know, comprable to Western Madison, kind of instruction, no college education, but I found that I have had already gone far beyond that kind of curriculum. So I was pulling out all these scientific data and posting it and I was blowing their mind. I was trading waves, which I tend to do anyway. I mean, don’t get me in a room with the Western medical doctor because there’s going to be some discussion, to put it lightly and it’s never fail.

00:07:46Absolutely. You know, it would be great if you could go to like a little bit detail on your bedding process for research and just kind of people kind of get an idea from your perspective. A lot of good quality research has too often. People just fight epidemiological studies and it’s like it’s not really the best tagline in this study shows this. And then people, this is where Free People freak out about stuff like nightshades but then a lot of the stuff on like The Nightshade research is been just like like Donald potato you know. So then it is like is it is it brings a different Dynamic. So it’s like you really need to like stay with nice shoes the whole time. Or is it like like like maybe you’re eating too much potatoes and how they’re cooked and we can keep going with like like what element are the confounding variables. But anyway

00:08:46Going just into a little bit, you’re like your thought process, you’re looking at research. Like what is what are the markers of white good quality research?

00:08:54Very good question. I’m so glad I want to give a class on how to do research properly so that you don’t get misinformation. As you know, when you look up something on a search engine, you’re going to get all this misinformation, going to get people who are unqualified to to teach you how to solve your health issues using nutrition. So yeah that is a real problem. So what I want to do is I want to show people how to do that so it whenever you want to to look something up on the Internet, always typing the words science journal after your search phrase that way, it bypasses off, the amateur stuff out there, all the misinformation out there and you’ll get a whole list of all of the different scientific studies that have been done on any particular subject. So if you want proof, you want to have scientific Studies have been reviewed by pure expert that are qualified.

00:09:54To evaluate all these different Studies have been done on any particular subject, you know? So

00:10:01you want to to look at the scientific studies and make sure that there are no conflicting interests. So, every scientific study that’s been done, you have to kind of skim down on the study and see where it says, no conflict of interest amount me. Know has been paid off two to give people the results that are only from say, a corporation wants a certain outcome, no matter what happened, so you know they’re heavily influence that way a lot of them but dumb, and it’s also safer to have a an array of scientific studies that have come to the same conclusion. So if you’re testing the medicinal properties of the particular Botanical, you want those studies to have the same conclusion, some like the pixel boyfriends and stuff done and in fact I just did a report on soy where 25 years. There’s been different scientific studies that have been analyzing soy and looking at the outcome there been

00:11:01Animal Studies have been in vitro, which means offer laboratory petri dish, trying to study for the exam and sell or in Vivo subject animals animals, or or human subjects that. So they put all this together for you. And so when you see a peer-reviewed study, you’re going to see all of the different studies of Vape. They selected that are the best sites that were the most job credible studies, the the most of the best job methods that they used to come to their research conclusions. So, those are the kinds of things that people need to understand that, the most credible thing we can do right now, is to look at an array of studies and a peer-reviewed study, does it for us. So whenever whenever you get up there are things that we know that they taken, sometimes we will get together and go out.

00:12:01Read the most credible research sister that’s there for you to see both of us one. But yeah, it’s all about the signs. You have to know your science help people. I think everyone should take a physiology class, microbiology class to know what’s going on inside your head.

00:12:27Do you think it’s worth looking at the papers that do have a conflict of interest? So you can like get an idea, what the narrative is, what they’re trying to spend, where they’re trying to go with it. Do you also think with some of these bias studies that maybe there might possibly be a grain of Truth despite the fact that there’s the the conflict of interest and bias could be a greater or lesser degree depending on who’s like funding and what their ultimate goal is a corporation that is the funder of a study then you want to stay away from those because those are pretty obvious. After you examine some legitimate scientific studies and you have a team of researchers, especially when you look at studies that have been done in different parts of the world. India, you know that the Middle East even and the United States and China and the whole Asian in Pacific Rim, you have all these universities from all over the world.

