00:00:07All right, how everybody? And welcome back to Part 2, with Esther, where we going to other topics, like enzymes and proteins and fat. So am I and stay tuned for the end where she gives a little bit of a sample on what? All this information. Looks like an application and what she does. And also a really brief

00:00:33Brave thing on like what happens at the quantum level? I would love to do a

00:00:41Yeah, a different episode. Just kind of going into what you was talkin about there. Anyway.

00:00:50Thanks for waiting around for part 2, and enjoy when enzymes are really important because of the lack of accountability for Quality where I’m at in and organic or not in. So it, it makes like getting like enzymes in my diet, incredibly challenging. So like the best option is really like enzyme supplementation because it’s just really

00:01:32I like really unlikely, so that’s kind of what that sometimes. I’m just not able to get

00:01:43Too long to explain pretty like a pineapple is citric acid.

00:01:59So, that’s a little bit of a challenge. Bananas are really cheap beer.

00:02:06Anything that is raw and Ensign, active is going to help you. You know, the body does need those dietary enzymes from those rough food, no matter in what shape or form. You know, a lot of people don’t talk about the importance of it and there’s a lot of information out there nowadays and I don’t see many people talking about maybe maybe you can go a little bit on enzymes, the importance of dietary sources and some people can walk away like

00:02:52Yeah, especially when you need to break down protein food so you need those enzymes to take apart a gigantic molecules, you know, at the micro-level and she’s breaking apart so that you can break them down to the amino acids, are the basic components of building any kind of Body Protein other than 70% of all the tissues, and organs and structures, bone know, what your eyes, your skin, your hair. Everything is made out of protein. So if you don’t get enough protein, or the thing is down, that protein and all the way to do that is to have an enzyme. After his diet know, diet is an enzymes. Since like you said that is very good that you’re having trouble with pineapple pen is best eaten with the fatty meat, or any kind of a meat that way. It’s kind of buffers the effects of citric acid. Citric acid though. It’s made in the

00:03:52If you cycle the energy, the unit of energy, our bodies produce has to produce energy in the cell so I can citric acid is important to make it together different, you know what different atoms, and things like that. So just know any problem making that, but a lot of it does exist in some very, very hard fruit. The more ripe fruit is like a pineapple than the easier, it is to digest, but it is not ripe. Enough is going to be too acidic, you know, not compared to how acidic is stomach is but it’s so yeah, that’s why I in South America even though people have high fat meat in their diet and they they have the tropical fruits, especially pineapple right alongside it. They don’t have any problems digesting. You don’t have any upsets, you know, from eating the pineapple or anything like that. And he answers because of the spider.

00:04:52The enzymes that are in the tropical fruit. So they’re very important to an anytime. Anytime you have a fruit that’s not cooked or Frozen, then you’re going to have an enzyme. After I think part of that they’re too has been misrepresentation of that and its effect on the body and in research and I like a million times over at this point, but I think you’re not actually bad and that, you know,

00:05:42Yeah, I mean, I’ve had a vegetarian, customers and vegan customers and after I show them what I mean, what happens to proteins, and they know as much as anyway. That’s a whole nother subject, see ya.

00:06:02But what I’m sorry, what was discovered, margarine hydrogenated, son of oil company or what organization or What entity was behind this. But once you bombard and boil a perfectly healthy oil with hydrogen, atom in a high heat situation and it smelled of the molecular structure of the map back with your very, beneficial for help before their altered. Once their altered, they become like a plastic, you know, you’d like molecules when you look at him, treat a nationally, their twisted and and there is a certain kind of

00:06:58Receptor cells site on yourself. And so when you’re digesting fat, they’ve got in order to be absorbed. They’ve got to fit that particular molecular structure inside the cell, be able to produce other things that require fatty acids to, to build. Like you said, you know, reducing Mason General madine. Nu rehn cell, tissues and all these other things within the body. Do hormones auditions of precursors when you two can different types of. So they started a job, pushing the shortening of the white large kind of shortening, rather than build up this because of the animals that your body needs your body mix restaurant on its own without any dietary intake because that’s how important it is for yourself.