00:13:27You are also setting up a Botanical, then you’ll see, either they change it to the same conclusion or they didn’t do. So then you look at who funded the study. Yeah. That’s pretty much says it all. Because once you get used to seeing these legitimate studies still see their process, they’ll be very interesting and describing how they arrived at their at their conclusion. At the end of the study, about the bill list and very much detail and it will the list, you know what the percentages are, what influence, the one factor chat on on another make it very, very hard to explain it all in one sentence. But, but, yeah, I mean, once you get used to seeing that, it’s going to have to understand all of the terminology or their processes on how they arrived.

00:14:26Abstract at the beginning, a discussion for the end and the conclusion is something that you might want to start out with if you’re not used to the scientific jargon but you will get used to it over time and then if you do see a study that was conducted by paid off, you know by some Corporation for a specific outcome, no matter what so that they can shout it as being a scientific study and any of that kind of thing. You can see right through it because they’re sober now and they’re so Bland. They’re so simplistic and the conclusion that they come to our sometimes bordering on absurdity. Because when you compare it to one of the illegitimate studies, you’ll see how much more intricate it is. Usually they have a whole team of researchers, may be 5 or 6. So you’ll be able to tell the difference on wondering what do you view on like meta-analysis? Cuz a lot of a lot of other people

00:15:24Dad tried to like it in health and fitness that also are or I think trying to honestly present good information to people did they did talk about the efficacy of a meta-analysis so I’m wondering like what you’ve you like, what’s your view on in just in terms of The credibility of the lack of credibility, generally feeling good about any issues you have seen.

00:15:52Alice’s are even more detail than any comprehensive research studies that are conducted and they are much more credible because whenever you compile data, you’ll be able to see the numbers, you know, how many milligrams does it take of this particular fight of chemical compound of this plant to, to destroy cancer cells, or to reverse and kind of disease? So, that’s important to do. You want to look at the numbers as well. So maybe said, he will give you a much better idea. You’ll see the grass, you know, one another will be able to make the comparison at a glance. You know. There’s just I don’t I don’t even get in too much in the Native Studies because they’re just mathematically Advanced, you know, so all you can do is just look at the graphs and I just get what you can out of it because they’re very very advanced mathematics.

00:16:51I didn’t take calculus. So, yeah, yeah, I’m somewhat familiar with the math, although it’s been a while since I’ve done mathur. Or I’ve liked calculated P values and other stuff like that, but I am familiar with the concept. But yeah, I definitely want someone else is presenting like in the meta-analysis. For example, on you too. I’m definitely kind of all yours to see what they’re kind of take his on it and everything like that solutely. There’s no question math, doesn’t lie, you know, the numbers are the number. Yeah, yeah. No. But there’s other ways to manipulate the numbers but I feel like that’s a discussion for another day. Lot of people looking at it to evaluate it and make sure that it is

00:17:51but you long enough until

00:17:54awesome. So maybe we can like roll back the clock a little bit too. After you finish like your holistic your holistic nutrition education, that bachelor’s and Master’s and like naturopathic nutrition. And then that holistic perspective you graduated from that and kind of what was your, what was your process like developing like the nutritional protocols like, how many years did it take you to develop like a? I guess like a basic framework of like what that would like helped people like healing like like researching sources. Just like, can you give like, an overview on this process? You had your education. You want to help people like nutritionally. And how are you just kind of? How are you laying your, your foundation as a practitioner?

00:18:52Oh, yeah. Well the the real comprehensive nutritional healing. Protocols didn’t start until 1994 and I have started my diet expert on 79. So I was doing you know, just

00:19:07Diet, for four, people up until that point. So, when I finished my, the rest of my holistic degree degrees, I started when I opened up my practice in Northern California, and so, I move my family to Northern Cal, and I opened up my practice, and I started receiving some clients with all of these different help him into a three-page list of all a, and to call him worth of the kinds of Health ailments that I have with my client. And I have solved, every one of them because of the, the in-depth research that I did into the scientific literature. So I learned a lot about these Botanical that I’ve never even heard of that, they don’t teach you. In the typical diet headaches aren’t even attrition science curriculum. So every time I got a client, I would just look up what was in the scientific literature and I would pull out all these different Botanicals for specific set of illness.