00:07:58Not just, you know, that you will stop and start processes trillions of processes that keep you alive. Communicate, communicate with the nervous system, the nerve cells require a fatty acid coating, that sucks, composed of glycerol, and other types of bats in cluding, from a boil. So they’re all the different types of that. So that your body, can you have Nation you regulate your body temperature of the fluid in your joints are made out of some of these the types of protecting your nervous system. You know, you’re bashing neurodegenerative disorders that are still prevalent in our society today because people eat fried foods or they have the

00:08:58Best the short names that are in so many of those baked goods that people buy, you know, or or their end, the the junk food snacks, the salty Gracie snaps at people buy. So becoming a label reader and understand what that, you know, the different types of the heart disease. They look at their arteries and the hard wax that are in. The arteries are not from animal-derived fast. They are from the fried oil and the hydrogenated margarine. That’s what that stuff is composed of the entire levels but that’s easily remedied by eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables enzyme active tropical anyway, I wanted to Circle back

00:09:56Animal fats and cholesterol is. So, this is really important from what I understand. I like about animal fat cycle and yes, the outside layer of yourself the phospholipid bilayer. There’s, there’s a plant structures that are really important, right? It’s like a little nippy, all the barrier, cholesterol also like help like produce like amongst other things testosterone, but having like dietary forms of cholesterol is going to be important for testosterone, and that’s going to be important for women and men, like having them, even though women have like a tenth of the testosterone, that’s still really important. But again, people do I, I’ve seen one to two hour podcast, just on like, like testosterone levels in men in women, natural stimulating. That? Why that helps. And that’s like, like a whole other thing. Vitamin D production as well. I mean, from what I understand, like with with sun exposure, set exposure mobilizes, like cholesterol in your body produce,

00:10:56Reduce vitamin D. So in the absence of dietary cholesterol from what I understand your body’s going to the dodging dodging, this will increase the cholesterol levels so it kind of can produce these these hormones and vitamins and other stuff like that. And so, maybe we could briefly just kind of kind of touch on like the importance and add to these.

00:11:20Animal protein and cholesterol, saturated fat and it’s really important. Good quality stuff. We’re not talking like grain-fed animals, like we want saturated fat for my grass-fed.

00:11:35Pasture-raised pasture.

00:11:39Yes, fast have been given a bad rap and honor our ancestors going back. Yuno, sounds of years, I’ve always eaten animals bass, and a few nuts and seeds to plant oils in the grain. But they’ve always found stuff, you know, those kinds of factions, the animals bass. And if you try to have a giant with Jesse without the animal fat and you have skin problems and hormonal imbalances because your body needs a certain kind of fat from these animals and the bear that the patio and their bodies and we’re getting to the vitamin D, you know. So if those the fact that we can do some animals are are the precursors as much as the oils are for the ten thousand or so hormones. That the body produces, as I said earlier, the regulating hormones that are all the ones that called and work with the communications.

00:12:39Start Williams literally, a vial of chemical processes that occur every single day of your life and they keep you alive and well. But you know, the body is the very intricate universe and it needs those fast in order to produce those hormones to to help with the whole system function. Optimally bring me some on your hormones that your body produces miso. Phat know, like I said, regulating body temperature. A reducing inflammation in the whole Chain Reaction by what chemicals. They keep you alive and if you don’t and it’ll produce too much of it thinking that there’s a shortage you know it and I was like I need to know if the cell structure like you said is it’s that.

00:13:38Layer of the cell membrane, the plasmic cell membrane that has eased off the cell receptor sites that will accept these batting molecule into the cell to the to do. I help my energy and all of that, you know,

00:13:55Until play Laura, my daughter just got home, but anyhow. So we actually need those for our for, for keeping the body warm and to be able to take the impact of, of, of excess exercise and I got every every single thing that we do and think and say it’s run by hormones and the nervous system nurse self require, no, that’s those test different from plants and animals as well. So, you know, I just cannot leave those texts out of her body and there will be a problem. So when you go out in the sun,

00:14:42Your body reacts your chemicals in your butt and your skin react with the Sun, the different rays of the sun and it produces the vitamin D and it’s a certain type of vitamin D. Helps your bra So when you buy supplements that contain that are made out of different sunrays you okay. And you see how to respond to the sun, they will reach out and open themselves up and receive all this energy from the Sun and our skin cells of the same way. You got this little battery packs, that needs sunlight and that the bio chemicals in the cell will confirm that you’re in your body. And so,

00:15:33And in animals of any kind of animal dry food, will have vitamin B as well.

00:15:41And that also makes me think of, like, omega-3, like fatty acids, sometimes people are all. Well, I can get Omega threes from plant sources. But from what I understand about, a mega 3, from plant sources there, they’re not really efficient. They’re not as bioavailable as like animal sources. And there’s like, the the conversion rate from what I understand plant sources of Omega-3, is they have to be converted in your body and Order SVU, then it’s much much less than it doesn’t have quite the same effect as like, animal sources of Omega-3 is from my grass-fed butter, grass-fed, grass-fed meats, eggs and fish.

00:16:28Yeah, Omega-3s, even though they are structurally, the same. When they are in the different types of of animal dry food, they are, they can contain, you know, different types of configuration. So yeah, it’s great to to bury your diet, across all the full spectrum of the different types of animals are to ensure that you’re getting, not just the Omega threes but the right balance of them. So when you have animals that have been Grass Pad or, or free-range, kind of thing, and I’m talking real free-range, not from finding, you know, a 10 x 10, 10 facts about you just out in nature. So they’re consuming the fact that you can do the plants as you can as well. We’ll have a variety.

00:17:19Absolutely. And I think that’s a good like Segway into plant and animal proteins,

00:17:26And, you know, I can get like the good bad and ugly plant and animal proteins. Like why do we need animal proteins? What’s good? About plant proteins. So other other people and we have like, a lot of anecdotal evidence. Now, for this of my face, people vegans and vegetarians that do cycle. They get amino acid from different sources to get them from different Greens and Beans nuts, like like rice and would see it with enough intention. They seem to maintain their are four individuals who are very disciplined about it. They, they maintain a healthy body fat, percentage increase their performance testosterone levels and party that men like typically, okay. And generally speaking on, on, on the health, check, the blood work is okay. In in, in spite of that, though,

00:18:24I feel like they’re the exception of the norm so many times where I meet like a plant-based person. They’re they’re either thin and frail or they’re overweight. There is like massive.

00:18:38Imbalances in their macros. So there tends to be like a lot of like carbohydrates and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

00:18:52Absolutely absolutely.

00:18:55Cuz I want to go in so many directions to here.

00:19:00so, we were talking about,

00:19:04Gosh, I don’t know. Where should we start? I mean, you know what, let’s just start right away with like, plant protein, you know, and what are, what are some, what are some issues with plant proteins? How does the body process? What are called incomplete proteins? So i e plant proteins. How does the body process these and how is it different than a complete protein?

00:19:33Yes. Okay, that’s right. All right. So when you have a

00:19:40Secular plant, it will have a few of the essential amino acids. The essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. So it has to have that from some Source trouble with being a vegan, is that you’re not going to find it very many plant, maybe one or two that I know of that, I’ve come across from the typical might contain all eight essential amino acids. So those are the foundational building blocks of every single day. So whatever, your body needs to make know, whatever new cell bill is going to require all of those essential amino acids. So up until the age of one or two of them,

00:20:37Doesn’t need that extra amino acids. It’ll produce the form. So the plants have amino acids, so it would be against try to do or try to combine different types of plants to equal that contains all eight essential amino acids. They never have enough, they never have the right post cease. So they would have to consume a lot of plant material to equal the amino acids. But also animal Drive protein that contains all eight essential. They also have things like vitamin B12 and things like creatine other types of proteins in the tissues that you don’t get from plants. And so I can turn out to be deficient in and vitamin C have. So, there are there iron deficiency there, any mix, and they become tired. And also they have been so cold a lot. There’s a lot of different time.

00:21:33Side effects that happen when you’re just really be in that chair and luckily you know, they do have the eggs and the fish and the dairy product. So that helps a lot too. But it still does not have what the red meat have extra nutrients. So people who consumed along with see the raw foods. The Rockford Festival will also

00:22:02How’s that supposed balance? Everything they need to digest those those food properly. Now have all those amino acids to build issues and self. So yeah, we have to have those eight in the average amount that are in the animal. The right Foods in order to build everything and there are locked. While chemical biological processes that require all eight of them present at the same time. So if you’re a vegetarian or vegan and you eat a plant Susan it has only two or three amino acid then the scientific literature is very clear on this leaves. The body will come to a any kind of given anyone will come to a grinding halt because it’s all eight essential amino acids present in order to build process in order to to to make that the immune system.