00:20:07And I would put together a comprehensive I print everything out, just to show them the science as to what made me choose to pick you up at anukkal. Then I would also search online for companies that offered organic, a high quality nutrient dense product that would match the science. So, I put all that together and they would come home with, you know, three and six notebooks all the times that I’ve compiled for them just to justify. I also have him sign waivers so that the, you know, the big Pharma pharmaceutical drug lords. Somebody other a holistic, my two doctors and health food stores and a company can even now a supplement company can be closed down overnight because because this may be an employee, if it sucks practicing medicine without a license, you know, it’s just stuff. Prescribing supplements. We’re supposed to be but we can go off on that tangent in a while if you want.

00:21:07But yeah, basically, I just wanted to the scientific literature, I pulled out all the different things and I found the supplement and I recommend this up like I said you don’t have to buy them for me, you can just use this as something to refer to us as well, and and don’t get distracted and buy something else with someone who doesn’t know, I haven’t done the research myself to you and then a hundred percent of the time, is it? I don’t know. You did all this research. I want to buy them from you for my classes, the instructors always had a problem with that all, you know, it’s, it’s not ethical to to charge your your clients for nutritional supplements and I know they do it. Anyway, obviously, whenever you go into a chiropractor’s office and nutritionist office, who’s practicing outside of the hospital. They have their own set of

00:22:07So it goes having him because if you’re not going to be consistent in your diet, then you know, you need to supplement, but you got to have the right stuff is good, but I mean, it’s such a loaded statement when people with this establishment say it’s like like Reckless to like recommended supplements. When it’s like, I mean,

00:22:34I mean, it it it’s Reckless to have like, pharmaceutical reps, who are 18 years old with absolutely like zero science. And they’re barely out of high school and they’re, they’re pushing pharmaceutical drugs on the doctors and there’s documentaries on this and where doctors are not totally familiar and they’re asking these raps with likezero Science Education,

00:22:59By the way, how should I know you know what a my recommendation did that’s just kind of the tip of the iceberg. So like that’s okay but you know if you know I got to supplement with absorbable forms of calcium that are not going to stop your digestion and reduce hydrochloric acid production. That’s right. For that that’s reckless.

00:23:20Yeah. And that’s fun app that right there. And you look at the ingredients, I always tell people don’t try to try to help me endure anything until I see the ingredients, and I have endorsed by my door, sync, two different. The company’s products right now, in a spokesperson and empty out, just doing them calls and things like that. But yeah, I mean a lot of medical doctors Western Medical Doctors will try to sell one isolated nutrient and just about it as the best thing that that can heal this and can solve that. But you got to have this incredible molecular Synergy from multiple complexes that are if, you know,

00:24:17So that’s what the body. Understand. One eye for the nutrient can have this whole chain reaction in the body, looks for the rest of of this information that it is is not complete. If you’re giving your body in a nutrient, that knows it’s not complete. So, try to delve into its own resources, to complete the molecule to complete chemical and biological process. Doing are you that ignorant or are you greedy? Or we are, why are you doing this? You know that it’s not going to help these people? So yeah, I mean, but I put together those protocols complete nutrition supplements and the dietary system that I that I created, which is much more comprehensive than any, any kind of diet out there then all the clients. Well,

00:25:17Well, if it implemented everything.

00:25:19They got well without fail and so I got this reputation, you know go to her she’ll fix you but they had to implementing those who didn’t discourse.