00:23:02Another word for their genetic code of instructions, are our importance to. If your immune system not receive all those eight Central, amino acids also to build new, immune cells and have all the genetic programming in place and you’re not the functional. So, a lot of time diseases are the result of immune systems that have not been nurse properly. Just the amino acids himself from complete. Proteins are just one part of a building, optimally functioning self the special

00:23:41You know, it’s a great out, I’m back. Okay. So that’s a really important point is very like, interesting to consider, especially so many plant-based, folks, vegan vegetarian, and whatever, label and identity. They use for themselves as well, as long as I combine within a 24-hour. Then I’ll be fine as long as I get my as long as, as long as I can buy. And, again, it’s 24 hour. This. And they don’t, they don’t talk about this, like, like amino acid thing they don’t talk about. Like, like so we know through anecdotal evidence and and other lesser quality studies, that people seem there are individuals that do seem to be okay.

00:24:28However, though, there’s something that ain’t getting there, something that happens when I like a plant-based protein, a big part of the body, like recycling, other damaged organelles and proteins, and its able to kind of maintain that like for a first certain amount of time depending on what I’m not to dive on what I’m not too certain because there’s like individuals they seem to have a lot of like damaged like organelles and proteins that the body is able to kind of recycle and they seem okay for a while and there’s other people and this is where like we have you have something like a rice protein which has four amino acids.

00:25:16Your body takes it in even, let’s just say, you’re getting a supplement. Theoretically, you’re going to get like a like brown rice protein supplement. You’re going to be able to get something with 20 to 30 G.

00:25:30So I know you got like four. You got for meal asses before amino acids are going into your body and then what what’s, what’s going to happen? Oh, I got like 25 grams of protein. I got like, brown rice protein.

00:25:47And then you got a whole way too much carbohydrates, do know that ratio? It’s it’s way too much and then you’re not getting a lot of the, the right type of iron iron is available to point bus. Stop the iron, from the blood, which is the iron. There is so much more to be 12 there. A lot of essential nutrients step down, but you don’t like I said before, you know, if you’re going to have a lot of rice, you’re only going to have those four amino acids in there, your body needs the other therefore in order to complete so many processes. So you’re going to be deficient in your body, go into ketosis, it’ll start to travel a little tape proteins that are expendable and these are you connected to shoes, you know from your joints and things like that. And so a lot of athletes who don’t get an approach.

00:26:47Branson stair, they’re connected. She should start wearing down. So you see a lot of athletes out there who have foot problems and they can’t continue on freshly Runners now or even heavy. Weightlifters are other tissues of connective. Tissues. Just aren’t strong enough anymore to hold it because they’re not getting enough protein or going to waste away. You don’t replenish yourself after a even the most mild exercise session or even if your sedentary, your body is continuously. I expend the energy one way or another cells are breaking down. And the only way to stay strong and healthy. As I have good longevity without any deficiency diseases. S2i and so you don’t want your body to start consuming itself just to meet you at your more essential amino acid, or protein requirements, your brain in your heart and your kidneys, all your vital organs are

00:27:47And everything else like muscle and connective tissue or even bone mass or or bone marrow where your red blood cells are are born, your white blood cells, your immune system. So all that was stuff for your immune system will suffer all that kind of things. Do you do need to make sure you’re getting all eight and substantial amount?

00:28:08One from what I understand, part of this process is like protein synthesis. So you’re in taking your urine, taking this protein and sometimes people are like, oh my God, I’m not a bodybuilder. I don’t want to be muscular do today today. Today is it be kind of more with women. But those guys to, there’s guys, they just, they don’t want to be super muscular. But then when we’re talkin, like, protein synthesis and work like, hitting that Lucy brush, hold of, at least, like 25 grams of a protein. Bolus from me, like, complete protein, with 8, essential amino acids. This isn’t just protein synthesis. That’s not just helping the muscles from what I understand. So, when they’re having the wind we’re hitting that loosing threshold. We’re getting that 25 gram, at least bolest. It’s helping it. It’s, it’s the muscles. It’s the tendons and ligaments. It’s the connective tissues is cartilage. It’s the bone. So that the protein synthesis in the body, it’s all these structures, especially in the muscular

00:29:08Delta system, not just the muscle that

00:29:13we’re getting. Yes. No clarify. What am I wrong about?

00:29:21Yes, I everything. Like I said, everything in your body is made out of protein, so the way your cells, replicate the way. Are you still travel around where your hormones will communicate with your in your system? The brain matter, bone marrow, bone structure. It’s all protein, mineral, your ear cartilage, you know, someone age has their ears start. Stressing is start getting very large, still stretching ears because the car is breaking down because they haven’t had enough protein. And exercise is so important because it stimulates the uptake of all these nutrients and delivers nutrients and oxygen to every single quarter of the body now, so I’ll sell scanners properly in the office.

00:30:22Absolutely, there’s like so many directions. I want to go. I’m so glad. We’ve had a chance to touch on like plan and will Fast iron a Meijer near you. You mentioned that a little bit that’s really important. Like what sort of iron like are Body Works and there’s there’s so many more like formerly reformed vegans, I had iron deficiencies and they increase their animal protein intake and their iron level. So I get to normal and this is because of differences from plant sources of iron and end hemeyer. I also say this as a person, I do recommend molasses to people because there is some calcium, there is some iron, there is some pasta and magnesium in it.

00:31:13Yeah absolutely. Love the sweeteners are one subject we could delve into the lass is like a Whole Foods, you know, when you process the cane to sugar cane and you get the dregs, of course they say prophecy that he’s the truck shows from it and then creates a sucrose molecule from it and three, highly concentrated form of energy. But then all the rest of that, everything gets all the water, the high water, and everything else in the sugar cane sugar cane plant is delicious and it’s so good for you and you won’t give, you won’t give you cavities, because it still has the French toast in it which is really expensive replicating and functioning in the body. But so it’s important to to know what’s in your sugars. You know, anytime you have a crystallized.

00:32:13Most of the nutrients have gone button out of it and mostly is get some sugar cane and the Beast. The beat sugar is, is important to start out with a perfectly wonderful, a root vegetable and you take only the sugar out of it, and you leave the rest of it, who knows what happened to the rest of that, you know? And so I have a lot of the sugar beets in the world are genetically modified as well. So you have to make sure you choose the organic versions of all of your foods that are are also have their genetically modified counterpart, like the whole food.

00:32:51In an impact those pieces together that makes it fit. Well like you’re talking about in the sugarcane as well as the beat first is extracting out when we’re extracting out single components and that’s where we like start to see like significant side effects and issues. When we’re just trying to extract the single compound or element from like these foods and plants.

00:33:13Absolutely. You need the whole synergistic group of all the compounds, all the vitamins and minerals the high water content that’s in there. The the ionic charge of the energy factor that are in the plant cells are alive, you know, and be able to transfer that light energy to your own body. So yeah we are 97% at the quantum energy levels, are 97% light, the rest of it is is particle matter. So when you break things down at that level and you know, that we are energy beings and you to absorb energy, from our food from sunlight, everything were interacting with this whole Cosmos. Ashley, you know, its energy being so yeah, our food have to be as well, and it has to be because there’s a synergistic effect, even in one whole food, you try to analyze that.

00:34:13Browning note to recognize all these different molecules that should be in one place at one time. It was fully completely. But if you isolate this concentrated, sugars can overtax. You can’t pair of your pancreas, you know, there’s only so much insulin, you can produce at a time before you get sugar overload, and if you’re not eating in your body or the, the enzymes and the insulin from. So it’s all. It’s all this whole thing rests until Cascade reaction, a biochemical that have to work together at all time.

00:34:59You you mentioned like 97%, a light and 3% is like physical matter. So like we’re looking at a cell, there’s like they’re looking at an atom in in the center-right. You have in the nucleus the masses like concentrated. So this 97% of the Adam that’s like light. Are you talking like outside of the nucleus like in the electron orbital or you going to the quantum Universe, you get the court, you go inside that and so you go further and further into that inner universe and it’s just nothing. But like we have yet to explore.

00:35:59Thanks behave, a lot differently. At that level at the macro-level. We got to give our bodies the macromolecule, so that’s their Adam. And there that there is no doubt that the energy level Jen, keep us going as well. So, it’s just like this whole holographic Universe what’s happening at the most micro-level which incident is also happening at the incident macro-level outside of her body, as well on the earth and the interactions between the solar systems, and it’s all like a hologram. You get a small segment of the Holograms exact replica of the larger.