00:25:32So I’m curious, what, what happens when someone is like like failing to implement and like, what are things like that you do that, you feel I can help out and respond. What experience have trying to positively play? Trigger them? Help them too, like pivot and get them, get them to that point where they are. Cuz I know just myself personally, when I’m making recommendations sometimes it’s it’s kind of like a oh well, I don’t know it or they say okay and then you well, I haven’t really, you know, I tried. I tried this thing once and it was okay. You know, so kind of just like what, what what are some things and strategies you do, when people are just kind of like, like struggling and not executing

00:26:26This is why I stand 3 to 6 hours. I think the most time I’ve ever said with a client of 7 hours to sit down with them and you get the information from them. And of course you do a lot of work ahead of time so you can do your research. So when you sit down with them, you got a lot of information. Most of the protocol set up for them them and they are you been eating and, you know, just do what they’ve been eating, why they have the symptoms that they do. So when you sit down with them and show them why they have, where is the set of symptoms of this condition and then you teach them about how their body works. I would show them charts from the view of the organs in the body. He see the skeleton, the muscles, and all these different, and then you go into the world and you show them what goes on inside of a cell and you show them why the jump that they’ve been.

00:27:26Or whatever. They’ve been getting their bodies have been altering the way their cell function at the micro-level and how this that, you know, the protocol that you recommend, why those compounds be somewhat all the vitamins and minerals do for the body. And it was very comprehensive and I’ll sit down session. And by the time that was all, they were agitated. And of course, I would go over there notebook compilers and print everything out for them and go over there notebook, you know, and so by the end of the session or even halfway through, they would say, no wonder I’ve been sick and so just my educating them, they become motivated, because I understand. Now, what’s going on inside the body? If you don’t know what’s going on how can you ever relate to it? You’ll put anything just to satisfy hunger, right? But if you know how to nourish your body and give it the right molecules vitamins, minerals and dime the molecular compound.

00:28:26Implants those vitamins, chemicals are important as any. And so, and so not only did I just like fruits and vegetables, I divided them into the tractor, fruits and different berries, fruits and vegetables, to leave agreement herbs, are a lot different than the group every single day, just to ensure that they get the full rank of all he needed to get well and maintain their health.

00:29:12So, it’s a matter of Education, you know? And that’s another thing I bring up in my in my college courses with the group, I would say you’ve got to educate and then they’ll comply. And a lot of people would say, well now they’re not going to listen, they don’t know any better. I’d say you underestimate people, they’re desperately come to you because it’s the last resort, you know. Okay, I’ll go to holistic practitioner was pretty high.

00:29:56Did you find you have to make a lot of like individual adjustments with how your like speaking? The different people they suggest upon like who they are and how they process information and other other factors like that.

00:30:11Absolutely and you sit down one-on-one with someone. You get to your get trying to read their body language and facial expressions. Their their attention span, even their intelligence, their education. And so you could get slowly, you know, I would sit them down and make him feel welcome. And I would begin asking questions about their diet and I as it progressed to tell you how they ate, you know, I was just I wouldn’t say anything about judging them and it was dated ever. And so you get them that past that point and you sit down, you start the education and that’s when they start, they start going, wow, you know kind of thing and those kinds of body language

00:31:11It’s information, Overkill, you know, and used to stop and take a break before they got there, or I would, sometimes, I end up telling them, I’ll make sure that you have a small meal before you come so that your brain can keep you do function in processing information.

00:31:38Oh yeah, it is depends on the person and you just kind of get a feel for these things after you done a few.

00:31:45I am really curious about like your consultation and like, 345, like, 6 hours and have you have you ever been able to kind of like, and I having also been through it, it seems like it would be a difficult thing to take this and kind of create some sort of system out of it. And kind of duplicate that have you been able to, like really duplicate like a significant portion of this process. So you have or just like, okay, boom. And you have the content and people it it’s like they’re almost going through the consultation themselves. Have you been able to like have something like this? Are you working towards it or you’re working like a different angle or

00:32:39Well yeah everyone is different and so you just have to work with them and answer interactive at that level you know and I’m answering your question, not sure.