00:36:43Absolutely, there’s so many different directions. I would want to go to, and I definitely want to bring you on again. So I, I want to start wrapping up for this, like, first session with the intent. They definitely bringing you on again, and going down a lot of other different rabbit holes, which I’m already excited about. So, as kind of like wrapping things up,

00:37:08Like maybe cuz I do want, also people to walk away with some like how do I how do I apply this? So I’m hearing all these things. I’m hearing about like like berries and fruits and organic meat and I called he’s kind of like different pieces can like can can you give like some examples of what this looks like? Can you give an examples of of like some Meals by? It can be like any examples, it could be stuff you do, or maybe you want to walk us through like some, some typical meals and and the food groups like like you’re you’re doing and maybe how you might

00:37:50Might modify that but what was just kind of start with like a like, what you eat and has practice One. Salon select, what’s dinner? You know, what does that all Max? What’s it? What is it look like? Okay? This is going to be fun. But at this point listeners, new Earth might want to pause a video and get Chatham paper out a pin out and just take notes right now. It’s going to be real simple know. It’s going to be fun, but it’ll give you some solid guidelines to start becoming healthier and choosing the right food and and things like that, okay? So the first thing you want to do is just remember that. This is what the fundamental Rule song. That’s Universal, no matter what you do is, don’t put anything in your body. That doesn’t belong there. Meaning

00:38:46if it has not been grown organically or

00:38:51Freshly harvested.

00:38:54Then don’t eat it. If it has not been freshly slaughtered, if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, don’t eat it. Okay. So I just liked jelly beans, those are in your body recognizes protein. So they’ll deli meats are good source of protein but the the fresh meats offer a lot more they haven’t been processed. Just so, you know, gently books similar to base or whatever. So I just a freshly harvested freshly slaughtered. So if anything else outside of that, it’s probably not going to be the best thing for your body especially if you’ve got some conditions that you want to correct. Or if you’re exercising in, you want to stick with your exercise routine, get some real results and not feel burned out. Not feel tired, not feel fatigued. No messily and physically. So proper nourishment is important for staying

00:39:46You know, active and having that mental energy to work out. That’s it’s equally important to have the physical energy to exercise to get yourself stronger kind of thing. So that’s the first thing.

00:39:59The second thing, if you have a group of Fruit Chews of a ride through and then go out to the grocery store and get 10 different route, because you probably won’t be able to eat the preserving your food in the refrigerator, by the way, that’s another class to prolong the shelf life of those donkey in a soggy and Empress looking for my fruit. But so just okay. So and then on another meal or snack. I choose a couple of berries now, go out and get a couple of blackberry any of the berries in the Ninja.

00:40:59The Goji berries and then stopped using different style, different categories in my system here. Hope, you’re going to have a salad. She was a dark leafy greens or spinach for both, or any of the other leafy greens and have a fresh herb every day to go to the grocery store, cilantro, or parsley nor any fresh chives want. You know, they’re more concentrated their final chemical compound for you. All these different things don’t just say, oh, you know, just let us or or an apple know those are good foods to have to cancel nutrients. Do they offer a lot of good health benefits but just so that you get the flu

00:41:59Why do chemical compounds? Different areas of the body different body systems for the iPhone for the liver or the heart? I mean they are they do different things in the body so you’ve got the Synergy of different different types of compounds for you.

00:42:23Awesome. Yeah, I mean I passed there because I didn’t know if you wanted to have something there, but of course, you got a balance here at your meals with the proteins and with the right types of staff and even whole food carbohydrates, the root vegetable, and the brains and the beans and the June, those have offer of so many different health benefits depending on which food is.


00:42:52so, like

00:42:56Like what would be? Like, what would you like something for example. You have like, for breakfast.

00:43:04Oh yeah, my breakfast are my major meal of the day. I have a giant green salad with my meat protein and a couple of poached eggs. And then I use a lot of herbs and spices to put a dollop of guacamole on it or a dollop of glass or something. I love the spices, the different spices and you’re a brat should be Asian or Mexican or any kind any kind of meal. It’s really ironic that a nutritional consultant. Doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Half of my food is raw and I’ll cook something at all in a pot and eat off of that for a couple of days or so.

00:44:04Now the last time, the kitchen bet the better and eating raw foods like a variety of these fresh food or if you had a juicer throw them in a blender out of it, if you don’t want it on a blender and there you go, you know, kind of thing. So there’s different ways to make your life easier and healthier not been a long time. The kitchen by listing, all the things you’re watching Jet flying up. What you think you might want to eat, that’ll be a little bit time-consuming at first, but once you get good at it, it’s automatic, you know, and it becomes very fast.