00:32:55Am I going the right direction here? Just curious. Like, how close can you can you get to really kind of duplicating this consultation process

00:33:11So okay, thanks. Well, you know, I developed that, that fortune category Foods, joist system, nutritional Synergy, so that they could, I could I sat down with him and I showed them how to use the system I say, okay, for breakfast. Let’s pick some a well-balanced meal, you know, protein categories. Categories, medicinal food spicy food, dairy or non-dairy products that you can give your body and so right across the board, I would help them make meal so that they could learn how to use the system, add their real choices were, as varied as their health issues, you know? And their preferences most of them were willing to try new fruits and vegetables that they’ve never tried their lives before, you know. So we can put that into their their meal planning and so

00:34:11It’s funny because people would understand on the the the system but yet when it came down to choosing their, with their food for their meals, they were a lot. So I would help you know, and help them choose the right food so that they could put together a life, you know. So. I mean, that didn’t take too long either. So they were really happy with being able to do that and then they turned around and influence other people in their family. Especially when they saw the health transformation that these people underwear that, you know, and so then other people, if they were able to inspire influence everyone else, even those close to them.

00:34:51And I know now you’re real course. You’re a published author and you have a couple, you have a couple books like if you I guess now and you have like one on nutritional supplements and you have you like your other one. Like I do remember the night I should remember the name. I tried it a couple times but you have your other book. People just like read kind of these two books. Does that like cover pretty much most of what you would like to do in your consultations?

00:35:25Will the first two I think they were the two that you’re talking about, like you said, how to select the, right nutritional supplements and the first book that was a second that was the second book after the first on your help. Yes. Master, your help transform, transform your life and for what, for 5 years now. But, so I went on to writing other books, there’s ones that will keep the athlete. Now she’s getting more physical Power by eating certain foods and learning when to time your your meal. So that you’re recuperating properly, you know, all the things that run a a nutrient deficit in your body that way you won’t be able to function very well as well as you should.

00:36:21But then I went on to write this 530 one-page book or another company with their products. But now I’m repurposing it so that I can do that company stop Associates in order distributor of those products. So, yeah, I mean, you know, I’m writing a book right now, I’m actually updating it, I started writing it years ago and I felt it but I never been happy with this the right now and her staff and and their patients. So she saw what I can do on on Wednesday and call describing another book. So she said that I created and that’s what I call it. So I’m running a whole book on the system itself and it really gels into not just what to eat, you know. There’s so much more to a person’s health and so

00:37:21I just tell them to all the different aspects of what it takes to be totally healthy in that book.


00:37:30There’s a lot of different ways we can go with this.

00:37:35So let’s go, let’s let’s continue the timeline then. So you people were coming to you with a lot of different like issues. So this kind of forced your hand. Kind of do, do do more research and innovate, your own protocols based upon the skills, you’ve Acquired and research, so people would come and see how they respond. You see? A very, very high success rate.

00:38:06So how long, how long was this? Like, how long was this going going on? You said, you started in like 1994.

00:38:15Yeah, I was worse. Like I said, I’ve of the dietetics and nutrition science tendency back in 79, which is. But then when I got into the holistic College, I started my practice in 92 after it acquired, the two degrees. So yeah, I mean every every different different. So it was a challenge every single time. But after a few years went by first, I kept the protocols, you know, if someone has a certain kind of illness than I would pull out that protocol and just adjusted, you know, it didn’t take me to take me 8 to 10 hours to compile a protocol for a client. And so after a number of years, you know, I could put together one that was as comprehensive but it didn’t take us long because I had a lot of the information already done and sometimes I would have to update what the sign said found on something. Now there’s always new science of being a public

00:39:15There. There are literally thousands of scientific journals on even more, hundreds of thousands of scientific and always changing.

00:39:30Okay, then that’s, that’s great. That year, will the document, your process and just kind of make small changes that as we go. And so you were doing this for a while. So you already once you went and finish your nutrition science. Degree in 2010

00:39:47Yeah. Yeah, that’s funny because I started and 74. No. But then when I went back to finish that degree, it was 2008 or 2009 and I’ve been since 2010. So I know it’s hid in there so I couldn’t do it full time. So I was just going for it, the last dress. So I changed it to a nutrition science degree instead of the clinical died. So, I took all the same classes as the manager said. And so so so much experience, like practically helping people. You’ve been helping people with different protocols for that.

00:40:47Finishing that you’re like you kind of already been been doing and I think a lot of people in your position success.

00:41:01At like helping people change their lives with like a plethora of nutritional player. Call of Duty, like a why? I’m I going?

00:41:09Why am I going back? I have been already doing this for awhile really successfully as well as having like, well, documented research. So up, another professional asked me I can send them a link here straight to the study. So like, why like, why even

00:41:27Why, why do this? What was the? What was the reason from a regionally accredited. Typical College, okay. On top of the holistic, how it because what happened to the holistic College, it got shut down. And I suspect it was from the pharmaceutical drugs that shut it down because they were shutting. Are they still, you know, shut everybody down the FDA laws are so ridiculous. You can hardly say anything about any kind of on your body processes and an improved how it functions, you know, that kind of thing. So you really have to rewrite descriptions on a website for one company and recently, I redid some labels for another company because they are starting out in Germany and they are gone for the FDA.

00:42:27Here in the United States. I mean after you’ve done it while you can pretty much, do you rewrite everything just to comply, but it is kind of silly because you can always say, well, you know, it is it it helps already already healthy and already functioning you. No help. And I need that black. Okay, you can’t go into specifics. And so what I write is eyes substantiate, everything I say with scientific research so that way it’s not me saying that a Botanical pharmaceutical properties heal and kind of feel that it’s not me saying that I’m just toying with the scientific literature says right. So that’s how I right. That’s how I resent everything I can do because I’m not a medical doctor. So they can’t shut me down. You know? I don’t even know.

00:43:19I don’t even go there you know kind of thing I saw was protect myself by having my clients sign waivers saying that they knew I was not a medical doctor that I was doing research for them just so that they could understand how to make Better. Health Choice is better nutrition choices and so that’s how we went with it. All those years

00:43:36Awesome. And so after you after you complete that how does like kind of your your career in purpose, like shift from that point.

00:43:47Yeah, I retired my practice after 30 years move to Arizona and so I started writing, you know, I started writing articles, I tried to start a magazine, but I only have time to run it, so I have a ton of articles. I wrote that sometimes I just had to take people with, I can do a seminar on every article I’ve ever written alone. So I started your channel and start an online school, which I’m still did open.

00:44:19Just educate the public so that they know what’s going on inside their bodies and thank to make intelligence educated choices and not be intimidated by Western medicine and are any Doctor Who tries to tell them that those things aren’t you? So I had a doctor, tell me in the hospital one that I was visiting a relative there and back up, what you’re saying. And I said, well, let me tell you there is there are thousands of of scientific journals and even more scientific papers that will substantiate everything that I just told you to give my relatives certain right to help facilitate their recovery much more quickly. But until the doctor was avoiding me after that, every time I literally ran around a hundred eighty degrees and take off down the hall. He would not dare face me after that. I don’t know if you realize. Okay, I can’t really like to this person knows more than I do.

00:45:19Probably, I don’t know why, but she had had encounters with the discussions with things like this because they are so clueless, they are not taught how to heal the traditionally. And that’s the first thing that the buy looks, or if he’s essential nutrients, and its compounds at the townhouse offer, that’s the only way. The body can heal itself and to restore its functioning. So eating right is the most important thing a person can do to transform their health. And it’s not just their physical health, They Are A-Changin. You’re welcome Street. You’re hormonal chemistry, how you perceive an end to the bilty? You’re learning abilities. Your, at your, at your intelligence, seems to open up turns on some switches in the DNA and the genetic instructions, right? In here in every single cell in your body. And so you see people transform their health and make different choices.

00:46:19the whole life change, you know,

00:46:23awesome. Maybe we can start to go in a little bit detail on some, like different. I wanted to start with kind of your take on Route because like in this day and age, like fruit has kind of become controversial. I do like, I do cycle carbohydrates, there’s kind of reason to my madness. There’s also a kind of like supplying quality issues with where I’m at in the world so there’s a lot of different unique challenges.

00:46:56For me like being where I’m at and how I have to do things with that said.