00:44:45Do you normally do, like breakfast, lunch and dinner? And do you normally have, like snacks in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, vegetable multi-grain multi-colored, saladino, and Kenzie. I have him in the morning, with my breakfast, or sometimes turkey or sometimes of what I called turkey chorizo hash kind of thing. And then I have to cook two poached eggs and then I read a couple of hours, you know? Whenever I say I need some carbohydrates. Now, I separate the protein from the carbohydrates in it, because I love having a giant Bowl, not a giant Bowl, but a reasonably sized bowl, full of fruit and multi-grain cinnamon, and Nutmeg and all these wonderful spices that you only find in baked goods at smell so good. Right? And then, I throw these in there and I make a meal out of that.

00:45:45He starts basically, after I have the main meal in the morning. I’ll go half the carbohydrate-rich a fatty acid Rich meal at 2:19 down, because I had the animals that earlier and so and then I’m good till dinner time dinner time, pretty late, because that’s the same thing, most of the day, and I do that so that I can drop the day, you know, I do a lot of writing and I’ll go and work out or, or do something, you know. So that’s important to me, just a highly energized all day to do what I have to get done. Then the evenings I start winding down, you know, when I start playing the Hunger Pains again, then I’ll have the lighter lighter thing like that. I’ll make a chicken stew and I’ll throw in like rice or or other types of potatoes. Whatever I have on hand, this is like a big pot in a Melting Pot of different vegetables.

00:46:45Difficult to digest like the broccoli that we were talking about earlier in on the other puffer vegetables, things to get nice and soft and not. So that’s pretty much it, you know? And I like I said, I don’t do a lot of cooking meals that I can eat ahead of time.

00:47:10All right. That’s really, that’s really good to know. I did see a little bit like a of your process important to consider and kind of take the concepts and like make it work for you. So I imagine. So I like someone’s like younger and more active than yourself would probably be eating more. They’d probably do maybe like three or four meals a day, but kind of depending applying like the same Concepts. Do you do to your day?

00:47:40Yeah, I mean, depends on what you mean by ask if, you know, then when I was younger, I was so I couldn’t do that. Now, I think I just don’t have the time to do that. I was at the gym constantly in the six days a week before 20, 30, 40 years ago. But now, I can see now that I’m just getting us, get the circulation, going to get the body fat off and and build enough must muscle structure and bone structure. You know, being 67 years old, he’s got to maintain an otherwise, I start struggling up and you start to be generating and who wants to be weak and feeble? Now to me, I still young and I still haven’t even 20-30 years ahead of me, and I’ve seen a lot of physically fit 90 year old that are still still out there, you know, looking great and so that’s, that’s my inspiration. Absolutely, that inspires as me as well.

00:48:38It all want to be like the 9th of year-old in the Amazon, in Brazil climbing trees, a few hundred feet tall and just jump in from tree to tree. That’s that, that, that excites me. Absolutely. And they look up, you don’t look all that fit. But now I missed their flexibility there. And obviously their mental faculties is all there, and their coordination is just there, and I’ll see how you can have a very advanced stuff for a long, healthy life. Well, into her nineties, absolutely. And if people want to reach out to you what’s the best way for them to do that?

00:49:24Oh, thank you. Well, holistic, choices. Cam is the main Hub of a website. I’m also on my Facebook. No type in Mary Esther. Miranda Gilbert on Facebook. I’m there. I’m starting to go out into the other social networking sites. I’m on LinkedIn. So yeah, you type in my name on a Google search box and everything that I ever have done, will come up, you know, whatever video that I do. I try to save all the videos, like, if I’m on it, I guess. Like like this tonight, I just, I embed the HTML code into my website, so I’m adding more more videos. So, yeah, you’ll find all kinds of things to read on and videos to watch. Educational. I’m also on YouTube. Just type in my name Gilbert on YouTube. The YouTube channel will come out, so I got some educational videos on their awesome. So LinkedIn Facebook, YouTube website, links down below.

00:50:24Action summer bucks. So I’ll try to put a link that shows you like some of the books that she’s published as well. Thanks again, I’m really glad it. I had a chance to to have you on here by their there, they’re so much. There’s so much information to dive in and please feel free to go back and listen. If you’re listening to this now go back to the parts, go over in a little bit I take the time to digest it and apply it. I look forward to bringing you on again and going through other deeper rabbit holes, thanks again so much. And for your folks, thanks again for listening and have a great day.