00:47:04When I do when I do increase my carbohydrate intake generally speaking I responded really well when I’m cycling in fruit and increasing Bills versus other carbohydrates. Without said, there’s a lot of different statements are modified. A lot of people don’t always talk about insecticides and pesticides with free. They don’t always talk about like the supply chain and how they affect enzymes in the fruits. They don’t talk about the natural degradation of vitamin C. They don’t talk about how fiber metabolizes sugar sometimes. Like 1 call doctor says. So I can swap the kidneys.

00:47:57But what he says that again, there’s not other dislike Nuance on like works.

00:48:12So I mean, I know I’m struggling asking you questions. Maybe you could just like, kind of like talk more about like like fruit and quality like quality of fruit and water like some good things that that can like bring, this is great. So fruit is just one food that’s been genetically, modified not all fruit when you have something like a papayas fruit really. I know if potatoes and other vegetables have been genetically modified, and what that means is, they insert the insecticide that inside inside the DNA of the plant. So, it becomes part of their genetic makeup. And so, the theory is to make those Foods resistant to the the pesticides, right? And not destroy the plant and he specifies of course.

00:49:12The toxic and you know, that’s another chance that we can go on. But as far as the the quality of the fruit, when you have an organic environment when you grow food in a nutrient Rich environment than it looks, or looks a lot different than the typical row by row, kind of planting, that’s the big agricultural, you know, Corporation, do so and innovate. They’re at their sort their soil. It’s not even silence dirt. It’s like list, nutrient, less dirt. And the only reason these plants are grown in those conditions have vitamins because the album synthesis process, you know, that, why don’t you warm from the Sun basically. So that’s why I’m in the form but as far as the mineral content, these essential minerals that are so important for help, you know, if you if you’re short on that, if you’re deficient on minerals, and they will be mineral deficiency diseases and even vitamin D deficiency.

00:50:12Run in a nutrient Rich environment that is a not only a man to soiled with nutrients that are not toxic and that use methods that aren’t toxic. You know they can have maybe it would be a Food Basics or enzyme-based or some other kind of tassel based spray that they put on there. And that’s not toxic to humans or animals or the environment. But these other synthetic pesticides that the big companies use they are, are, are linked to all sorts of the diseases. You know, we can go into them here but they all the different diseases that affect the immune system, the brain and nervous system. All these different organ system that I just digestive system, they alter the genetic code, the instructions that run your body, it Alters the genetic code and your body. So that, that’s how did Jesus reborn as a cell to become mutated into something that can form into cancers are tumors know, things like that. So you’ve got this whole chain reaction of the problems when you’re in, when you’re injecting foods that were

00:51:12Are genetically modified or sprayed with all these different stuff, pesticides, and herbicides. So they wreak havoc in the body, they don’t belong in there, they’re not nutrients about protecting you at all. They’re not to produce any more food. So the whole industry is just for whatever reason. They’re lying to the public. And there’s so many things wrong with, that’s not even funny. But as far as your soiled are improving the environment, they are retaining of nutrients and enthralling Wildlife to complete the habitat, to further, improve the whole ecology that contributes to nourish and soil. And therefore, you’re going to have more mineral-rich food, you’re going to have more foods that are high in these vital chemical. Compound of chemical compounds are very popular with people because

00:52:12pick you up then we’ll keep it going in until you get a good meal and you so they can change so many different final chemical compounds are so beneficial anti-everything you know antiarthritic help your body balance the blood sugar’s amazing and like I said 5005 n, r food the loan and other plants out in nature and I’m building a database of phytochemicals, by the way, and it’s in one of my books and then it’s like, you know, inside the 500 Facebook, but I’d like to build on that phytochemical database so that people can

00:53:00Yeah, absolutely it when people talk about a man, tried anti-nutrients another hard to break down. Plant compounds in fruits and vegetables. They’re not always talking about like if I do nutrients and it’s like when someone like yourself who is like extensively studying like these phytonutrients, with that said though I do like the Mantra like beer on scientist and there are certain things I

00:53:41Weight when I do 1/8, like, take time and I’m really mindful. I respond better. I mean, like, for example, like five dates and nuts soaking them.

00:53:52Soaking them in beginning to sprout. I tend to respond a little bit better than just in a raw unsprouted form

00:54:00Oh man, soaking other things for example, like beans till like, reduce the lectin content. Again, I also I tend to respond better. Other people talk about these, like drive up information, like lectins, or tie dates.

00:54:15Oxa. Let’s get into like a different. Right people, people talk more about Oxalis especially in terms of like cruciferous vegetables.

00:54:25It seems like though there’s a context for people to be very careful about cruciferous vegetables and the oxalic content regarding what’s going on. But I think it’s, it’s not a, like, a blanket statement

00:54:40Like like broccoli is great example. Raw block broccoli doesn’t.

00:54:48always like sit too well with me but if I grade it

00:54:54It seems to break it down and it settles much better in my stomach. Same with cooked broccoli. From what I understand, cooking helps increase what the glucosinolates which is like an antioxidant. I’m not sure what cooking does in terms of like the sulfur compounds existent and broccoli but I like that’s another example like so another friend of mine invited me so rock. Christopher is vegetables you need he doesn’t like respond well and there’s a lot of like digestive issues

00:55:29Yes, very good. You’re at the awesome questions, John Graves, but yeah.

00:55:38So, when a person has a lot of body enzymes from eating raw enzyme aptitude, then these catalysts will help break things down and it will also, it’s important to chew your food, completely thoroughly. When you’re checking in raw. Broccoli fiber is one of the toughest not digestible but at least you out it, cleans you out so that you don’t get colon cancer. If you know or any kind of other any type of obstruction. So it’s important to chew your food properly, especially vegetables like that, and you’re eating some of these tougher things to do in stomach, and that moves through and sometimes, cause a lot of gastric upset that these enzymes will prevent a lot of those.

00:56:38Compounds that are being released and help break them down, so that they don’t create this gaseous, no atmosphere in there. So, you know what you when you cook something like broccoli, or spinach or anything, or anything like that. Then if you’re if you’re supplementing your other types of food, that’s why my sister and half of them should be in the form of raw enzyme active and also getting into the physics of it, the light energy active, the light that stored in those raw foods as well. That light is also very important for your help to our cells are low energy packs and they required light energy as much as they do the physical nutrients. Okay. So that’s another discussion. But but, yeah, I mean, if you’re going to have raw vegetables, chopping them up is much easier because they’re smaller. You know, sometimes people chew and they don’t have it be.

00:57:38Follow things that are too large and they’re going to cause too many, gastric disturbance has and pain. You know, if you swallow a stem of a broccoli and inch thick that’s going to hurt right action through your small intestine and the large intestine will move it through and it’ll get broken down because the stomach acids are so acidic. Also the raw broccoli, or cauliflower any that are cruciferous vegetables in a brussel sprouts, you can handle them and break them down into small pieces and chew them know. Well, but yeah, they are a little hard on the stomach. So they’re great and soups and stews, you know, you some of them even seen them for a few minutes. Few, like a couple of minutes. It’s enough to soften them, enough to break them down, but you got to have the raw enzymes from other Foods in your diet. That’s what really helps break them down.

00:58:38A healthy colon and barbecue, they can stay the fiber that feeds see the aerobic, the beneficial bacteria in the colon, so he’s got a good and well, includes the end of part 1, Esther and I went for about 2 hours until I want to split this up into two different parts. So with that said, if you have any questions you can comment below. If you’re on YouTube, if you’re on other platforms you could send me a message. John Becker at fight gravity. Org again j o h. N b e c k, e r at fight gravity. Org. I will also put Asters info in the description so if you have a question you can reach out to her you know then probably be better anyway. If you have like a technical question she’s definitely more equipped to answer me. So I’ll put that in. Don’t be afraid to reach out to her.

00:59:31And look forward to the second part. The second part will go live about a week after this is published. So thanks again for taking time out of your busy day. To listen, I’m really grateful for your patronage and support